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[3] OXCE changelog
« on: February 01, 2023, 08:04:19 pm »
Hi all,

All basic info and download have been moved here:,5258.0.html


2024-02-24: OXCE v7.12,6586.msg162074.html#msg162074

2024-01-09: OXCE v7.11,6586.msg161027.html#msg161027

2023-12-16: OXCE v7.10,6586.msg159913.html#msg159913

2023-07-03: OXCE v7.9.8,6586.msg156171.html#msg156171

2023-05-21: OXCE v7.9.6,6586.msg155406.html#msg155406

2023-04-29: OXCE v7.9,6586.msg154958.html#msg154958

2022-10-29: OXCE v7.8,6586.msg150186.html#msg150186

2022-09-25: OXCE v7.7.3,6586.msg149336.html#msg149336

2022-08-24: OXCE v7.7,6586.msg148758.html#msg148758

2022-07-15: OXCE v7.6,6586.msg147637.html#msg147637

2022-02-07: OXCE v7.5.3,6586.msg143814.html#msg143814

2022-01-21: OXCE v7.4.4,6586.msg143442.html#msg143442

2022-01-18: OXCE v7.4.2,6586.msg143364.html#msg143364

2022-01-10: OXCE v7.4,6586.msg143074.html#msg143074

2021-12-29: OXCE v7.3,6586.msg142833.html#msg142833

2021-12-24: OXCE v7.2,6586.msg142733.html#msg142733

2021-10-24: OXCE v7.1.4,6586.msg141871.html#msg141871

2021-10-17: OXCE v7.1.3,6586.msg141737.html#msg141737

2021-09-27: OXCE v7.1,6586.msg141301.html#msg141301

2021-03-13: OXCE v7.0,6586.msg137396.html#msg137396

2021-01-09: OXCE v6.9.1,6586.msg135354.html#msg135354

2020-11-21: OXCE v6.8,6586.msg134204.html#msg134204

2020-10-24: OXCE v6.7.2,6586.msg133303.html#msg133303

2020-10-18: OXCE v6.7,6586.msg132996.html#msg132996

2020-09-09: OXCE v6.6.1,6586.msg131530.html#msg131530

2020-08-22: OXCE v6.6,6586.msg130840.html#msg130840

2020-05-28: OXCE v6.5.3,6586.msg128154.html#msg128154

2020-05-21: OXCE v6.5.1,6586.msg127741.html#msg127741

2020-05-08: OXCE v6.5,6586.msg127088.html#msg127088

2020-03-15: OXCE v6.4.2,6586.msg125110.html#msg125110

2020-03-14: OXCE v6.4,6586.msg124599.html#msg124599

2020-01-11: OXCE v6.3.4,6586.msg121456.html#msg121456

2019-12-30: OXCE v6.3,6586.msg121392.html#msg121392

2019-11-29: OXCE v6.2,6586.msg120129.html#msg120129

2019-10-30: OXCE v6.1,6586.msg118728.html#msg118728

2019-10-13: OXCE v6.0,6586.msg117930.html#msg117930
 - c++17 support required for compilation

2019-08-15: OXCE v5.6.2,6586.msg116405.html#msg116405

2019-08-03: OXCE v5.6.1,6586.msg115106.html#msg115106

2019-05-19: OXCE v5.5,6586.msg113227.html#msg113227

2019-04-22: OXCE v5.4,6586.msg112262.html#msg112262

2019-03-05: OXCE v5.3,6586.msg110804.html#msg110804

2018-12-22: OXCE v5.2,6586.msg107705.html#msg107705

2018-10-14: OXCE v5.1b,6586.msg104988.html#msg104988

2018-10-03: OXCE v5.1,6586.msg104491.html#msg104491

2018-09-15: OXCE v4.0,4187.msg102978.html#msg102978
 - OXCE+ and OXCE merged into just OXCE

2018-08-23: OXCE+ v3.10b,4187.msg102175.html#msg102175

(continuation in the next post)
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Re: OXCE changelog
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2023, 08:04:28 pm »

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Re: OXCE changelog
« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2023, 08:04:38 pm »

