New SVN build

New SVN builds are out for Windows, Mac and Linux users. Feel free to try them on the Downloads section. While they are nothing major, I do appreciate feedback on whether you got it running on your system fine and any changes I might need to make to the instructions. Specially Mac users that had problems before, let us know if it works for you now, and post in the forums if you run into problems. Thanks again to marabus for maintaining that version.

Aside from various fixes and additions mentioned before, there are some little extras available:

  • As per request, there’s a new command line parameter. X-Com is a 320×200 resolution game. This is a very tiny non-standard resolution on modern systems, so by default the game is resized to twice its size (640×400). If this is not enough for you, you can now change the scaling with -scale x (x being the scaling factor, eg. -scale 3 will start the game with triple the default size) to get a bigger image. You can also combine this with

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