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Old OXCE+ discussion thread
« on: December 21, 2015, 10:34:26 am »
Hi all,

All basic info and download have been moved here:,5258.0.html


2020-03-14: FIXME link
 - Added "Unassigned" category in Buy/Sell/Transfer GUIs (only applies to mods using custom item categories)
 - Condensed "facility built" popups (only show one if multiple facilities of the same type are built)
 - Pressing X again in Sell GUI deselects all items
 - Purple box indicator also for stunned allies with negative health regen
 - Ability to save/load soldier equipment layout including armor
 - Research lookup and spawned item now shown in the tech tree viewer
 - Debug hotkey to reveal all UFOs and alien bases (ctrl+7)
 - Added win64 version to auto-updater

 - BREAKING CHANGE: Extended HWP load order unhardcoding ('extendedHwpLoadOrder') - default is vanilla again
 - Support for defining manuf. project shortcuts
 - Random alternate terrain in map scripts (by Finnik)
 - Custom groups for addLine mapscript command (by Finnik)
 - Flag to allow objective type recovery
 - Increased max craft weapon types per slot from 4 to 8
 - From OXC: Allow ammo to work only on land/water

 - Soldier skills (by memmaker):,7974.0.html
 - Allow soldier type to be displayed in the inventory screen (by memmaker)
 - Allows special weapons to be defined by soldier type (by memmaker)
 - More options for psi amp targeting (by memmaker)
 - Callsigns for soldiers in battlescape (by memmaker)

 - Soldier skills script hook (see above)
 - Flash messages in BattleScape for scripts (by memmaker)
 - Medikit use script hook (by memmaker)

 - Fixed various bugs with units waking up too early or too late
 - Fixed definition of "night" in soldier diaries
 - Do not allow soldier bonuses to "unlock" psi skill

 - Research/Manufacture UI QoL (mouse wheel up/down +/-1, with ctrl +/-10)
 - Different starting base per difficulty level
 - Ability to hide missions in New Battle mode
 - Stats for nerds -- craft weapons
 - Don't hide other radar circles when showing craft range
 - Check alien containment after reload (shame on you autosave cheaters!)
 - Direct Craft UI access from Intercept UI (right-click)
 - New hit log (ctrl+alt+H)
 - Changed soldier/HWP load order (2x2 hwps, 2x2 soldiers, 1x1 hwps, 1x1 soldiers)
 - Memorial quick filter
 - Stack items given by a geoscape event together (+new multi-item attribute)
 - Configurable medikit action name
 - Some improvements for summoned friendly units (inventory handling)
 - Support for spawning alien bases on technical globe regions
 - UFO hunt alert sound
 - Weapon/ammo category "sharing" is now optional
 - Custom UFO for dummy/blank 'addUFO' mapscript command (by Finnik)
 - Battlescape rendering performance improvements

 - Option for extended running behavior
 - Option for extended weapon reload cost
 - Weapon/ammo category "sharing"
 - Medikit targets
 - EXPERIMENTAL: Options>Folders GUI
 - Mod startup check: Manufacturing time must be greater than zero
 - Unhardcoded alien inventory offsets
 - Don't load custom mods from the "standard" folder
 - A few more hotkeys
 - Consider monthly performance bonus during arc/mission/event scripts
 - Fix grenade timer during civilian missions

 - Soldier sorting includes stat bonuses now
 - Ability to use globe texture/terrain in mapScripts
 - Fixed rounding in polynomial formula calculations for stats (nearest integer as before)
 - Fix/Prevent invalid/negative escape countdown (UFOs with short break off time never broke off on higher difficulties)
 - Ability to specify precise item position within the default inv slot
 - Speed up chain terrain explosions
 - Consider 'explosionSpeed' also for AOE explosions
 - More item lists for geoscape events + custom music
 - Unit stats cannot go into minus
 - Improved staff salaries & item maintenance
 - Inventory stats improvements
 - Equipment filter improvement: for firearms, check the ammo category too (if present onboard)
 - Civilian spawn node types
 - Reroll mana pool stat on save upgrades
 - Soldier bonuses for pilots
 - Statistical (bullet) saving now works on consumable medikits too
 - It's possible to move an item with negative size into an overfull base
 - "We can now..." UIs consider also bonus research (getOneFree)
 - various bugfixes

 - Added Korean language
 - Added scripts to soldier bonuses
 - Support for one-time geoscape events
 - Support for multiple game endings
 - Soldier transformations: random stat improvements (within a range)
 - Soldier transformations: reroll individual stats
 - Soldier transformation into an item (sacrifice, specialist to build a facility, etc.)
 - Checking research requirements on craft weapon clips
 - Commendations can be prerequisites for soldier transformations
 - "manaPool" keyword for soldier stat strings
 - Minimum soldier rank requirement for a soldier transformation
 - Infinite production can be changed to maximum possible production using a left-click on the "down arrow"
 - Mission/Arc/Event script funds triggers
 - Resize Ufopedia to fit all category buttons if possible
 - Configurable TUs when waking up at the beginning of a new turn
 - Mana recovery via medikit
 - "Stunning improves morale" mod option
 - Flag for hidden Commendations pedia articles
 - Support for elevated UFOs
 - Allowed negative mana recovery per day
 - One random item vs all items in RuleEvent
 - Allowed transfers in the Debriefing
 - Allowed multiple sales in the Debriefing
 - Unhardcoded most of GUI backgrounds
 - Mission/Arc/Event script score triggers
 - Mission/Arc/Event script item triggers
 - "Items at destination" filter for base transfers
 - Operation name generator
 - Base name generator
 - Random ambient sounds
 - Soldier bonuses (from transformations and commendations)
 - More zombie types
 - Added support for underwater weapon vapor clouds for UFO-based hybrid mods
 - Added Geoscape event scripts
 - Added "Auto update" user option
 - Added mission abort penalty
 - Added support for fake underwater xcom bases
 - Added starting conditions by globe texture
 - Added fake underwater globe textures support
 - Added "Auto Night Vision threshold" user option
 - Removed "Highlight new topics" user option
 - Added "Sell All But One" hotkey ("Z" by default)
 - Added death sounds by armor and gender
 - Added unit response sounds (by soldier/unit, armor, gender or name)
 - Before a battle starts the turn number is zero for Y-scripts (instead of 1)
 - Added UFO detection Y-scripts
 - Added "Raw screenshots" user option (hidden)
 - Smoother globe shadows
 - Fixed inventory drawing performance issue
 - Fixed TFTD resources loading performance issue
 - various bugfixes
 - c++17 support required for compilation