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Re: OXCE changelog
« Reply #3 on: February 01, 2023, 08:05:08 pm »
Changelog (continuation):
 - Option to get a country back after they signed a pact with aliens:,5932.msg100448.html#msg100448
 - Added support for alien mission interruption:,6456.msg100411.html#msg100411
 - Fixed mission wave/objective mismatch:,5717.msg100406.html#msg100406
 - Added a 50-200% damage calculation type:,6455.msg100319.html#msg100319
 - Night vision can always be enabled
 - Grenade indicator in hand UI is now animated (same as in the Inventory)
 - Refactored hand UI drawing (now supports OXCE animation)
 - Fixed alien containment handling when limits are not enforced
 - Fixed crash when not all soldiers could be deployed and craft was lost
 - "New Battle" mode now has 2 ammo of each type instead of 1 by default
 - Fixed damage bonus from "strengthApplied" not showing in stats for nerds
 - Changed hit! to HIT
 - Added option for one-handed-unloading of weapons (by karadoc)
 - Fix for transformations not working on psi-training soldiers
 - Removed 8km limit from aggressive attack (in dogfight)
 - Tiny ranks per soldier type
 - Changed craft transfer time default to 24 hours
 - Fixed message priority (two-handed vs underwater weapons)
 - Fixed medikits training melee by default (trains nothing now)
 - Bughunt mode turned off by default (after 999 turns by default)
 - Added ability to spray multiple shots between multiple waypoints:,6423.0.html
 - Fixed two-handed accuracy penalty for special weapons using empty hands
 - Rank sprites are now moddable per soldier type
 - Soldier rank gets reduced to highest possible when undergoing a transformation
 - Soldier transformations without a producedSoldierType default to keeping the type the same
 - Fixed live soldier transformation projects with transfer time > 0
 - Custom weapon reload sounds
From vanilla:
 - Unhardcoded the logic determining whether an alien can be captured alive.
 - Language updates OXCE+ (pl, ro, cs, ja, ru, hu)
 - Language updates OXC (pl, pt, it, lb, da, ja, ro)
 - Scroll ground inventory backwards (shift-click or right-click)
 - Extra nerdy pedia info (accuracy multiplier and power bonus); "extraNerdyPediaInfo: true" global variable
 - Motion scanner QoL (idea by redv); hold ALT after using motion tracker
 - Reintroduced vanilla tile damage calculation
 - Fixed some hunter-killer CTD corner cases
 - Added no experience indicator (Ctrl+E in battlescape)
 - Added shock (alert for negative HP regen) indicator
 - Keeping scroll position of tables when returning from other screens
   * ufopedia select, new research, new manufacture and craft equipment GUIs
 - Added default radar range (672 nm) for UFOs
 - Damage indicator in the Inventory (hold ALT and point at the item)
 - Fixed AI units without special weapon melee attacks not hitting at the end of charges
 - Fixed TFTD cruise/cargo ship crash
 - Fix OXCE type mismatch (backwards compatibility for "skillApplied")
 - Added localization strings for true/false in Stats for Nerds
 - Added rank name strings by soldier type
 - Soldier transformations (by ohartenstein23):,6331.0.html
 - Fixed stun min/max in scripts
 - Added items to TechTreeViewer
 - "landedMarker" for UFOs
 - Better usage of space on GUIs with soldier sorting
 - Unhardcoded short radar range threshold
 - Flag by number of kills:,5767.msg96571.html#msg96571
 - Multiple armor/item preview icons per soldier/vehicle:,5954.0.html
 - Added facilities to TechTreeViewer
 - Fixed loading craft from OG saves
 - Introduced unique Ufo ID and fixed saving and loading of HKs
 - Ability to hide items in Purchase GUI (by jgatkinsn)
 - Don't consider global radars when drawing base radar circles
 - Ability to sort soldiers by listOrder of their soldier type
 - User option: Draw enemy radar circles
 - Moddable medikit GUI background (per item)
 - Fixed fuel limit for patroling craft
 - Don't load non-existing commendations
 - Commendations fixes from vanilla
 - Melee damage previews for special weapons
 - Allowed the player access to special weapons by configurable icon or empty hand:,6289.0.html
 - Ruleset option to have craft maps not be fully revealed at the start of battle
 - Official palettes and palette matching test case
 - Palette change per starting condition
 - Add support for creating new palettes
 - Allow skipping unsuccessful addUFO mapScript commands
 - Fixed issue with 2-handed weapons causing CTD
 - Unhardcoded TFTD pedia article interfaces:,6166.0.html
 - Stats for Nerds for TFTD
 - Test for zero-cost movement on floor tiles in MCD files
 - Configs to show full unit name in alien inventory:,6129.msg94191.html#msg94191
 - Ctrl+Shift+j/k to stun/kill only one alien (under the cursor)
 - Avatar offsets compatible with vanilla
 - Fixed 2x2 unit animation on slopes
 - Global Research Overview (by jgatkinsn):,6128.msg94105.html#msg94105
 - Fixed dogfight "last bullet" bug
 - Fall-back for "Case-insensitive quick search for non-English (by tkzv)"
 - Fixed not changing damage text colors for ammo items and grenades in pedia
 - Stats for Nerds -- armors
 - Allow armor ruleset to override a unit's stand, kneel, and float height
 - Alt+click in PaletteView to show big font preview
 - Colors for ammo power by damage type in item ufopedia articles
 - Stats for Nerds -- items (INFO button in Ufopedia)
