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Suggestions / Re: Items En Route/Queued
« on: August 10, 2013, 09:52:51 am »
I'm just trying to add the quantity of transfers to the quantity of stores in Purchase/Hire,

but my c-fu is weak  :(

Open Feedback / Re: Alien/Sectoid Psi attacks
« on: August 09, 2013, 03:22:03 am »
here's my Ruleset, as is.

warning, it makes major changes to gameplay and probably won't even work because of the extraSounds category. MCDPatches has also been changed 'cause i did some of the fixes in the actual .Mcd's... Economy is extremely tough (and still has rough edges). Almost all Craft & UFO stats (incl. craft weapons) are changed. Almost all weapon stats are changed. Research is changed. Manufacturing is changed. Alien deployment is changed. Armor, damage resistances, and some alien stats have been changed. etc, I did this before i realized it should have been done with extra Rulesets..... Victory pts. have changed.

anyway, i hope you find what you're looking for,

uhm, Ethereals to start psi. personally I abort ethereal missions until I have psi. Recently i figured i'd be a hero and do a medium ethereal scout -- i did it, but then they pounded one of my bases. They also have a base set up in China and there's no prospect of taking it out..............

I mean, sure they can be taken out; but losses would be 'unacceptable'

ps. a program like WinMerge can help a lot.

[ late edit ] uhm i just noticed I put a bug in there: ZOMBIE_ARMOR has "drawingRoutine: 5" which causes a crash.

it should be "4"

Open Feedback / Re: Alien/Sectoid Psi attacks
« on: August 08, 2013, 05:25:12 pm »
the numbers? They just came from me inputting hundreds upon hundreds of alien & xCom psi values into a graph program, all while playing, and going "hmmmmm" a lot

I ended up with values that i consider at the top of a spectrum -- ie. imo an Ethereal Commander should be able to wrap anyone around its finger if he/she gets too close. I also played (the original) for a long time using middling values -- and even then it was a lot better than Psi=WIN,

Your numbers look pretty fair to me. I haven't done the math but at a glance they look alright, as a way to eliminate Psi=WIN.

although, to have fine control or individual control over alien races & ranks a Player could turn those multipliers on, then further tweak their Chryssalids and what-not


Programming / Re: How to code the AI
« on: August 07, 2013, 03:47:41 pm »
sounds like there's two (strongly) divergent camps..

Personally I don't want oXc to become a purebred tactical shooter sim. i want it like the original.

Take chyrssalids... remember how they would stagger and strut back and forth in front of your front line soldiers? I haven't met any yet in the new AI, but in the old I'd freak out whenever they started pacing toward my dudes, then sigh of relief when they turn away, then freak out as they turn back and come a few paces closer....

i Mean, if we really want it hardcore: they turn a corner, see your guys, make a beeline and that's that.

+1 for original, "alien" AI here

Open Feedback / Re: Pathfinding preview
« on: August 07, 2013, 01:39:45 am »
it cuts down my misclicks lots


tho i still shoot at mosquitos now & then...

Open Feedback / Re: Alien/Sectoid Psi attacks
« on: August 06, 2013, 11:07:08 pm »
playing the orig, Psi imbalance was at the top of my list of TODO's. Generally i pumped them up but retained a wide spread according to what aliens i felt should be resistant/vulnerable (mutons->easy, ethereals->tuff). But generally did not want my soldiers coming out of the Lab and controlling sectoid leaders, etc.

After trying it for mid-game, I ended up strengthening aliens still more (caveat: i'm not fond of psi..). Here's some examples i'm using:

  psiStrength: 137
  psiSkill: 39
  psiStrength: 97
  psiSkill: 37
  psiStrength: 109
  psiSkill: 42
  psiStrength: 57
  psiSkill: 0
  psiStrength: 85
  psiSkill: 0

By far the trickiest part was balancing alien Attack & Defense powers - you might want them resistant, while not totally overpowering xCom psi-elites. For this i had to play off the fact that psiDefense is a linear increase while psiAttack is exponential (and still maintain balance with what humans are capable of); hence above, the psiStrength is far greater than psiSkill, because if Skill is pushed up their attacks become overpowered (exponentially) but if Strength is decreased to compensate then their defense drops (linearly, [edit] and at 5x the rate of decreasing Skill).

that said, your suggestions, red, get no complaint from me ( tho it'd be a mod /shrug )

ref. Psionic Formulas

Operation GAAH!

sectoid night mission w/ git 2013_08_05_1219

Programming / Re: Centering X-hairs on the minimap
« on: August 05, 2013, 10:10:44 am »
et tu, brutus