 - Prevent overcrowding of crafts in starting base
 - Fixed CTD when going into MODS menu and not restarting the game
 - Fixed AI not using grenades in certain situations
 - "Save pre-primed grenades" user option now also applies to non-grenade items
 - Fixed mod loading order / corrupted options.cfg
 - Spawn less aliens in base defense when UFO is damaged:,7150.0.html
 - Added new mana resource:,7241.0.html
 - Ability to destroy alien bases by research (once daily)
 - Ability to interrupt alien missions by research (once daily or after a mission):,7230.0.html
 - Refactor of vertical levels map generation and alternate terrain handling (by ohartenstein)
 - CTRL toggles No/Patrol button in ConfirmLanding UI
 - BREAKING CHANGE: negative sprite indices are now officially not supported... but you can now access sprites and sounds from other mods
 - Increased max number of avatars from 128 to 512
 - Some TechTreeViewer improvements
 - Revert "Bravery now can't decrease morale change below zero percent"
 - various bugfixes
 - Deselect all hotkey in Psi/Martial Training GUIs
 - Remember mission target and craft/base even after the briefing
 - Added "Highlight new topics" user option
 - Bravery now can't decrease morale change below zero percent
 - Required base services in "We can now..." GUIs
 - Starting conditions: allowed/forbidden soldier types
 - Starting conditions: forbidden items and item categories
 - Starting conditions: forbidden vehicles support
 - Starting conditions: forbidden armors support
 - Starting conditions: forbidden craft support
 - BREAKING CHANGE: split Starting conditions (into Starting Conditions and Enviro Effects):,4444.msg113226.html#msg113226
 - Fixed dogfight for HKs with extremely short range
 - Manufacture dependency tree now shows also base facilities
 - Added optional research requirement for armor equip, see 'requires' armor attribute in NRR
 - New attribute for mind shield power, see 'mindPower' facility attribute in NRR
 - User option to remember disabled craft weapons after dogfight (+no rearm)
 - Draw dogfight icons also for craft equipment
 - Improved pedia articles for tractor beams
 - Extra NV button for Android
 - Removed the facility teleport cheat
 - Updated kill/sell button logic in alien containment
 - Added arc script:,7125.0.html
 - Added ability to decide whether to kill or sell aliens in alien containment
 - Added option to prevent or allow loading an item to craft inventory: see 'ignoreInCraftEquip' attribute in nightly ruleset reference (NRR)
 - Training Finished popup now shows the base name too
 - Show cause of death (killer & weapon) on diary overview
 - Shift+click to swap loaded ammo
 - Shift+click for instant unload
 - Ctrl+Alt+j/k to stun/kill all aliens EXCEPT under the cursor
 - Sort soldiers by name instead of just by first letter
 - Skip zero-quantity craft/soldier types in Monthly Costs breakdown: see 'forceShowInMonthlyCosts' attribute in NRR
 - Added "extraRandomItems" attribute to alien deployment:,7055.msg111746.html#msg111746
 - Added "randomRace" attribute to alien deployment:,7065.msg111733.html#msg111733
 - Manufacture/Purchase links from "Cannot Reequip" GUI
 - Added mod option to build infiltration bases near countries: see 'buildInfiltrationBaseCloseToTheCountry' attribute in NRR
 - Added a chance for environmental conditions being applied or not (per battle): see 'globalChance' attribute in NRR
 - Global Production Overview (default hotkey 'P')
 - Added craft weapon ruleset option to hide stat info in Ufopedia: see 'hidePediaInfo' attribute in NRR
 - Added item ruleset option to hide damage info in Ufopedia: see 'hidePower' attribute in NRR
 - Add multi page support for Ufopaedia articles: see 'pages' attribute in NRR
 - Mission bounty item now supports item transformations
 - Allowed other attack types (e.g. snap or auto) for launcher weapons
 - TU recovery each turn is now additive (same as e.g. energy recovery), cannot go over maximum, encumberance/wound penalties are applied at the end
 - Added random manufacturing summary GUI
 - various bugfixes
 - Added lazy loading as a GUI user option
 - Ability to specify minimum required OXCE version per mod:,6945.0.html
 - Added script support for stat bonuses, including:
  * Items: damageBonus, meleeBonus, accuracyMultiplier, meleeMultiplier, throwMultiplier, closeQuartersMultiplier
  * Armors: psiDefence, meleeDodge, recovery (time, energy, morale, health, stun)
 - Ctrl+Alt+New Project to sort the research list by cost
 - Ctrl+Alt+Inventory to delete soldiers' equipment layouts
 - Always deploy 2x2 xcom soldiers first, ignoring their position in the list
 - When transferring aliens, check store space too (not only alien containment)
 - Prison check on Purchase:,6917.msg110499.html#msg110499
 - Facilities that cannot be built in a base yet/anymore are shown at the bottom of the list
 - Panic/berserk sounds:,6921.0.html
 - Changed language loading to default to en-US when translations are missing.
   * Prioritize untranslated text over incorrect text. Modders, you can stop copy-pasting en-US to en-GB.
 - User option cleanup:,6880.0.html
 - Different alien inventory background for xcom soldiers:,5047.msg109930.html#msg109930
 - Highlight colors in Ufopedia:,6883.0.html
 - Option for AI to pick up weapons more actively:,6882.0.html
 - Changed slo-mo hotkey from F8 to Alt+F8
 - Added burning indicator to alien inventory view
 - Allow to recover spawned xcom units as civilians
 - Added randomized manufacturing:,6867.0.html
 - Added new script to change move sound:,6758.msg109325.html#msg109325
 - Ability to transform items during recovery:,6868.0.html
 - Self-destruct button in Dogfight:,5717.msg108512.html#msg108512
 - HKs don't attack craft returning from a mission anymore
 - Unhardcoded (underwater) breathing animation (per armor)
 - Added option to disable underwater sounds
 - Added option to disable ocean shading on the globe
 - Armor transformation support for aliens and civilians
 - Walls can now generate light too (not only floor and objects)
 - Engine: reduced idle CPU burn
 - Engine: added zip loader:,6922.0.html
 - various bugfixes
 - Updated OXCE language files
 - Updated OXC language files
 - Ability to redefine main menu background image
 - Allowed running, kneeling and strafing for all units
 - Required item(s) per starting condition (by Finnik)
 - When gym is destroyed, people stop training
 - Fixed getOneFreeProtected being ignored when getOneFree was not defined
 - Reworked case-insensitive search (hopefully works better now)
 - Show armor movement type in Stats for Nerds
 - Added AI option for destroying XCom base facilities:,6663.0.html
 - Ability to replace damaged buildings with rubble:,6668.msg105753.html#msg105753
 - Ability to define how likely a facility is to be damaged by a missile:,6668.msg105690.html#msg105690
 - Fixed multiple simultaneous base defenses (in the same game tick)
 - Fixed directional lighting
 - Fixed TU recovery on multi-stage missions
 - Vanilla: Added "transferTime" property to ruleset soldiers
 - Vanilla: showing (approximate) craft range at take-off
 - Vanilla: added support for bigger globe markers
 - Vanilla: scrollable ufopedia categories
 - Engine: rendering speed optimisation
 - Engine: only 8bit images are supported (which was always the case, but now it is enforced!)
 - Engine: transparency on color index 0 is now enforced (for now there can be one more additional transparency index, but only until OXCE 5.3)
 - Missions spawned by alien bases can now target different regions:,6557.msg104976.html#msg104976
 - Added mod switch for HK fast retarget:,5717.msg104986.html#msg104986
 - Added support for alien missile strikes (on Geoscape):,6557.msg104920.html#msg104920
 - Added support for Earth-based alien operations:,6557.msg104669.html#msg104669
 - Script support for post-mission soldier stat improvement:,6619.msg104686.html#msg104686
 - Protect Stats for Nerds "related items" that are not unlocked yet (ammo, built-in-items, ...)
 - Support for alien base upgrades (based on its age):,6430.msg104530.html#msg104530
 - More scaling options for very high resolutions:,6620.0.html
 - Translation updates
 - Unhardcoded recovery dividers for special items
 - Sell/Sack GUI M-click logic update
 - In debug mode, show all units on the minimap too
 - Don't use piloted interceptors in New Battle mode
 - Added armor flag to prevent moving
 - Hide "Not awarded yet" button (in Commendations Pedia) when not needed
 - Added mod option to give full score also for researched artifacts/captives
 - Removed "coup de grace" user option
 - Increased the globe country label width by 50%
 - All soldier lists can now be reordered with the mouse wheel (by BTAxis)
 - -cont/-continue command line arg to load the last saved game at start
 - (Intentionally) Crash on missing research ruleset (instead of just logging and ignoring it)
 - Fixed bug that prevented 'sniper' AI from attacking
 - Fix crash on map light calculation
 - Reduced mod loading time and memory usage by lazy-loading extraSprites
 - Modifier for morale loss (by unit/soldier type) when a unit is killed
 - Ctrl + M-click = Mind probe (in debug mode)
 - Introduced Multi-Layered Paperdolls
 - Alternative (shorter) ruleset for defining single sprites

 - renamed OXCE+ to OXCE
 - merged OXCE 4.0

 - Fixed a critical bug in no LOF indicator
 - Added "Show only not awarded yet" button to Commendations Ufopedia
 - Interrupt alien missions also after successful landed UFO battle
 - Added spawning units from items (by ohartenstein):,6535.0.html
 - Stats for nerds -- ufos
 - Stats for nerds -- craft
 - Stats for nerds -- base facilities
 - Added a ruleset option to replace fuel capacity with range calculations in craft pedia articles
 - Change: Transformations cannot fully heal wounded soldiers now
 - No LOF obstacle indicator (by volutar)