 - Added Japanese translation
 - Added Russian translation
 - All escorts now spawn at their escortee's current location
 - Base supply ships can now also be escorted by HKs:,5717.msg93006.html#msg93006
 - Alien bases can now scan for xcom craft and generate hunt missions:,5717.msg92985.html#msg92985
 - Allowed alien bases to stop generating supply missions after reaching a limit
 - Allowed alien bases to spawn mission sites
 - Allowed alien missions to spawn multiple UFOs at once
 - Fixed move sound not updated when changing armor between mission stages
 - Allow HKs to escort/protect other (normal) UFOs from the same mission:,5717.msg92871.html#msg92871
 - Added "startingDifficulty" global variable
 - Two new global variables for pilot/crew survival chances when shot down by a HK
 - Fighter craft that are near the HK's target will now join the fight:,5717.msg92769.html#msg92769
 - OXC: fixed melee on ramps
 - OXC: Temporarily reverted an earlier fix that broke HWPs climbing up a hill
 - Two new flags to keep the craft after a failed mission
 - User option to allow escorting friendly craft:,5717.msg92692.html#msg92692
 - Save the crew when attacked by a hunter-killer and destroyed
 - Removed flag to prevent craft from detecting alien bases (can instead be done by sightRange: 0)
 - Fixed UFO and craft custom geoscape markers
 - Ruleset definition for tiles used to place stores items during base defenses (by ohartenstein23)
 - Ruleset to prevent craft from detecting alien bases
 - Improved HK behavior consistency
 - Added evasive maneuvers support when fighting HKs
 - Allow disengage if craft is quicker than HK
 - Introducing kamikaze hunter-killers
 - In "slow mode" handle UFO hunting logic every game tick
 - Allow UFO to change speed when starting hunting:,5717.msg92446.html#msg92446
 - Fixed merge error (UFO shields not working)
 - Ruleset option on armor to not give wound recovery time after battle (e.g. HWP soldiers)
 - EXPERIMENTAL: UFOs can attack XCOM craft:,5717.msg92133.html#msg92133
 - Improved language loading for "masters with masters"
 - Split OXCE+ and Android language files from vanilla
 - Added 31 most used languages into default distribution
 - Improved tile noLOS check:,5679.msg92053.html#msg92053
 - Improved/added noLOS cursor indicator caching
 - StartingConditions support for multi-stage missions:,4444.msg91852.html#msg91852
 - Basic support for limited-range weapons usage by AI (by ohartenstein23):,5980.0.html
 - (Temporary) fix for modded globe markers crashing
 - Fixed difficulty settings being ignored for armor
 - Building facilities on top of others (by ohartenstein23):,5960.0.html
 - Leaving other facilities behind when you remove one (by ohartenstein23)
 - Unhardcoded ufopedia colors for Armor, Items and CraftWeapons (=those using PAL_BATTLEPEDIA)
 - Added chronoTrigger 3 (and unified live alien recovery)
 - Fixed a conflict between surrendering and chronoTrigger 2
 - User option to inform about UFO landing:,5904.0.html
 - Fixed newly arriving craft ammo being ignored when refuelling (by karadoc)
 - Added a cost indicator to the tech tree viewer (by karadoc)
 - Added item requirements text when placing base facilities (by karadoc)
 - Small fix for reservedSpace
 - LOS accuracy penalty indicator (by ohartenstein23)
 - Fixed/Optimized "Case-insensitive quick search for non-English (by tkzv)"
 - Bounty research and bounty item for all mission types (UFO crash/landing and XCOM base defense were missing)
 - Merged OXCE 3.10a
Changelog (OXCE+):
 - Added "recoverCorpse" flag to be able to recover live bodies, but not dead bodies (because vanilla "recover" flag cannot be used anymore since the merge)
 - Case-insensitive quick search for non-English (by tkzv)
 - Fix economy warning when player has too much money
Changelog (OXCE):
 - More item fuse configs
 - Added recovery of ammo from fixed weapons on armor of soldiers (not HWPs)
Changelog (vanilla):
 - added sorting of pedia categories by listOrder
 - fixed (hopefully!) arcing shots missing when they should hit... reverted OXCE+ fixes and using vanilla fix
 - amended reaction fire (allowed xcom soldiers to spin and shoot at aggressors)
 - changed corpse recovery (using corpse recover flag instead of recoveryPoints > 0)
 - changed corpse scoring (using corpse recoveryPoints instead of unit's value)
 - added escape mission functionality
 - landOnly flag on items
 - explosive ammo for shotguns... not fully merged in OXCE yet?
 - new shotgun experience nerf (all bullets beyond the first can give max 1 experience point in total); OXCE+ fixes were reverted
 - new "helicopter" drawing routine (22)
 - Fixes to recently introduced sniper AI and LOS penalty
 - Custom palettes can now be loaded from JASC palette files
 - Sniper AI (by ohartenstein23):,5679.0.html
 - One more fix for custom psi (hit animation crash)
 - Improvements to facility moving cheat (by karadoc)
 - Fix custom psi attacks not working (got broken in last version)
 - Tank turrets turn during reaction fire
 - Fixed Leeroy (now they really chaaaaarge!)
 - Ufopedia hotkey from "craft info" basescape GUI (opens craft article)
 - Showing current craft weapon (and slot type) in "craft weapons" GUI
 - Units on fire can't use their camouflage
 - Fixed 3 chryssalids spawning from a single zombie (under very special circumstances)
 - EXPERIMENTAL: Civilians, react!,4595.msg85647.html#msg85647
