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At some point some people mentioned that my code was undocumented. And as we all know some people is practically ALL people! Everyone despising my code for it’s horrific conventions and undecipherable codex’s and terrifying brackets. Never again to look back at the project for they know deep within lies pure evil. It’s criminal! The Geneva Convention shouldn’t even allow it! Why next thing you know there are people out there being tortured by the sheer vile horror that is my code. And then their children will be left orphan, and maybe also homeless, filled with pain and misery knowing that such a thing exists out there in the world, just waiting for the one moment when they are alone and helpless… just waiting… in some dark alleyway in some hidden corner in a rainy day… and before you know it… a null pointer strikes…

What I’m trying to say is the code is now all documented so your children are safe.

Also, there is now a Mac build available thanks to forum member marabus. Try it out and let us know if you have any trouble running it.

2 thoughts on “Docs and macs

  1. Flo

    Oh, btw: On your contributions-page, you’re linking to the AI forum, while the sidebar link is to the correct forum….

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