(continuation in the next post)
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Re: Meridian's resources and mods for X-PirateZ
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2015, 10:34:44 am »
Changelog (continuation):
 - Option to get a country back after they signed a pact with aliens:,5932.msg100448.html#msg100448
 - Added support for alien mission interruption:,6456.msg100411.html#msg100411
 - Fixed mission wave/objective mismatch:,5717.msg100406.html#msg100406
 - Added a 50-200% damage calculation type:,6455.msg100319.html#msg100319
 - Night vision can always be enabled
 - Grenade indicator in hand UI is now animated (same as in the Inventory)
 - Refactored hand UI drawing (now supports OXCE animation)
 - Fixed alien containment handling when limits are not enforced
 - Fixed crash when not all soldiers could be deployed and craft was lost
 - "New Battle" mode now has 2 ammo of each type instead of 1 by default
 - Fixed damage bonus from "strengthApplied" not showing in stats for nerds
 - Changed hit! to HIT
 - Added option for one-handed-unloading of weapons (by karadoc)
 - Fix for transformations not working on psi-training soldiers
 - Removed 8km limit from aggressive attack (in dogfight)
 - Tiny ranks per soldier type
 - Changed craft transfer time default to 24 hours
 - Fixed message priority (two-handed vs underwater weapons)
 - Fixed medikits training melee by default (trains nothing now)
 - Bughunt mode turned off by default (after 999 turns by default)
 - Added ability to spray multiple shots between multiple waypoints:,6423.0.html
 - Fixed two-handed accuracy penalty for special weapons using empty hands
 - Rank sprites are now moddable per soldier type
 - Soldier rank gets reduced to highest possible when undergoing a transformation
 - Soldier transformations without a producedSoldierType default to keeping the type the same
 - Fixed live soldier transformation projects with transfer time > 0
 - Custom weapon reload sounds
From vanilla:
 - Unhardcoded the logic determining whether an alien can be captured alive.
 - Language updates OXCE+ (pl, ro, cs, ja, ru, hu)
 - Language updates OXC (pl, pt, it, lb, da, ja, ro)
 - Scroll ground inventory backwards (shift-click or right-click)
 - Extra nerdy pedia info (accuracy multiplier and power bonus); "extraNerdyPediaInfo: true" global variable
 - Motion scanner QoL (idea by redv); hold ALT after using motion tracker
 - Reintroduced vanilla tile damage calculation
 - Fixed some hunter-killer CTD corner cases
 - Added no experience indicator (Ctrl+E in battlescape)
 - Added shock (alert for negative HP regen) indicator
 - Keeping scroll position of tables when returning from other screens
   * ufopedia select, new research, new manufacture and craft equipment GUIs
 - Added default radar range (672 nm) for UFOs
 - Damage indicator in the Inventory (hold ALT and point at the item)
 - Fixed AI units without special weapon melee attacks not hitting at the end of charges
 - Fixed TFTD cruise/cargo ship crash
 - Fix OXCE type mismatch (backwards compatibility for "skillApplied")
 - Added localization strings for true/false in Stats for Nerds
 - Added rank name strings by soldier type
 - Soldier transformations (by ohartenstein23):,6331.0.html
 - Fixed stun min/max in scripts
 - Added items to TechTreeViewer
 - "landedMarker" for UFOs
 - Better usage of space on GUIs with soldier sorting
 - Unhardcoded short radar range threshold
 - Flag by number of kills:,5767.msg96571.html#msg96571
 - Multiple armor/item preview icons per soldier/vehicle:,5954.0.html
 - Added facilities to TechTreeViewer
 - Fixed loading craft from OG saves
 - Introduced unique Ufo ID and fixed saving and loading of HKs
 - Ability to hide items in Purchase GUI (by jgatkinsn)
 - Don't consider global radars when drawing base radar circles
 - Ability to sort soldiers by listOrder of their soldier type
 - User option: Draw enemy radar circles
 - Moddable medikit GUI background (per item)
 - Fixed fuel limit for patroling craft
 - Don't load non-existing commendations
 - Commendations fixes from vanilla
 - Melee damage previews for special weapons
 - Allowed the player access to special weapons by configurable icon or empty hand:,6289.0.html
 - Ruleset option to have craft maps not be fully revealed at the start of battle
 - Official palettes and palette matching test case
 - Palette change per starting condition
 - Add support for creating new palettes
 - Allow skipping unsuccessful addUFO mapScript commands
 - Fixed issue with 2-handed weapons causing CTD
 - Unhardcoded TFTD pedia article interfaces:,6166.0.html
 - Stats for Nerds for TFTD
 - Test for zero-cost movement on floor tiles in MCD files
 - Configs to show full unit name in alien inventory:,6129.msg94191.html#msg94191
 - Ctrl+Shift+j/k to stun/kill only one alien (under the cursor)
 - Avatar offsets compatible with vanilla
 - Fixed 2x2 unit animation on slopes
 - Global Research Overview (by jgatkinsn):,6128.msg94105.html#msg94105
 - Fixed dogfight "last bullet" bug
 - Fall-back for "Case-insensitive quick search for non-English (by tkzv)"
 - Fixed not changing damage text colors for ammo items and grenades in pedia
 - Stats for Nerds -- armors
 - Allow armor ruleset to override a unit's stand, kneel, and float height
 - Alt+click in PaletteView to show big font preview
 - Colors for ammo power by damage type in item ufopedia articles
 - Stats for Nerds -- items (INFO button in Ufopedia)
 - Added Japanese translation
 - Added Russian translation
 - All escorts now spawn at their escortee's current location
 - Base supply ships can now also be escorted by HKs:,5717.msg93006.html#msg93006
 - Alien bases can now scan for xcom craft and generate hunt missions:,5717.msg92985.html#msg92985
 - Allowed alien bases to stop generating supply missions after reaching a limit
 - Allowed alien bases to spawn mission sites
 - Allowed alien missions to spawn multiple UFOs at once
 - Fixed move sound not updated when changing armor between mission stages
 - Allow HKs to escort/protect other (normal) UFOs from the same mission:,5717.msg92871.html#msg92871
 - Added "startingDifficulty" global variable
 - Two new global variables for pilot/crew survival chances when shot down by a HK
 - Fighter craft that are near the HK's target will now join the fight:,5717.msg92769.html#msg92769
 - OXC: fixed melee on ramps
 - OXC: Temporarily reverted an earlier fix that broke HWPs climbing up a hill
 - Two new flags to keep the craft after a failed mission
 - User option to allow escorting friendly craft:,5717.msg92692.html#msg92692
 - Save the crew when attacked by a hunter-killer and destroyed
 - Removed flag to prevent craft from detecting alien bases (can instead be done by sightRange: 0)
 - Fixed UFO and craft custom geoscape markers
 - Ruleset definition for tiles used to place stores items during base defenses (by ohartenstein23)
 - Ruleset to prevent craft from detecting alien bases
 - Improved HK behavior consistency
 - Added evasive maneuvers support when fighting HKs
 - Allow disengage if craft is quicker than HK
 - Introducing kamikaze hunter-killers
 - In "slow mode" handle UFO hunting logic every game tick
 - Allow UFO to change speed when starting hunting:,5717.msg92446.html#msg92446
 - Fixed merge error (UFO shields not working)
 - Ruleset option on armor to not give wound recovery time after battle (e.g. HWP soldiers)
 - EXPERIMENTAL: UFOs can attack XCOM craft:,5717.msg92133.html#msg92133
 - Improved language loading for "masters with masters"
 - Split OXCE+ and Android language files from vanilla
 - Added 31 most used languages into default distribution
 - Improved tile noLOS check:,5679.msg92053.html#msg92053
 - Improved/added noLOS cursor indicator caching
 - StartingConditions support for multi-stage missions:,4444.msg91852.html#msg91852
 - Basic support for limited-range weapons usage by AI (by ohartenstein23):,5980.0.html
 - (Temporary) fix for modded globe markers crashing
 - Fixed difficulty settings being ignored for armor
 - Building facilities on top of others (by ohartenstein23):,5960.0.html