 - Fixed battlescape tooltip color
 - Fixed "We can now buy" popup (was wrongly showing also items with costBuy=0)
 - Split engineer/scientist hiring cost and monthly cost
 - Split psi screening tech from psi training tech
 - Custom sound effects on detecting a new UFO:,5647.msg87230.html#msg87230
 - Added jukebox:,5673.0.html
 - Unhardcoded and separated some OXCE+ hotkeys
 - Fixed mission start CTD:,5647.msg87061.html#msg87061
 - Merged OXCE 3.9c
   - Fix?: Inventory crash on 2-stage missions:,2915.msg87002.html#msg87002
   - Fix: Fire ammo not generating light immediately:,2915.msg85724.html#msg85724
   - Fix: Proxy kills not counted:,2915.msg85727.html#msg85727
   - Fix: Sectoid on stairs immune to psi:,2915.msg85902.html#msg85902
   - Fix: AI crash:,5617.0.html
 - Cleanup: integrated OXCE+ missing translations into data files
 - Better tooltips for blue and purple indicators
 - Night vision colors 1 and 10 banned for TFTD
 - Fix night vision (vanilla compatibility)
 - Cleanup: unhardcoded OXCE+ color codes (TFTD support!)
 - Palette preview GUI:,5652.0.html
 - Cleanup: unique interface ruleset codes:,5647.msg86719.html#msg86719
 - Removed "Predict UFO trajectory" user option
 - Option to play briefing music longer:,5647.msg86647.html#msg86647
 - Ufopedia article type 3 (for HWPs) can have a background now:,5647.msg86641.html#msg86641
 - Custom sound effects for geoscape events:,5647.msg86603.html#msg86603
 - Facility moving feature hidden behind the most useless options ever:,5647.msg86643.html#msg86643
 - New craft status "pilot missing":,5541.msg86567.html#msg86567
 - Smarter algorithm to assign crew when starting new game:,5541.msg86510.html#msg86510
 - Ability to reopen mission briefing during the mission (Ctrl+B)
 - StatStrings per soldier type:,5638.0.html
 - Added craft equipment loadout save/load GUI (accessible via quicksave/quickload hotkeys):,5637.0.html
 - More debug/testing options in geoscape (CTRL+1 to CTRL+6):,5636.0.html
   - Ability to block (or even revoke) research topics/paths:,5482.msg86298.html#msg86298
   - Support for "getOneFree" with dependencies:,4830.msg86238.html#msg86238
   - Flag to give GetOneFree topics in sequential order:,5624.0.html
 - Added "Training Finished" GUI:,5561.0.html
 - EXPERIMENTAL: Added isLeeroyJenkins flag for units and made the AI act on it (by Stoddard):,5628.0.html
 - Ability to give a bounty item after a successful mission:,5625.0.html
 - Damage preview cannot go into minus anymore (was caused by range-based damage reduction)
 - Armor flags that disable running/strafing/kneeling:,5623.0.html
 - Considering perf. bonus for end-of-month economy warning
 - Removed Ctrl+W hotkey (show number of wounded soldiers)
 - Support for primed and hidden items on the minimap:,5620.0.html
 - Redesigned the auto-assign pilots functionality:,5574.0.html
 - Inventory::arrangeGround now sorts items by 'list order' (by karadoc)
 - Fixed living space check for personnel production projects (by karadoc)
 - Psi training no longer reduces stats to match the cap (by karadoc)
 - Fixed 2 ammo display glitches
 - New Android release
 - Merged OXCE 3.9a
 - Always fit "Ufopedia" label within the window boundaries
 - Support for big neutral units on the minimap
 - Ctrl+Cancel button in UfoDetected UI now has a proper separate label
 - (nerf) TU and Energy cost for CQC
 - (buff) CQC now considers all surrounding units, not just one
 - Added info about armors you can wear on a mission
 - Changed TTV cheat code
 - Alien inventory works on own units again, with a correct paperdoll
 - Fix fitting items into inventory slots
 - Reintroduced hidden manufacturing projects feature
 - Changed default night vision color to 8 (evening blue)
 - Automatic night vision user option
 - OXCE lighting by default turned off (vanilla compatibility)
 - Added flag offset per soldier type:,2915.msg83331.html#msg83331
 - New "Martial training at any time" user option (split from similar psi option)
 - Ability to show distance to target in dogfight GUI in kilometers
 - Status field in Dogfight GUI resized to use all available space
 - Added "We can now build" GUI
 - Added "We can now rent" GUI
 - Fix HWP ammo recovery (when returned to base because of starting condition)
 - Improved TTV indicators
 - New flag to refund all resources when a manufacturing project is cancelled
 - Next Turn GUI background color is now same as in Battlescape
 - Fix ground items not saved properly after panicking
 - Fix CQC crash
 - Fixed CTD with armor-specific movement sound
 - Left and right side armor values can be different now:,5435.0.html
 - R-click in Transfers GUI now does the same as in Sell GUI
 - Reset Geoscape timer when stores are full due to Production
 - Craft landing can now be disabled (e.g. for interceptors with pilots only)
 - CQC extensions (by ohartenstein23)
 - "Close Quarters Combat" (CQC) feature (by ohartenstein23):,5431.0.html
 - Displaying shotgun pellets also in ammo pedia articles
 - Indicator for items destroyed during research
 - Fixed heat vision (merge issue) -- didn't work at all since v3.5
 - Camo shouldn't affect formula for vision in smoke (I will add a better formula later)
 - Fixed infinite loop bug in research code (by karadoc)
 - Android support!
 - Fixed next stage CTD
 - Fixed counting issue in Craft Equip
 - Fixed scrolling issue in Craft Equip

