There’s been a lot of buzz about the project lately, and a lot of misconceptions, so I should clear some things up:

  • I am not looking into forming some team full of programmers, artists, etc. There’s plenty of other projects for that. This is a small job and I’d rather not have it prolonged any further with having to manage and guide a team. I know the project is open-source, but that just means people are free to do with the code as they wish, and given the huge amount of X-Com projects out there, I figure a public codebase for a base X-Com engine might help them get off the ground instead of always starting from scratch and eventually getting abandoned. You’re free to learn from the code, set off to do your own projects with it (within the GPL), whatever. I have been working on this for a while and have only decided to make it public based on people’s feedback and to see if people would actually appreciate this sort of thing. That doesn’t mean this is some big colossal collaborative thing, people can help out just fine without making this some big bureaucracy, check the Contributing page for more info.
  • The project contains no copyrighted content.

One thought on “Clarifications

  1. Flo

    A stable X-Com without bugs, fit for windows x would be a great thing, I really hope your “little” job is successful 🙂

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