 - Leaving other facilities behind when you remove one (by ohartenstein23)
 - Unhardcoded ufopedia colors for Armor, Items and CraftWeapons (=those using PAL_BATTLEPEDIA)
 - Added chronoTrigger 3 (and unified live alien recovery)
 - Fixed a conflict between surrendering and chronoTrigger 2
 - User option to inform about UFO landing:,5904.0.html
 - Fixed newly arriving craft ammo being ignored when refuelling (by karadoc)
 - Added a cost indicator to the tech tree viewer (by karadoc)
 - Added item requirements text when placing base facilities (by karadoc)
 - Small fix for reservedSpace
 - LOS accuracy penalty indicator (by ohartenstein23)
 - Fixed/Optimized "Case-insensitive quick search for non-English (by tkzv)"
 - Bounty research and bounty item for all mission types (UFO crash/landing and XCOM base defense were missing)
 - Merged OXCE 3.10a
Changelog (OXCE+):
 - Added "recoverCorpse" flag to be able to recover live bodies, but not dead bodies (because vanilla "recover" flag cannot be used anymore since the merge)
 - Case-insensitive quick search for non-English (by tkzv)
 - Fix economy warning when player has too much money
Changelog (OXCE):
 - More item fuse configs
 - Added recovery of ammo from fixed weapons on armor of soldiers (not HWPs)
Changelog (vanilla):
 - added sorting of pedia categories by listOrder
 - fixed (hopefully!) arcing shots missing when they should hit... reverted OXCE+ fixes and using vanilla fix
 - amended reaction fire (allowed xcom soldiers to spin and shoot at aggressors)
 - changed corpse recovery (using corpse recover flag instead of recoveryPoints > 0)
 - changed corpse scoring (using corpse recoveryPoints instead of unit's value)
 - added escape mission functionality
 - landOnly flag on items
 - explosive ammo for shotguns... not fully merged in OXCE yet?
 - new shotgun experience nerf (all bullets beyond the first can give max 1 experience point in total); OXCE+ fixes were reverted
 - new "helicopter" drawing routine (22)
 - Fixes to recently introduced sniper AI and LOS penalty
 - Custom palettes can now be loaded from JASC palette files
 - Sniper AI (by ohartenstein23):,5679.0.html
 - One more fix for custom psi (hit animation crash)
 - Improvements to facility moving cheat (by karadoc)
 - Fix custom psi attacks not working (got broken in last version)
 - Tank turrets turn during reaction fire
 - Fixed Leeroy (now they really chaaaaarge!)
 - Ufopedia hotkey from "craft info" basescape GUI (opens craft article)
 - Showing current craft weapon (and slot type) in "craft weapons" GUI
 - Units on fire can't use their camouflage
 - Fixed 3 chryssalids spawning from a single zombie (under very special circumstances)
 - EXPERIMENTAL: Civilians, react!,4595.msg85647.html#msg85647
 - Fixed battlescape tooltip color
 - Fixed "We can now buy" popup (was wrongly showing also items with costBuy=0)
 - Split engineer/scientist hiring cost and monthly cost
 - Split psi screening tech from psi training tech
 - Custom sound effects on detecting a new UFO:,5647.msg87230.html#msg87230
 - Added jukebox:,5673.0.html
 - Unhardcoded and separated some OXCE+ hotkeys
 - Fixed mission start CTD:,5647.msg87061.html#msg87061
 - Merged OXCE 3.9c
   - Fix?: Inventory crash on 2-stage missions:,2915.msg87002.html#msg87002
   - Fix: Fire ammo not generating light immediately:,2915.msg85724.html#msg85724
   - Fix: Proxy kills not counted:,2915.msg85727.html#msg85727
   - Fix: Sectoid on stairs immune to psi:,2915.msg85902.html#msg85902
   - Fix: AI crash:,5617.0.html
 - Cleanup: integrated OXCE+ missing translations into data files
 - Better tooltips for blue and purple indicators
 - Night vision colors 1 and 10 banned for TFTD
 - Fix night vision (vanilla compatibility)
 - Cleanup: unhardcoded OXCE+ color codes (TFTD support!)
 - Palette preview GUI:,5652.0.html
 - Cleanup: unique interface ruleset codes:,5647.msg86719.html#msg86719
 - Removed "Predict UFO trajectory" user option
 - Option to play briefing music longer:,5647.msg86647.html#msg86647
 - Ufopedia article type 3 (for HWPs) can have a background now:,5647.msg86641.html#msg86641
 - Custom sound effects for geoscape events:,5647.msg86603.html#msg86603
 - Facility moving feature hidden behind the most useless options ever:,5647.msg86643.html#msg86643
 - New craft status "pilot missing":,5541.msg86567.html#msg86567
 - Smarter algorithm to assign crew when starting new game:,5541.msg86510.html#msg86510
 - Ability to reopen mission briefing during the mission (Ctrl+B)
 - StatStrings per soldier type:,5638.0.html
 - Added craft equipment loadout save/load GUI (accessible via quicksave/quickload hotkeys):,5637.0.html
 - More debug/testing options in geoscape (CTRL+1 to CTRL+6):,5636.0.html
   - Ability to block (or even revoke) research topics/paths:,5482.msg86298.html#msg86298
   - Support for "getOneFree" with dependencies:,4830.msg86238.html#msg86238
   - Flag to give GetOneFree topics in sequential order:,5624.0.html
 - Added "Training Finished" GUI:,5561.0.html
 - EXPERIMENTAL: Added isLeeroyJenkins flag for units and made the AI act on it (by Stoddard):,5628.0.html
 - Ability to give a bounty item after a successful mission:,5625.0.html
 - Damage preview cannot go into minus anymore (was caused by range-based damage reduction)
 - Armor flags that disable running/strafing/kneeling:,5623.0.html
 - Considering perf. bonus for end-of-month economy warning
 - Removed Ctrl+W hotkey (show number of wounded soldiers)
 - Support for primed and hidden items on the minimap:,5620.0.html
 - Redesigned the auto-assign pilots functionality:,5574.0.html
 - Inventory::arrangeGround now sorts items by 'list order' (by karadoc)
 - Fixed living space check for personnel production projects (by karadoc)
 - Psi training no longer reduces stats to match the cap (by karadoc)
 - Fixed 2 ammo display glitches
 - New Android release
 - Merged OXCE 3.9a
 - Always fit "Ufopedia" label within the window boundaries
 - Support for big neutral units on the minimap
 - Ctrl+Cancel button in UfoDetected UI now has a proper separate label
 - (nerf) TU and Energy cost for CQC
 - (buff) CQC now considers all surrounding units, not just one
 - Added info about armors you can wear on a mission
 - Changed TTV cheat code
 - Alien inventory works on own units again, with a correct paperdoll
 - Fix fitting items into inventory slots
 - Reintroduced hidden manufacturing projects feature
 - Changed default night vision color to 8 (evening blue)
 - Automatic night vision user option
 - OXCE lighting by default turned off (vanilla compatibility)
 - Added flag offset per soldier type:,2915.msg83331.html#msg83331
 - New "Martial training at any time" user option (split from similar psi option)
 - Ability to show distance to target in dogfight GUI in kilometers
 - Status field in Dogfight GUI resized to use all available space
 - Added "We can now build" GUI
 - Added "We can now rent" GUI
 - Fix HWP ammo recovery (when returned to base because of starting condition)
 - Improved TTV indicators
 - New flag to refund all resources when a manufacturing project is cancelled
 - Next Turn GUI background color is now same as in Battlescape
 - Fix ground items not saved properly after panicking
 - Fix CQC crash
 - Fixed CTD with armor-specific movement sound
 - Left and right side armor values can be different now:,5435.0.html
 - R-click in Transfers GUI now does the same as in Sell GUI
 - Reset Geoscape timer when stores are full due to Production
 - Craft landing can now be disabled (e.g. for interceptors with pilots only)
 - CQC extensions (by ohartenstein23)
 - "Close Quarters Combat" (CQC) feature (by ohartenstein23):,5431.0.html
 - Displaying shotgun pellets also in ammo pedia articles
 - Indicator for items destroyed during research
 - Fixed heat vision (merge issue) -- didn't work at all since v3.5
 - Camo shouldn't affect formula for vision in smoke (I will add a better formula later)
 - Fixed infinite loop bug in research code (by karadoc)
 - Android support!
 - Fixed next stage CTD
 - Fixed counting issue in Craft Equip
 - Fixed scrolling issue in Craft Equip