(continuation in the next post)

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Re: OXCE changelog
« Reply #4 on: February 01, 2023, 08:05:34 pm »
Changelog (continuation):
 - Fixed merge error (AI CTD)
 - Items spawned by research now arrive via Transfers (= player is informed)
 - Enemies in exit zone (e.g. your craft) don't surrender anymore when you abort a mission
 - Added info about number of rounds to TFTD craft weapon pedia articles
 - TFTD support for tiny rank icons
 - upgraded to OXCE 3.7a
 - Clipless (but disposable) weapons are recovered the same way as weapons with clips
 - New research and New manufacture buttons now have the same hotkey as toggle quick search
 - Added "We can now purchase" GUI
 - Completed research can spawn an item (only direct research! indirect research gives nothing)
 - Fixed autosell feature (wasn't working properly)
 - Fixed a bunch of compiler warnings
 - Added (optional) knock-out indicator (purple box)
   * lights up if a unit's stun level goes above 75% (of current hp)
 - Better info about remaining ammo/uses in Inventory and Hand UI
 - Direct link to craft screen from "Not enough pilots" popup
 - Unhardcoded all pilot-related constants
 - Fix for last region/country graph button not being displayed (if more than 16)
 - Right-click graphs button to toggle all buttons:,4990.msg73377.html#msg73377
 - Civilian deployment by type:,4830.msg79731.html#msg79731
 - Fixed CTD in advanced options, when text was too long (e.g. in German)
 - Ability to define multiple hidden movement backgrounds:,4830.msg79722.html#msg79722
 - Fixed bug with displaced and exploding primed grenades
 - Ability to display mission info on Geoscape:,4830.msg79717.html#msg79717
 - Added sort by name button in Select Armor GUI
 - Ability to skip base defense missile fire
 - Unified (and fixed) chart labeling algorithm
 - Refactored zooming of charts (using numpad + and - hotkeys)
 - Fixed merge issue in starting condition check (deployment in alien bases)
 - Unified Research/Manufacture/Ufopedia GUIs
   * [Show only new] button (bottom left corner), with * indicator
   * X to mark all displayed items as seen
   * right-click to toggle between new and seen status
   * hidden status not needed (removed)
 - Stuff you brought on a mission cannot give you points for alien artifacts anymore
 - Added ability to fix advanced user options by mod creators
 - AlienInventory GUI can only be opened on friends without inventory, hostiles and neutrals
 - Support for tractor beams:,5266.0.html
 - Craft's disengage speed based on its acceleration, not pilot's bravery (still applies only to piloted craft!)
 - Category filter in Buy/Sell/Transfer GUIs
 - New test screen (Ctrl+T)
 - Added monthly rating-based performance bonus (= money)
 - Fixed bug with moving ground inventory back to base
 - Added randomDelay to mission script; final delay is a random number between "startDelay" (min) and "startDelay + randomDelay" (max)
 - Ability to unlock (=finish) a research topic after a successful mission:,5227.msg78149.html#msg78149
 - Fixed a problem with the storage check when transferring items (thx Karadoc)
 - Removed random up/down rounding for stat-based bonuses
 - Added damage preview for psi weapons (in BA_USE mode)
 - Added chance-to-succeed preview for psi weapons (not considering target psi defence)
 - Added damage preview for guided missiles, e.g. blaster launcher
 - Fixed alien aggression (when using values between 3 and 9)
 - Reintroduced setting turretType by fixedWeapon, not only livingWeapon (merge error)
 - Updated to OXCE 3.6b
 - Removed ability to demote soldiers
 - Option to despawn mission sites even if targeted by craft:,4830.msg78515.html#msg78515
 - Updated to OXCE 3.6a
 - Fixed recovery of large unit corpses
 - Updated to OXCE 3.6:,2915.msg78240.html#msg78240
 - Dynamic stat column in Craft Armor GUI:,4187.msg78224.html#msg78224
 - Improved transfers of items with negative size
 - Unified soldier manufacturing with civilian recovery
 - Recoverable civilians:,5185.msg78206.html#msg78206
 - Number of fatal wounds is now available parameter for bonuses
 - Soldier rank is now available parameter for bonuses (power, accuracy, dodge, regen, etc.)
 - Different salary per rank:,4830.msg78194.html#msg78194
 - Unhardcoded rank system thresholds
 - Weighted list of defaultArmors for startingConditions:,4444.msg78193.html#msg78193
 - Support for multiple units per rank per race:
 - More detailed info on Intercept GUI
  * instead of OUT show Out/Patrolling/Returning/Intercepting/En route
  * instead of 249 hours, show 10d/9h
 - Tech tree viewer shows recruited persons
 - Fix for craft shield rendering
 - Alien Inventory improvements (more space for 2x2 units, no slot labels, civilian types)
 - Hide alien tech level in New Battle GUI if not needed
 - Fix murderer confusion (various bugs in diaries, commendations, morale recovery, etc.)
 - Fix for reservedSpace (mod size metadata):,2915.msg77485.html#msg77485
 - 10 new damage/resistance types:,4830.msg77276.html#msg77276
 - facilities required for research added to tech tree viewer
 - fixed hit log bug (falsely showing reaction fire after melee attack)
 - info message now says which craft are allowed (for a given mission)
 - ability to override default action on facility R-click
 - various item sounds support random selection from a list
   (fireSound, hitSound, hitMissSound, meleeSound, meleeMissSound, psiSound, psiMissSound, meleeHitSound, explosionHitSound)
 - ESC cancels quick search (or quickly removes text in other TextEdit components):,4187.msg77145.html#msg77145
 - ESC to close alien inventory
 - M-click in alien inventory (on paperdoll/armor)
 - ability to enable/disable mind shield in base view (R-click)
 - tech tree viewer spoiler protection (user option):,3626.msg76960.html#msg76960
 - paperdoll is clickable now (L/R/M-click and tooltip with optional armor weight)
 - more M-clicks (buy/sell/transfer GUIs)
 - manufacturing dependencies now opened via R-click (instead of M-click) on sell GUI
 - M-click in Select Armor popup window
 - fixed healing mind-controlled enemies (now possible)
 - alien inventory GUI:,4187.msg76841.html#msg76841
 - some fixes to ufo/craft shields:,5077.0.html
 - weapon damage info displayed only when pedia article is unlocked:,4187.msg76734.html#msg76734
 - added UFO and craft shields and more (by ohartenstein23):,5077.0.html
 - basic damage info for projectile and melee weapons:,4187.msg76715.html#msg76715
 - ability to transfer stuff instead of having to sell it after mission:,4187.msg76674.html#msg76674
 - added support for extra globe labels:,4187.msg76666.html#msg76666
 - night vision color is now a user option
 - two-handed indicator in the inventory:,5153.msg76648.html#msg76648
 - removed showQuickSearch user option (only toggle is available now)
 - fixed score for enemy surrender after aborting a base defense:,4058.msg76376.html#msg76376
 - fixed CTD after aborting base defense/losing a base
 - unhardcoded minimum accuracy to trigger reaction fire:,4830.msg76356.html#msg76356
 - added unit-on-fire indicator:,4187.msg76347.html#msg76347
 - hotkey to move all remaining ground inventory items from craft to base:,5120.msg76289.html#msg76289
 - manual soldier demote:,5059.msg76277.html#msg76277
 - support for custom text placement in image+text pedia type:,4187.msg76221.html#msg76221
 - increased country labels from 100px to 120px, possible to use 2 lines too
 - moving sound override per armor:,4187.msg74184.html#msg74184
 - fix default number of avatars (8 for vanilla)
 - fix CTD with audio feedback on coup de grace