Programming / Re: Centering X-hairs on the minimap
« on: August 05, 2013, 01:58:20 am »
here's how to get soldiers properly centered on the main battle map also:

in Battlescape/Camera.cpp, Camera::centerOnPosition()

Code: [Select]
_mapOffset.x = -(screenPos.x - (_screenWidth / 2));
_mapOffset.y = -(screenPos.y - (_visibleMapHeight / 2));

Code: [Select]
_mapOffset.x = -(screenPos.x - (_screenWidth / 2) +16);
_mapOffset.y = -(screenPos.y - (_visibleMapHeight / 2) +16);

great game. It's really shaping up!!!

Programming / Re: Centering X-hairs on the minimap
« on: August 04, 2013, 01:14:52 am »
thanks but, whoever altered the code mucked things up. It *should* look like this:

Programming / Centering X-hairs on the minimap
« on: August 03, 2013, 07:47:25 am »
the 1x1px offset was really bothering me, so I tracked down the code and this works:

Battlescape/MiniMapView.cpp, ~line 150+

Code: [Select]
drawLine(centerX - CELL_WIDTH -1, centerY - CELL_HEIGHT -1,
centerX - xOffset -1, centerY - yOffset -1,
color); https:// top left
drawLine(centerX + xOffset -1, centerY - yOffset -1,
centerX + CELL_WIDTH -1, centerY - CELL_HEIGHT -1,
color); https:// top right
drawLine(centerX - CELL_WIDTH -1, centerY + CELL_HEIGHT -1,
centerX - xOffset -1, centerY + yOffset -1,
color); https:// bottom left
drawLine(centerX + CELL_WIDTH -1, centerY + CELL_HEIGHT -1,
centerX + xOffset -1, centerY + yOffset -1,
color); https:// bottom right

If someone with git-fu would like to toss it into a nightly build Pls do. All those "-1"s are yours truly,

i Think there's something wrong with the AI. They are, as you say, far too kind. The reaction fire is deadly; and I like the firing algorithm... but come their turn they stand there like dummies, similar to what I heard about 'overwatch freeze' in the remake. They apparently can't decide what to do when soldiers are watching them

if uninjured, fire at closest/least armored/highest ranking soldier, or throw grenade (do psi if applicable)
if injured, based on 'aggression', run for cover or choose above,

I loved it in the original when they had a clear shot but instead scurried away, it left me thinking "what the... WHAT ARE THEY DOING THAT'S MORE IMPORTANT THAN SHOOTING MY DUDES!!1" it was spooky.

Latest: my guys were right around a corner (2nd floor Abductor) from the Floater Leader armed w/ plasma rifle. I snuck a guy in behind him and gave it a stun but it stayed up (and didn't react if poss.). End turn and it floated around the corner, moving only 2 tiles, and then stood there staring at another three of us... gave it another stun & it dropped.

( faceful of hot plasma, pls. :)_~

Open Feedback / Re: questions about stats... and many more
« on: July 31, 2013, 02:55:11 am »
edit your options.cfg in your home directory (or wherever it is) and set "captureMouse" to "true"

woohoo! It works for me with the recent git-build,

Recent mission: sectoid wasted its turn just standing outside the UFO door (it might well have been injured), doing nothing for its full turn when it could/should have been plugging away at my tank and a solder that were in LoS. (or ducking in the UFO door if injured/low aggression)

just a heads-up; we were def. in a firefight, it injured my tank on *its* previous turn ( ie, not by reaction ). On my turn, I froze my tank and soldier then lobbed a grenade from an unseen location; that's when it likely got injured. Then during its turn it just stood there staring at us, didn't even seem to move. So i lobbed a second grenade...

Programming / "TraceAI" in options.Cfg ?
« on: July 29, 2013, 01:51:48 am »
I notice that when creating an options.cfg file, the setting "traceAI" gets written twice. Slightly differently, tho:

traceAI: false
TraceAI: ""

- thought i'd mention it in case it's one of those things... The first appears when the game is loaded and immediately closed; the second appears only after loading a tactical save map, then closed.

( don't want to classify it as a bug, but figure this is the place to speak up. Recent git )

-> did some hunting and, as far as i see, "traceAI" gets set in Engine/Options.cpp, createDefault() with the rest of the config settings, and gets used several times in battle-code. "TraceAI", on the other hand, presently seems confined to only Battlescape\Map.cpp, Map::Map() when a condition is tested.... <- just dabbling there, but it looks like "TraceAI" is obsolete

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