(continuation in the next post)
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Re: Meridian's resources and mods for X-PirateZ
« Reply #2 on: December 21, 2015, 11:14:34 am »
-- replaced original post by niculinux with the continuation of the changelog, it didn't fit into previous 2 posts --

Changelog (continuation):
 - Fixed merge error (AI CTD)
 - Items spawned by research now arrive via Transfers (= player is informed)
 - Enemies in exit zone (e.g. your craft) don't surrender anymore when you abort a mission
 - Added info about number of rounds to TFTD craft weapon pedia articles
 - TFTD support for tiny rank icons
 - upgraded to OXCE 3.7a
 - Clipless (but disposable) weapons are recovered the same way as weapons with clips
 - New research and New manufacture buttons now have the same hotkey as toggle quick search
 - Added "We can now purchase" GUI
 - Completed research can spawn an item (only direct research! indirect research gives nothing)
 - Fixed autosell feature (wasn't working properly)
 - Fixed a bunch of compiler warnings
 - Added (optional) knock-out indicator (purple box)
   * lights up if a unit's stun level goes above 75% (of current hp)
 - Better info about remaining ammo/uses in Inventory and Hand UI
 - Direct link to craft screen from "Not enough pilots" popup
 - Unhardcoded all pilot-related constants
 - Fix for last region/country graph button not being displayed (if more than 16)
 - Right-click graphs button to toggle all buttons:,4990.msg73377.html#msg73377
 - Civilian deployment by type:,4830.msg79731.html#msg79731
 - Fixed CTD in advanced options, when text was too long (e.g. in German)
 - Ability to define multiple hidden movement backgrounds:,4830.msg79722.html#msg79722
 - Fixed bug with displaced and exploding primed grenades
 - Ability to display mission info on Geoscape:,4830.msg79717.html#msg79717
 - Added sort by name button in Select Armor GUI
 - Ability to skip base defense missile fire
 - Unified (and fixed) chart labeling algorithm
 - Refactored zooming of charts (using numpad + and - hotkeys)
 - Fixed merge issue in starting condition check (deployment in alien bases)
 - Unified Research/Manufacture/Ufopedia GUIs
   * [Show only new] button (bottom left corner), with * indicator
   * X to mark all displayed items as seen
   * right-click to toggle between new and seen status
   * hidden status not needed (removed)
 - Stuff you brought on a mission cannot give you points for alien artifacts anymore
 - Added ability to fix advanced user options by mod creators
 - AlienInventory GUI can only be opened on friends without inventory, hostiles and neutrals
 - Support for tractor beams:,5266.0.html
 - Craft's disengage speed based on its acceleration, not pilot's bravery (still applies only to piloted craft!)
 - Category filter in Buy/Sell/Transfer GUIs
 - New test screen (Ctrl+T)
 - Added monthly rating-based performance bonus (= money)
 - Fixed bug with moving ground inventory back to base
 - Added randomDelay to mission script; final delay is a random number between "startDelay" (min) and "startDelay + randomDelay" (max)
 - Ability to unlock (=finish) a research topic after a successful mission:,5227.msg78149.html#msg78149
 - Fixed a problem with the storage check when transferring items (thx Karadoc)
 - Removed random up/down rounding for stat-based bonuses
 - Added damage preview for psi weapons (in BA_USE mode)
 - Added chance-to-succeed preview for psi weapons (not considering target psi defence)
 - Added damage preview for guided missiles, e.g. blaster launcher
 - Fixed alien aggression (when using values between 3 and 9)
 - Reintroduced setting turretType by fixedWeapon, not only livingWeapon (merge error)
 - Updated to OXCE 3.6b
 - Removed ability to demote soldiers
 - Option to despawn mission sites even if targeted by craft:,4830.msg78515.html#msg78515
 - Updated to OXCE 3.6a
 - Fixed recovery of large unit corpses
 - Updated to OXCE 3.6:,2915.msg78240.html#msg78240
 - Dynamic stat column in Craft Armor GUI:,4187.msg78224.html#msg78224
 - Improved transfers of items with negative size
 - Unified soldier manufacturing with civilian recovery
 - Recoverable civilians:,5185.msg78206.html#msg78206
 - Number of fatal wounds is now available parameter for bonuses
 - Soldier rank is now available parameter for bonuses (power, accuracy, dodge, regen, etc.)
 - Different salary per rank:,4830.msg78194.html#msg78194
 - Unhardcoded rank system thresholds
 - Weighted list of defaultArmors for startingConditions:,4444.msg78193.html#msg78193
 - Support for multiple units per rank per race:
 - More detailed info on Intercept GUI
  * instead of OUT show Out/Patrolling/Returning/Intercepting/En route
  * instead of 249 hours, show 10d/9h
 - Tech tree viewer shows recruited persons
 - Fix for craft shield rendering
 - Alien Inventory improvements (more space for 2x2 units, no slot labels, civilian types)
 - Hide alien tech level in New Battle GUI if not needed
 - Fix murderer confusion (various bugs in diaries, commendations, morale recovery, etc.)
 - Fix for reservedSpace (mod size metadata):,2915.msg77485.html#msg77485
 - 10 new damage/resistance types:,4830.msg77276.html#msg77276
 - facilities required for research added to tech tree viewer
 - fixed hit log bug (falsely showing reaction fire after melee attack)
 - info message now says which craft are allowed (for a given mission)
 - ability to override default action on facility R-click
 - various item sounds support random selection from a list
   (fireSound, hitSound, hitMissSound, meleeSound, meleeMissSound, psiSound, psiMissSound, meleeHitSound, explosionHitSound)
 - ESC cancels quick search (or quickly removes text in other TextEdit components):,4187.msg77145.html#msg77145
 - ESC to close alien inventory
 - M-click in alien inventory (on paperdoll/armor)
 - ability to enable/disable mind shield in base view (R-click)
 - tech tree viewer spoiler protection (user option):,3626.msg76960.html#msg76960
 - paperdoll is clickable now (L/R/M-click and tooltip with optional armor weight)
 - more M-clicks (buy/sell/transfer GUIs)
 - manufacturing dependencies now opened via R-click (instead of M-click) on sell GUI
 - M-click in Select Armor popup window
 - fixed healing mind-controlled enemies (now possible)
 - alien inventory GUI:,4187.msg76841.html#msg76841
 - some fixes to ufo/craft shields:,5077.0.html
 - weapon damage info displayed only when pedia article is unlocked:,4187.msg76734.html#msg76734
 - added UFO and craft shields and more (by ohartenstein23):,5077.0.html
 - basic damage info for projectile and melee weapons:,4187.msg76715.html#msg76715
 - ability to transfer stuff instead of having to sell it after mission:,4187.msg76674.html#msg76674
 - added support for extra globe labels:,4187.msg76666.html#msg76666
 - night vision color is now a user option
 - two-handed indicator in the inventory:,5153.msg76648.html#msg76648
 - removed showQuickSearch user option (only toggle is available now)
 - fixed score for enemy surrender after aborting a base defense:,4058.msg76376.html#msg76376
 - fixed CTD after aborting base defense/losing a base
 - unhardcoded minimum accuracy to trigger reaction fire:,4830.msg76356.html#msg76356
 - added unit-on-fire indicator:,4187.msg76347.html#msg76347
 - hotkey to move all remaining ground inventory items from craft to base:,5120.msg76289.html#msg76289
 - manual soldier demote:,5059.msg76277.html#msg76277
 - support for custom text placement in image+text pedia type:,4187.msg76221.html#msg76221
 - increased country labels from 100px to 120px, possible to use 2 lines too
 - moving sound override per armor:,4187.msg74184.html#msg74184
 - fix default number of avatars (8 for vanilla)