 - fix for auto-sell storage space calc:,4058.msg76019.html#msg76019
 - fix scrolling in manufacturing table
 - fix for not finding a correct pedia article by ID:,5047.msg76215.html#msg76215
 - fix 2x2 unit lighting
 - fix CTD at map resize
 - fix 2x2 dying unit CTD
 - fix 2x2 unit animation bug
 + CTD fix (bad nodes in RMP)
 + CTD fix (mission sites, merge issue)
 + Fix for shotguns firing backwards at 1-tile distances
 + Upgraded to OXCE 3.5 -- compatible with latest nightly
 + OXCE 3.3 visible distance bug workaround
 + Dogfight improvements (by ohartenstein23), info:,5019.msg73600.html#msg73600
 + Added animated inventory wound indicator, more info:,4424.msg73771.html#msg73771
 + Don't react with 0% accuracy or from out of range, more info:,4830.msg73772.html#msg73772
 + Different camouflage at dark and at day/light, more info:,4822.msg73774.html#msg73774
 + Small ufopedia CTD fix/workaround, info:,4058.msg73753.html#msg73753
 + Items can now be limited to certain inventory slots only, more info:,5011.msg73480.html#msg73480
 + Fixed 2 major bugs in surrender mode
 + Bug-hunt mode support, more info:,4997.msg73330.html#msg73330
 + More options for surrender mode, more info:,4997.msg73308.html#msg73308
 + Added minShade and maxShade to alien deployments, more info:,4830.msg73290.html#msg73290
 + Considering also medals awarded to dead soldiers
 + Door visibility bugfix (by Yankes)
 + EXPERIMENTAL: surrender support, more info:,4997.msg73272.html#msg73272
 + Ability to disable irrelevant items in base defense (e.g. chips)
 + Inventory is now accessible from Soldiers UI via hotkey (no need for a craft in base)
 + Added item flag, which says if the item can be equipped on craft or not (resp. used in base defense)
 + TechTreeViewer now shows also the number of required items for manufacturing topics
 + Small fix for stun/wound indicator
 + Upgraded to OXCE 3.3
 + More space (modOffset) for bigger mods (by Yankes)
 + Auto-sell in debriefing (by Stoddard)
 + Support for custom palettes (local) in Ufopedia
 + Fix for generating default armor out of nothing
 + Fixed experience from medikits (merge issue)
 + Stun and wound indicators for corpses, more info:,4424.msg72219.html#msg72219
 + Fix for TechTreeViewer CTD
 + Configurable map background color (per starting condition)
 + EXPERIMENTAL: added support for custom (global) palettes, more info:,4935.msg72007.html#msg72007
 + Added option to transfer prisoners instead of just removing them (after the mission)
 + Switch for endless or one-cycle infiltrations
 + Recovered items now shown in Debriefing also for base defense missions
 + Small fix for shotgun not giving any experience
 + Don't show previously unlocked (and seen!) manufacturing topics in the "We can now manufacture..." window
  + TechTreeViewer can be opened by Q hotkey from geoscape directly
  + Show research progress in TechTreeViewer
  + Fix for end mission confirmation
  + Bow miss fix (by karadoc), with less side effects
  + Fix bug with TFTD doors (by Yankes)
  + More middle-clicks open Ufopaedia articles directly
    - facility info in Base view
    - craft weapon info in Craft > Craft Weapon GUI
    - item info in Craft > Equipment GUI
    - armor info in Craft > Armors GUI
    - craft info in Intercept window
    - ufo info in UFO Tracker (only if detected by Hyperwave decoder)
  + Ability to buy items with negative size
  + Added option for local/global night vision
 + Improve pilots' morale by +10
 + Added night vision (by Stoddard), more info:,4819.msg71243.html#msg71243
 + Fixed merge issue (inventory text border)
 + Revert "Bow miss fix" (because it was causing unwanted side effects), more info:,4058.msg71057.html#msg71057
 + Global equipment layouts fix (it can now be used during mission briefing too)
  + Pilots can gain experience from dogfights
  + Showing number of shots for autoshot in Ufopedia
  + Added support for environmental conditions, more info:,4830.msg70353.html#msg70353
  + Starting conditions by terrain, more info:,4830.msg70509.html#msg70509
  + Small LoF fix (by karadoc), more info here:,4706.msg70254.html#msg70254
  + Added missing includes
  + Shift+click to sort descending (using sort comboboxes)
  + Added cockpit capacity to Craft Pedia articles
  + Cosmetic change in Manufacture Overview (added one pixel to allocated runts)
  + Added support for different prison types, more info:,4830.msg69933.html#msg69933
  + Added support for heat vision and psi vision, more info:,4830.msg69871.html#msg69871
  + Added option to auto-assign pilots
  + Added new type of shotgun behavior (by ohartenstein23)
  + Added ability to select pilots from crew manually
  + Added Craft Pilots GUI
  + Rebalanced pilot bonuses
  + Pilot approach/disengage speed bonus (based on bravery)
  + Pilot dodge bonus (based on reactions)
  + Pilot accuracy bonus (based on firing accuracy)
  + Ability to exclude a soldier type from piloting a craft
  + Craft can now require pilots
  + Added support for max number of facilities (of given type) per base, more info:,4830.msg69302.html#msg69302
  + Added support for sick bays, more info:,4830.msg69294.html#msg69294
  + Option to automatically remove wounded soldiers from training
  + Ability to exclude a soldier type from the promotion system, more info:,4830.msg69242.html#msg69242
  + Added support for randomized item lists in map block ruleset, more info:,4830.msg69240.html#msg69240
  + Fixed AI melee bug (by Yankes)
  + Allowed camouflage on all units (i.e. friendly and neutral too)
  + Fixed/support for turretType for builtInWeapons
  + Global equipment layouts, more info:,4747.msg69139.html#msg69139
  + Added active camouflage and anti-camouflage, more info:,4822.0.html
  + Added possibility to manufacture scientists, engineers and soldiers:,4187.msg68716.html#msg68716
  + Workaround for Commendations CTD (not a fix, just skipping part which would crash)
  + Added manufacture dependency viewer
  + Added Ctrl+A shortcut in geoscape debug mode to reset all soldiers' diaries
 + Fixed "not enough space in alien containment" message
 + Fixed endless loop when destroying base defense hangars (by SupSuper)
 + Option to show all or only awarded commendations in ufopedia (by default only awarded)
 + Added salaries and maintenance for "Items", more info here:,4774.0.html
  + Upgraded to OXCE 3.2
  + Added fix for missing bows under certain angles, more info here:,4726.msg66754.html#msg66754
  + Can't sell prisoners in the Debriefing/Loot/Sell window anymore... only later from the Prison
  + CTRL+cancel in "UFO Detected" window will put this UFO on ignore list (=will not be re-detected again)
  + CTRL+sort in "Equip Crew" and "Soldiers" windows will only show the stat in a dynamic column, without actually sorting the soldiers
  + Physical training stat caps and training speed now moddable, more info:,4581.msg67433.html#msg67433
  + Improved quick search in Inventory (by Stian), more info:,4520.msg67432.html#msg67432
  + Fixed CTD (reported in bugs thread, Cacodemon could not render)
  + Fixed issues with overkill
  + Fixed issue with building custom base
  + Fixed merge issue (various issues with the inventory UI)
  + about a medal can be also directly accessed from Debriefing (Medals UI and Lost In Service UI)
  + Upgraded to OXCE 3.1
  + about a medal in a soldier's diary can now be accessed directly (just click on a medal name)
  + about weapon in hand is now accessible via middle-click (not right-click)
  + Soldiers ignore enemies when running (i.e. they don't stop on mutual surprise), when walking this can also be activated by holding SHIFT
  + Upgraded to OXCE 3.0 ... added Soldier Diaries

(continuation in the next post)
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Re: OXCE changelog
« Reply #5 on: February 01, 2023, 08:06:23 pm »
Changelog (continuation):
  + Added in-game TechTreeViewer
  + Nothing to see here, move along
  + Quick Search in Transfer UI
  + small fix in Inventory sorting/stacking
  + fixed quick search in Ufopedia
  + Added Quick Search, more info:,4520.msg65913.html#msg65913
  (added in research, manufacture, ufopedia, stores, buy, sell, equip craft and inventory)
  + Added more filtering in the New Research screen
  + More performance improvements for item stacker by Stian
  + fix for FOV calculation by Yankes & Stian
  + fix for doubled retaliation checks after dogfight by Yankes
  + Added more filtering in the New Manufacture screen, more info:,4520.msg65589.html#msg65589
  + Added user option for show gun melee on top (or on bottom)
  + Unhardcoded kneel bonus and one-handed penalty
  + SHIFT, ALT and CTRL cannot be used as user hotkeys anymore
  + Added separate sections for OXCE+ controls and advanced options
  + Added support for "allowedItemCategories" to starting conditions
  + Showing firing/throwing/melee/psi in inventory, more info here:,4520.msg65159.html#msg65159
  + Inventory tooltip now shows also item weight (optionally, showItemNameAndWeightInInventory: true)
  + Fixed CTD for UFOs without alien deployment
  + Added configurable difficulty-based retaliation delay
  + Fix tank ammo recovery when tank has 2 different weapons
  + Added ability to override craft inventory tile (e.g. craftInventoryTile: [7, 4, 1])
  + Faster ground inventory stacker by Stian
  + Unified armor sprite search in ufopedia and inventory
  + Un-prime explosives automatically before dropping them during inventory management
  + improved FOV calculation by Stian (please help with testing), more info here:,4568.0.html
  + reverted back fix "tank ammo" by Warboy (not necessary in our context)
  + Fix "can't engage airborne" bug by SupSuper
  + Fix "tank ammo" by Warboy
  + Added configurable hotkeys for Aim/Snap/Auto/Hit/Throw/etc., more info:,4520.msg63599.html#msg63599
  + Items with zero or less weight don't show weight in ufopedia
  + Right-click on item in hand (in battlescape) brings up related ufopedia entry
  + Middle-click on item in inventory (in inventory screen) brings up related ufopedia entry
  + Ability to change soldier's nationality/flag (by left/right click)
  + Soldiers are buried in their default armor (nicer looking memorial)
  + Added statistical bullet conservation (as user option)
  + You can go to final mission only with 100% fuel
  + Researching a prisoner does NOT create a corpse anymore
  + Hit log now considers stun damage too
  + Added SELL button to LOOT screen in debriefing
  + Added "Sell all" hotkey to Sell/Sack GUI (press X)
  + Added item weight to ufopedia
  + Moved ufopedia item descriptions higher if there is enough space
  + Added melee accuracy/TU cost in ufopedia
  + More attributes on item categories, more info here:,4523.msg62946.html#msg62946
  + Properly display name of completed research topic
  + Friendly reminder on the last day of the month (about low funds), more info here:,4466.msg62199.html#msg62199
  + Custom item categories, more info here:,4523.0.html
  + Recover (item) flag now works for corpses too
  + Moved bleeding indicator to the right side
  + Fix palette bugs (bug 1206, thanks SupSuper)
  + Fixed transfers of items with negative size (slaves can now be transferred)
  + Added chance to stop retaliation after aggressor UFO is destroyed (global parameter called "chanceToStopRetaliation", default 0, values can be between 0 and 100)
  + Improvements to hit log (shows also "no damage", "little damage" and "good damage"), still highly experimental
  + Bleeding indicator is now optional
  + Added (yet another) fatal wounds indicator (#3 I think)
  + User option to add lost vehicles (incl. dogs and parrots) to Memorial (by default turned off)
  + Added support for "allowedVehicles" starting condition
  + Added support for custom mission/monthly ratings, more info here:,4466.0.html
  + Items carried by HWPs are not lost anymore when mission ends
  + Fixed HWPs showing ranks
  + "visibilityAtDay" by default equals to "maxViewDistance" (instead of 20)
  + Added support for "Starting conditions", more info here:,4444.0.html
  + Added UFO Tracker (hotkey T), more info here:,4263.msg61169.html#msg61169
  + Fixed visual glitches in battlescape loading/saving screen (cherry-picked from SupSuper/master)
  + Added support for nationalities/flags
  + Added support for visibility during day (per armor type)
  + Some minor armor equip improvements
  + Added support for craft auto-patrol
  + Ability to define avatar position (per soldier type)
  + Ability to define armor for avatar in the ruleset
  + Changed unit facing indicator hotkey (ALT instead of SHIFT)
  + Added custom physical training factor (percentage between 0 and 100)
    - default 100 % (customTrainingFactor: 100)
  + Added fatal wounds infobox (shortcut is ctrl+w)
  + Manufacturing: displaying produced items after required items
  + Added support for field medic experience training (=experience training possible (by default no training) when healing fatal wounds of any unit)
  + Fixed primed grenade indicator (inventory ground)
  + Added hit/miss log (press Ctrl+H to show) -- only shows the last "action"
  + Added unit facing indicator (hold SHIFT to show)
  + Added supplies indicator for manufacturing
  + Added support for custom HWP/auxiliary preview icons
  + Temporarily disabled LOOT window for base defense (will implement later)
  + Added new damage range type (0-200% with 2 dice); RandomType: 6
  + Un-hardcoded "too much smoke" threshold (for tile fire extinguisher support)
  + Fixed CTD when seeing more than 10 units
  + Fixed CTD in Grand Total
  + Moved tiny ranks before the name
  + Added "Grand Total" to Stores UI, more info here:,3898.msg58997.html#msg58997
  + Added sorting to Stores UI (by all columns, asc/desc)
  + Bugfix: properly destroy fixed items when changing armor
  + Remove medikits from the inventory if consumable and empty
  + Added support for custom armor preview icons, more info here:,4208.msg58705.html#msg58705
  + Fixed compilation issues under Linux
  + Added support for avatar display in battlescape UI
  + Added third sub-page to debriefing screen (recovered items)
  + Fixed items on the ground (inventory screen) are not displayed anymore
  + Two-handed indicator is now red or green depending on blocksBothHands flag
  + Added support for fire extinguishers
  + Added support for day/night indicator
  + Small fix for 2 handed weapons check during reaction fire and berserking (now applies only to units under direct player's control, i.e. also to mind-controlled aliens, but not to mind-controlled xcom soldiers)
  + True two handed weapon flag is also checked during reaction fire, but not during berserking