 - fix CTD with audio feedback on coup de grace
 - fix for auto-sell storage space calc:,4058.msg76019.html#msg76019
 - fix scrolling in manufacturing table
 - fix for not finding a correct pedia article by ID:,5047.msg76215.html#msg76215
 - fix 2x2 unit lighting
 - fix CTD at map resize
 - fix 2x2 dying unit CTD
 - fix 2x2 unit animation bug
 + CTD fix (bad nodes in RMP)
 + CTD fix (mission sites, merge issue)
 + Fix for shotguns firing backwards at 1-tile distances
 + Upgraded to OXCE 3.5 -- compatible with latest nightly
 + OXCE 3.3 visible distance bug workaround
 + Dogfight improvements (by ohartenstein23), info:,5019.msg73600.html#msg73600
 + Added animated inventory wound indicator, more info:,4424.msg73771.html#msg73771
 + Don't react with 0% accuracy or from out of range, more info:,4830.msg73772.html#msg73772
 + Different camouflage at dark and at day/light, more info:,4822.msg73774.html#msg73774
 + Small ufopedia CTD fix/workaround, info:,4058.msg73753.html#msg73753
 + Items can now be limited to certain inventory slots only, more info:,5011.msg73480.html#msg73480
 + Fixed 2 major bugs in surrender mode
 + Bug-hunt mode support, more info:,4997.msg73330.html#msg73330
 + More options for surrender mode, more info:,4997.msg73308.html#msg73308
 + Added minShade and maxShade to alien deployments, more info:,4830.msg73290.html#msg73290
 + Considering also medals awarded to dead soldiers
 + Door visibility bugfix (by Yankes)
 + EXPERIMENTAL: surrender support, more info:,4997.msg73272.html#msg73272
 + Ability to disable irrelevant items in base defense (e.g. chips)
 + Inventory is now accessible from Soldiers UI via hotkey (no need for a craft in base)
 + Added item flag, which says if the item can be equipped on craft or not (resp. used in base defense)
 + TechTreeViewer now shows also the number of required items for manufacturing topics
 + Small fix for stun/wound indicator
 + Upgraded to OXCE 3.3
 + More space (modOffset) for bigger mods (by Yankes)
 + Auto-sell in debriefing (by Stoddard)
 + Support for custom palettes (local) in Ufopedia
 + Fix for generating default armor out of nothing
 + Fixed experience from medikits (merge issue)
 + Stun and wound indicators for corpses, more info:,4424.msg72219.html#msg72219
 + Fix for TechTreeViewer CTD
 + Configurable map background color (per starting condition)
 + EXPERIMENTAL: added support for custom (global) palettes, more info:,4935.msg72007.html#msg72007
 + Added option to transfer prisoners instead of just removing them (after the mission)
 + Switch for endless or one-cycle infiltrations
 + Recovered items now shown in Debriefing also for base defense missions
 + Small fix for shotgun not giving any experience
 + Don't show previously unlocked (and seen!) manufacturing topics in the "We can now manufacture..." window
  + TechTreeViewer can be opened by Q hotkey from geoscape directly
  + Show research progress in TechTreeViewer
  + Fix for end mission confirmation
  + Bow miss fix (by karadoc), with less side effects
  + Fix bug with TFTD doors (by Yankes)
  + More middle-clicks open Ufopaedia articles directly
    - facility info in Base view
    - craft weapon info in Craft > Craft Weapon GUI
    - item info in Craft > Equipment GUI
    - armor info in Craft > Armors GUI
    - craft info in Intercept window
    - ufo info in UFO Tracker (only if detected by Hyperwave decoder)
  + Ability to buy items with negative size
  + Added option for local/global night vision
 + Improve pilots' morale by +10
 + Added night vision (by Stoddard), more info:,4819.msg71243.html#msg71243
 + Fixed merge issue (inventory text border)
 + Revert "Bow miss fix" (because it was causing unwanted side effects), more info:,4058.msg71057.html#msg71057
 + Global equipment layouts fix (it can now be used during mission briefing too)
  + Pilots can gain experience from dogfights
  + Showing number of shots for autoshot in Ufopedia
  + Added support for environmental conditions, more info:,4830.msg70353.html#msg70353
  + Starting conditions by terrain, more info:,4830.msg70509.html#msg70509
  + Small LoF fix (by karadoc), more info here:,4706.msg70254.html#msg70254
  + Added missing includes
  + Shift+click to sort descending (using sort comboboxes)
  + Added cockpit capacity to Craft Pedia articles
  + Cosmetic change in Manufacture Overview (added one pixel to allocated runts)
  + Added support for different prison types, more info:,4830.msg69933.html#msg69933
  + Added support for heat vision and psi vision, more info:,4830.msg69871.html#msg69871
  + Added option to auto-assign pilots
  + Added new type of shotgun behavior (by ohartenstein23)
  + Added ability to select pilots from crew manually
  + Added Craft Pilots GUI
  + Rebalanced pilot bonuses
  + Pilot approach/disengage speed bonus (based on bravery)
  + Pilot dodge bonus (based on reactions)
  + Pilot accuracy bonus (based on firing accuracy)
  + Ability to exclude a soldier type from piloting a craft
  + Craft can now require pilots
  + Added support for max number of facilities (of given type) per base, more info:,4830.msg69302.html#msg69302
  + Added support for sick bays, more info:,4830.msg69294.html#msg69294
  + Option to automatically remove wounded soldiers from training
  + Ability to exclude a soldier type from the promotion system, more info:,4830.msg69242.html#msg69242
  + Added support for randomized item lists in map block ruleset, more info:,4830.msg69240.html#msg69240
  + Fixed AI melee bug (by Yankes)
  + Allowed camouflage on all units (i.e. friendly and neutral too)
  + Fixed/support for turretType for builtInWeapons
  + Global equipment layouts, more info:,4747.msg69139.html#msg69139
  + Added active camouflage and anti-camouflage, more info:,4822.0.html
  + Added possibility to manufacture scientists, engineers and soldiers:,4187.msg68716.html#msg68716
  + Workaround for Commendations CTD (not a fix, just skipping part which would crash)
  + Added manufacture dependency viewer
  + Added Ctrl+A shortcut in geoscape debug mode to reset all soldiers' diaries
 + Fixed "not enough space in alien containment" message
 + Fixed endless loop when destroying base defense hangars (by SupSuper)
 + Option to show all or only awarded commendations in ufopedia (by default only awarded)
 + Added salaries and maintenance for "Items", more info here:,4774.0.html
  + Upgraded to OXCE 3.2
  + Added fix for missing bows under certain angles, more info here:,4726.msg66754.html#msg66754
  + Can't sell prisoners in the Debriefing/Loot/Sell window anymore... only later from the Prison
  + CTRL+cancel in "UFO Detected" window will put this UFO on ignore list (=will not be re-detected again)
  + CTRL+sort in "Equip Crew" and "Soldiers" windows will only show the stat in a dynamic column, without actually sorting the soldiers
  + Physical training stat caps and training speed now moddable, more info:,4581.msg67433.html#msg67433
  + Improved quick search in Inventory (by Stian), more info:,4520.msg67432.html#msg67432
  + Fixed CTD (reported in bugs thread, Cacodemon could not render)
  + Fixed issues with overkill
  + Fixed issue with building custom base
  + Fixed merge issue (various issues with the inventory UI)
  + about a medal can be also directly accessed from Debriefing (Medals UI and Lost In Service UI)
  + Upgraded to OXCE 3.1
  + about a medal in a soldier's diary can now be accessed directly (just click on a medal name)
  + about weapon in hand is now accessible via middle-click (not right-click)
  + Soldiers ignore enemies when running (i.e. they don't stop on mutual surprise), when walking this can also be activated by holding SHIFT
  + Upgraded to OXCE 3.0 ... added Soldier Diaries