  + Added support for refuel notifications
  + Added confirmation at mission end, more info here:,4114.msg58153.html#msg58153
  + Fixed CTD when manufacturing a craft also produces an item
  + Experimental support for default inventory slot (for fixed items only)
  + Experimental support for moving base facilities
  + Added support for refundValue for base facilities
  + Right-click on "Select Next Unit" button selects the previous unit
  + Added hotkey to de-equip all items from a craft at once (same as clear inventory, usually "X")
  + Added support for true two-handed weapons, more info here:,2915.msg58013.html#msg58013
  + Improved short range weapons filtering (i.e. fixed Fusion Torch)
  + Resized buttons on Craft Equipment UI
  + Added support for consumable medikits, more info here:,4187.msg58007.html#msg58007
  + Completely new experience award / accuracy training system, more details here:,4230.0.html
  + Added filtering to Craft Equipment UI
  + Further rebalance of firing/throwing/melee accuracy training, more info here:,4220.msg57591.html#msg57591
  + Added option for wounded soldiers to fight in base defense, more info here:,4225.0.html
  + Unhardcoded number of avatars
  + Separate message for "no line of sight"
  + Separate message for "no arc of fire"
  + Throwing experience also improves secondary stats now
  + Rebalanced throwing and firing accuracy training, more info here:,4220.msg57516.html#msg57516
  + Added support for custom kneeling indicator, more info here:,4187.msg57501.html#msg57501
  + Unseen (ufopedia/research/manufacture) indicators now work also in debug mode
  + Enhanced movement methods
      * when holding SHIFT while selecting target tile... the unit will walk/run there WITHOUT stopping when it spots an enemy
      * shift is usually a hotkey for "select previous unit"... so you will have to remove that hotkey in Options in order to use this new feature
  + Added adv. option for Minimap border indicator
  + Added adv. option for 2-handed indicator
  + Added adv. option for Coup de grace
  + Added audio feedback to execute action
  + Disabled blinking of the green enemy indicator
  + now properly equipping also fixed items when changing armor in the Inventory... I would appreciate if somebody helped me test this some more
  + merged SupSuper's code fixing problems with graphs when there are more than 16 countries (wrong total, wrong colors, wrong values, etc.), more info here:
    * BIG thanks to SupSuper!
  + added hotkey to open Inventory from Craft Equipment (same as in battlescape, usually "I")
  + fixed the Apply inventory template button... which I accidentally broke yesterday ;-)
  * Inventory screen:
    + don't shift inventory grid labels anymore (when showing TUs needed to move items)
    + disabled moving fixed items in Inventory by Ctrl+click (for example cannot drop medikit-item from Nurse outfit)
    + clear/create/apply inventory template functionality now ignores fixed items
       * clear doesn't remove fixed items
       * create doesn't include fixed items
       * apply doesn't overwrite fixed items
  * Stat improvement screen:
    + increased the size of Stat Improvement table to 18 rows (so that we can see entire Bonaventura crew at once)
    + fixed CTD on mission end (caused by stat improvement calculation for non-soldiers, i.e. HWPs)
  + Fixed stat update after armor change in Inventory
  + Fixed scrolling issue (in Craft > Equip Armor GUI)
  + soldier sorting now supports also ID (order in which soldiers were hired) and name (by first letter only)
  + added experimental map border indicator to minimap
  + added experimental map border indicator to map (only visible when "show all layers" button is turned on)
  * fixed some buttons (to behave correctly on various resolutions)
  + added possibility to re-order bases
  + showing TU cost when moving items between inventory slots
  + added option to execute unconscious units with melee (blade) weapons
  + added shortcuts to enemies visible by other soldiers (green enemy indicator)
  + added possibility to rename soldiers in the Inventory view
  + enabled the display of resistance to damage type 0 (DT_NONE) in UFOpedia
  + added "unseen" indicator for:
      * new research items
      * new manufacture items
      * new UFOpedia articles
  + added Select Avatar GUI to Inventory (with preview!) (same hotkey as for minimap, usually "M")
  + using battlescape palette for Select Armor GUI in Inventory
  + added primed grenade indicator to Hand UI (not animated)
  + added 2-handed weapon indicator to Hand UI
  + display recovery time when soldier is wounded (directly in the list)
  + added hotkey to de-equip armor from all soldiers at once (key for clear inventory, usually "X")
  + added hotkey to de-assign all soldiers from all craft at once (key for clear inventory, usually "X")
  + added sorting (and Size column) to Stores GUI
  + added fatal wounds indicator to Inventory GUI
  + added current turn indicator in the tooltip
  + added info about medikit "ammo" on Hand UI
  + added info about medikit "target" on the Hand UI tooltip
  + moved manufacturing error messages (not enough space / not enough hangars) further down the chain (more info here:,4178.msg56841.html#msg56841)
  + improved remaining firing/throwing/melee accuracy display on Unit Stats GUI
  + added column displaying "dynamic" stats (the one selected in combobox) on:
      * Vessels > Crew screen
      * Hands on Deck screen
  + added kneel indicator (inspired by PR from DreamThorn, but only did a cheap version without dedicated sprites)
  + added more info to Alien Containment GUI (if live alien sale is enabled)
  + added soldier sorting into:
      * Vessels > Crew screen
      * Vessels > Armor screen
      * Hand on Deck screen (unlike other screens combobox is on the top of the screen, there was no place on the bottom)
      * VooDoo Classes screen
      * Martial Training screen
  + added manual scaling for Graphs GUI
  + showing total maintenance time directly on Intercept window (inspired by PR by bslaveboy, but done differently)
  + blink health bar on fatal wounds (by redv)
  + added manufacturing profitability (by myk002 with small improvement, see also:,3517.0.html)
  + added possibility to change armor from Inventory (using configured keyboard shortcut for Abort Mission, default "A")
  + improved Martial Training GUI:
      * fixed wrong color on deselect
      * added more columns with relevant stats
      * added soldiers statstrings to names
      * added soldier re-ordering
  + added access to Bootypedia from Inventory
  + added soldier re-ordering ability into:
      * Vessels > Armor screen
      * Hands on Deck screen
      * VooDoo Classes screen
  + added access to Bootypedia from the battlescape
  - removed the epileptic flashing explosion effects
  + added stat improvement summary on the debriefing screen (by Roujin, see also:,2461.0.html)