(continuation in the next post)
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Re: Meridian's resources and mods for X-PirateZ
« Reply #3 on: December 21, 2015, 11:30:07 am »
-- replaced original post by Cristao with the continuation of the changelog, it didn't fit into previous 3 posts --

Changelog (continuation):
  + Added in-game TechTreeViewer
  + Nothing to see here, move along
  + Quick Search in Transfer UI
  + small fix in Inventory sorting/stacking
  + fixed quick search in Ufopedia
  + Added Quick Search, more info:,4520.msg65913.html#msg65913
  (added in research, manufacture, ufopedia, stores, buy, sell, equip craft and inventory)
  + Added more filtering in the New Research screen
  + More performance improvements for item stacker by Stian
  + fix for FOV calculation by Yankes & Stian
  + fix for doubled retaliation checks after dogfight by Yankes
  + Added more filtering in the New Manufacture screen, more info:,4520.msg65589.html#msg65589
  + Added user option for show gun melee on top (or on bottom)
  + Unhardcoded kneel bonus and one-handed penalty
  + SHIFT, ALT and CTRL cannot be used as user hotkeys anymore
  + Added separate sections for OXCE+ controls and advanced options
  + Added support for "allowedItemCategories" to starting conditions
  + Showing firing/throwing/melee/psi in inventory, more info here:,4520.msg65159.html#msg65159
  + Inventory tooltip now shows also item weight (optionally, showItemNameAndWeightInInventory: true)
  + Fixed CTD for UFOs without alien deployment
  + Added configurable difficulty-based retaliation delay
  + Fix tank ammo recovery when tank has 2 different weapons
  + Added ability to override craft inventory tile (e.g. craftInventoryTile: [7, 4, 1])
  + Faster ground inventory stacker by Stian
  + Unified armor sprite search in ufopedia and inventory
  + Un-prime explosives automatically before dropping them during inventory management
  + improved FOV calculation by Stian (please help with testing), more info here:,4568.0.html
  + reverted back fix "tank ammo" by Warboy (not necessary in our context)
  + Fix "can't engage airborne" bug by SupSuper
  + Fix "tank ammo" by Warboy
  + Added configurable hotkeys for Aim/Snap/Auto/Hit/Throw/etc., more info:,4520.msg63599.html#msg63599
  + Items with zero or less weight don't show weight in ufopedia
  + Right-click on item in hand (in battlescape) brings up related ufopedia entry
  + Middle-click on item in inventory (in inventory screen) brings up related ufopedia entry
  + Ability to change soldier's nationality/flag (by left/right click)
  + Soldiers are buried in their default armor (nicer looking memorial)
  + Added statistical bullet conservation (as user option)
  + You can go to final mission only with 100% fuel
  + Researching a prisoner does NOT create a corpse anymore
  + Hit log now considers stun damage too
  + Added SELL button to LOOT screen in debriefing
  + Added "Sell all" hotkey to Sell/Sack GUI (press X)
  + Added item weight to ufopedia
  + Moved ufopedia item descriptions higher if there is enough space
  + Added melee accuracy/TU cost in ufopedia
  + More attributes on item categories, more info here:,4523.msg62946.html#msg62946
  + Properly display name of completed research topic
  + Friendly reminder on the last day of the month (about low funds), more info here:,4466.msg62199.html#msg62199
  + Custom item categories, more info here:,4523.0.html
  + Recover (item) flag now works for corpses too
  + Moved bleeding indicator to the right side
  + Fix palette bugs (bug 1206, thanks SupSuper)
  + Fixed transfers of items with negative size (slaves can now be transferred)
  + Added chance to stop retaliation after aggressor UFO is destroyed (global parameter called "chanceToStopRetaliation", default 0, values can be between 0 and 100)
  + Improvements to hit log (shows also "no damage", "little damage" and "good damage"), still highly experimental
  + Bleeding indicator is now optional
  + Added (yet another) fatal wounds indicator (#3 I think)
  + User option to add lost vehicles (incl. dogs and parrots) to Memorial (by default turned off)
  + Added support for "allowedVehicles" starting condition
  + Added support for custom mission/monthly ratings, more info here:,4466.0.html
  + Items carried by HWPs are not lost anymore when mission ends
  + Fixed HWPs showing ranks
  + "visibilityAtDay" by default equals to "maxViewDistance" (instead of 20)
  + Added support for "Starting conditions", more info here:,4444.0.html
  + Added UFO Tracker (hotkey T), more info here:,4263.msg61169.html#msg61169
  + Fixed visual glitches in battlescape loading/saving screen (cherry-picked from SupSuper/master)
  + Added support for nationalities/flags
  + Added support for visibility during day (per armor type)
  + Some minor armor equip improvements
  + Added support for craft auto-patrol
  + Ability to define avatar position (per soldier type)
  + Ability to define armor for avatar in the ruleset
  + Changed unit facing indicator hotkey (ALT instead of SHIFT)
  + Added custom physical training factor (percentage between 0 and 100)
    - default 100 % (customTrainingFactor: 100)
  + Added fatal wounds infobox (shortcut is ctrl+w)
  + Manufacturing: displaying produced items after required items
  + Added support for field medic experience training (=experience training possible (by default no training) when healing fatal wounds of any unit)
  + Fixed primed grenade indicator (inventory ground)
  + Added hit/miss log (press Ctrl+H to show) -- only shows the last "action"
  + Added unit facing indicator (hold SHIFT to show)
  + Added supplies indicator for manufacturing
  + Added support for custom HWP/auxiliary preview icons
  + Temporarily disabled LOOT window for base defense (will implement later)
  + Added new damage range type (0-200% with 2 dice); RandomType: 6
  + Un-hardcoded "too much smoke" threshold (for tile fire extinguisher support)
  + Fixed CTD when seeing more than 10 units
  + Fixed CTD in Grand Total
  + Moved tiny ranks before the name
  + Added "Grand Total" to Stores UI, more info here:,3898.msg58997.html#msg58997
  + Added sorting to Stores UI (by all columns, asc/desc)
  + Bugfix: properly destroy fixed items when changing armor
  + Remove medikits from the inventory if consumable and empty
  + Added support for custom armor preview icons, more info here:,4208.msg58705.html#msg58705
  + Fixed compilation issues under Linux
  + Added support for avatar display in battlescape UI
  + Added third sub-page to debriefing screen (recovered items)
  + Fixed items on the ground (inventory screen) are not displayed anymore
  + Two-handed indicator is now red or green depending on blocksBothHands flag
  + Added support for fire extinguishers
  + Added support for day/night indicator
  + Small fix for 2 handed weapons check during reaction fire and berserking (now applies only to units under direct player's control, i.e. also to mind-controlled aliens, but not to mind-controlled xcom soldiers)
  + True two handed weapon flag is also checked during reaction fire, but not during berserking
  + Added support for refuel notifications
  + Added confirmation at mission end, more info here:,4114.msg58153.html#msg58153
  + Fixed CTD when manufacturing a craft also produces an item
  + Experimental support for default inventory slot (for fixed items only)
  + Experimental support for moving base facilities
  + Added support for refundValue for base facilities
  + Right-click on "Select Next Unit" button selects the previous unit
  + Added hotkey to de-equip all items from a craft at once (same as clear inventory, usually "X")
  + Added support for true two-handed weapons, more info here:,2915.msg58013.html#msg58013
  + Improved short range weapons filtering (i.e. fixed Fusion Torch)
  + Resized buttons on Craft Equipment UI
  + Added support for consumable medikits, more info here:,4187.msg58007.html#msg58007
  + Completely new experience award / accuracy training system, more details here:,4230.0.html
  + Added filtering to Craft Equipment UI
  + Further rebalance of firing/throwing/melee accuracy training, more info here:,4220.msg57591.html#msg57591
  + Added option for wounded soldiers to fight in base defense, more info here:,4225.0.html
  + Unhardcoded number of avatars
  + Separate message for "no line of sight"
  + Separate message for "no arc of fire"
  + Throwing experience also improves secondary stats now
  + Rebalanced throwing and firing accuracy training, more info here:,4220.msg57516.html#msg57516
  + Added support for custom kneeling indicator, more info here:,4187.msg57501.html#msg57501
  + Unseen (ufopedia/research/manufacture) indicators now work also in debug mode
  + Enhanced movement methods
      * when holding SHIFT while selecting target tile... the unit will walk/run there WITHOUT stopping when it spots an enemy
      * shift is usually a hotkey for "select previous unit"... so you will have to remove that hotkey in Options in order to use this new feature
  + Added adv. option for Minimap border indicator
  + Added adv. option for 2-handed indicator
  + Added adv. option for Coup de grace
  + Added audio feedback to execute action
  + Disabled blinking of the green enemy indicator
  + now properly equipping also fixed items when changing armor in the Inventory... I would appreciate if somebody helped me test this some more
  + merged SupSuper's code fixing problems with graphs when there are more than 16 countries (wrong total, wrong colors, wrong values, etc.), more info here:
    * BIG thanks to SupSuper!
  + added hotkey to open Inventory from Craft Equipment (same as in battlescape, usually "I")
  + fixed the Apply inventory template button... which I accidentally broke yesterday ;-)
  * Inventory screen:
    + don't shift inventory grid labels anymore (when showing TUs needed to move items)
    + disabled moving fixed items in Inventory by Ctrl+click (for example cannot drop medikit-item from Nurse outfit)
    + clear/create/apply inventory template functionality now ignores fixed items
       * clear doesn't remove fixed items
       * create doesn't include fixed items
       * apply doesn't overwrite fixed items
  * Stat improvement screen:
    + increased the size of Stat Improvement table to 18 rows (so that we can see entire Bonaventura crew at once)
    + fixed CTD on mission end (caused by stat improvement calculation for non-soldiers, i.e. HWPs)
  + Fixed stat update after armor change in Inventory
  + Fixed scrolling issue (in Craft > Equip Armor GUI)
  + soldier sorting now supports also ID (order in which soldiers were hired) and name (by first letter only)
  + added experimental map border indicator to minimap
  + added experimental map border indicator to map (only visible when "show all layers" button is turned on)
  * fixed some buttons (to behave correctly on various resolutions)
  + added possibility to re-order bases
  + showing TU cost when moving items between inventory slots
  + added option to execute unconscious units with melee (blade) weapons
  + added shortcuts to enemies visible by other soldiers (green enemy indicator)
  + added possibility to rename soldiers in the Inventory view
  + enabled the display of resistance to damage type 0 (DT_NONE) in UFOpedia
  + added "unseen" indicator for:
      * new research items
      * new manufacture items
      * new UFOpedia articles
  + added Select Avatar GUI to Inventory (with preview!) (same hotkey as for minimap, usually "M")
  + using battlescape palette for Select Armor GUI in Inventory
  + added primed grenade indicator to Hand UI (not animated)
  + added 2-handed weapon indicator to Hand UI
  + display recovery time when soldier is wounded (directly in the list)
  + added hotkey to de-equip armor from all soldiers at once (key for clear inventory, usually "X")
  + added hotkey to de-assign all soldiers from all craft at once (key for clear inventory, usually "X")
  + added sorting (and Size column) to Stores GUI
  + added fatal wounds indicator to Inventory GUI
  + added current turn indicator in the tooltip
  + added info about medikit "ammo" on Hand UI
  + added info about medikit "target" on the Hand UI tooltip
  + moved manufacturing error messages (not enough space / not enough hangars) further down the chain (more info here:,4178.msg56841.html#msg56841)
  + improved remaining firing/throwing/melee accuracy display on Unit Stats GUI
  + added column displaying "dynamic" stats (the one selected in combobox) on:
      * Vessels > Crew screen
      * Hands on Deck screen
  + added kneel indicator (inspired by PR from DreamThorn, but only did a cheap version without dedicated sprites)
  + added more info to Alien Containment GUI (if live alien sale is enabled)
  + added soldier sorting into:
      * Vessels > Crew screen
      * Vessels > Armor screen
      * Hand on Deck screen (unlike other screens combobox is on the top of the screen, there was no place on the bottom)
      * VooDoo Classes screen
      * Martial Training screen
  + added manual scaling for Graphs GUI
  + showing total maintenance time directly on Intercept window (inspired by PR by bslaveboy, but done differently)
  + blink health bar on fatal wounds (by redv)
  + added manufacturing profitability (by myk002 with small improvement, see also:,3517.0.html)
  + added possibility to change armor from Inventory (using configured keyboard shortcut for Abort Mission, default "A")
  + improved Martial Training GUI:
      * fixed wrong color on deselect
      * added more columns with relevant stats
      * added soldiers statstrings to names
      * added soldier re-ordering
  + added access to Bootypedia from Inventory
  + added soldier re-ordering ability into:
      * Vessels > Armor screen
      * Hands on Deck screen
      * VooDoo Classes screen
  + added access to Bootypedia from the battlescape
  - removed the epileptic flashing explosion effects
  + added stat improvement summary on the debriefing screen (by Roujin, see also:,2461.0.html)

Pirate Music (65 MB):
Xmas Music (45 MB):

Mods (updated 2016-04-06):
Avatar Instead Of Rank: integrated into PirateZ, delete or deactivate!!
Captain's StatStrings:
Daylight Indicator:
Pirate Flags:
Refuel Notification:
Static Smoke:

World Flags (for xcom1, not piratez):

Mods (updated 2016-05-01):
Custom categories:
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Re: Meridian's resources and mods for X-PirateZ
« Reply #4 on: December 21, 2015, 11:56:18 am »
This is not for you, as to see it, you need to disable the unlimited storage/prison space cheat ;)

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Re: Meridian's resources and mods for X-PirateZ
« Reply #5 on: December 21, 2015, 12:36:54 pm »
Explain how that works ... I have seen the option but I have always ignored it.


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Re: Meridian's resources and mods for X-PirateZ
« Reply #6 on: December 21, 2015, 12:51:20 pm »
Hey, please a linux executable?  :'( :'( :'(

edit: nevermind :)
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Re: Meridian's resources and mods for X-PirateZ
« Reply #7 on: December 21, 2015, 03:38:15 pm »
Or just a zip/git of the source code ;)

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Re: Meridian's resources and mods for X-PirateZ
« Reply #8 on: December 21, 2015, 04:26:10 pm »
My God, man!  The access to the Bootypedia in all the locations is terrific!!

Please put that code into a Pull Request to SupSuper and Warboy for vanilla OXC!!! <3 <3

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Re: Meridian's resources and mods for X-PirateZ
« Reply #9 on: December 21, 2015, 04:34:09 pm »
My God, man!  The access to the Bootypedia in all the locations is terrific!!

Please put that code into a Pull Request to SupSuper and Warboy for vanilla OXC!!! <3 <3

My coding skills aren't what they used to be, my code would need to be reviewed and beautyfied. Also, the graphical side of it won't be of production-quality, just quick and dirty for my needs.

But I will post a patch for Arthanor and others, once I am finished.

For now, today's changes:

  + added access to Bootypedia from Inventory (using configured keyboard shortcut, default "U")
  + added soldier re-ordering ability into:
      * Vessels > Armor screen
      * Hands on Deck screen
      * VooDoo Classes screen
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Re: Meridian's resources and mods for X-PirateZ
« Reply #10 on: December 21, 2015, 06:54:01 pm »
And it works? OMFG. Grabbing that nao. You rule, man.

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Re: Meridian's resources and mods for X-PirateZ
« Reply #11 on: December 21, 2015, 07:08:32 pm »
Certain someone once said that UFOPedia et al and Battlescape "Cannot ever be mixed". So much for that, lol :)

Any chance of figuring out how to change armor by r-clicking on a person (the another "impossible thing")? :)

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Re: Meridian's resources and mods for X-PirateZ
« Reply #12 on: December 21, 2015, 07:10:33 pm »
Certain someone once said that UFOPedia et al and Battlescape "Cannot ever be mixed". So much for that, lol :)

Yeah, I'm kinda feeling like it was more, "... that was alot of work to get that Ufopedia State to work in another where it was never intended.... we certainly don't want to do that again."


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Re: Meridian's resources and mods for X-PirateZ
« Reply #13 on: December 21, 2015, 07:27:49 pm »
Certain someone once said that UFOPedia et al and Battlescape "Cannot ever be mixed". So much for that, lol :)

Well, the battlescape/inventory below the UFOpedia window switches palette so it looks weird. I guess that's what that someone wanted to say. For me, it's a very minor nuisance... it doesn't even look that bad. And once you open an article, background switches to complete black anyway.

Yeah, I'm kinda feeling like it was more, "... that was alot of work to get that Ufopedia State to work in another where it was never intended.... we certainly don't want to do that again."

It was actually very easy. 3 lines of code for battlescape and 2 lines of code for inventory... but as said above, the images "don't mix well" :) Quick and dirty.... but oh so good.

Any chance of figuring out how to change armor by r-clicking on a person (the another "impossible thing")? :)

Do you mean changing soldier's armor directly in the Inventory screen by clicking on the paperdoll (or by a hotkey)?
I can look at that... shouldn't be too hard... might suffer the palette problem though... which I wouldn't mind.
Also, I guess that should work only when Inventory is opened during pre-mission equipment, right? :P

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Re: Meridian's resources and mods for X-PirateZ
« Reply #14 on: December 21, 2015, 07:37:48 pm »
Do you mean changing soldier's armor directly in the Inventory screen by clicking on the paperdoll (or by a hotkey)?
I can look at that... shouldn't be too hard... might suffer the palette problem though... which I wouldn't mind.

Yes, exactly. And I don't mind palette problems either, compared to vast interface improvement. The way you have to do it now... It's pain.

Also, I guess that should work only when Inventory is opened during pre-mission equipment, right? :P

Hehehe, yes, only then. Unless the only option available in-battle was to take the armor off completely :)