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The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.6.3 alpha: Super Electric
« on: April 18, 2017, 01:10:02 pm »
No. I write the mod, you play my way. Not because I am hungry for power, but because that's how all games are made. That's why certain things are forbidden in any game. Unless you write your own mod to change it, which takes like 30 seconds, and I'm totally cool with that, but then you will be playing something else.

Besides, you would be surprised how many people just don't read instructions, ever.

This is exacly one of the reasons way mod exist in the first play, people don't want to play in a way someone else force them to play. I would not complain if there no such options already in the game but there are and it's just wrong to block them. Don't treat us or rather me becouse i'm speak only for myself, like monkey that you are obliged to hit with a stick whenever is trying to grab that bannana he likes :P For you it's 30 sec for me it's 1 hour or more trying to find that option in text files and would rather play the mod in that time. In the end it's your mod and ofcourse you can do whatever you want with it but i would be obliged if you could send me file with unblocked in game options in pm. Thanks.

I basically agree with everything you wrote (except the "kid" part), but...
... instant grenades should never have been a user option, they should have been a mod.

This was just an example i did not mean that he is a kid.

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.6.3 alpha: Super Electric
« on: April 17, 2017, 12:54:52 am »
Really Sol? Really? Don't act like kid who thinks that his way it's only right way. You can write abo preferable options to choose but don't force them on people. I like instant grenades, know their advantages and i try not to abuse them. If you are so concerned about cheating you should remove granades and explosives entirely becouse you can cheat with that option turned off to. If someone want to cheat he will find the way anyway beside it's single player game ffs. Let everyone decide for themselves how they want to play. Freedom of choice™

The X-Com Files / Re: Dossiers wanted!
« on: January 26, 2017, 03:00:29 am »
Name: John Titor
Role: Unknown
Affiliation: Unknown

Details: He claimed to be a time traveler from 2036. No one believed him because he appeared at the time when strange events started to occure and with them a lots of freaks. Some of the things that he predicted came true others supposed to happen near future like "war out of this world". Many organizations wants access to his knowledge now.

Status: Missing

Picture: Wanted to use Emmett Lathrop Brown picture but he is more suited for "mad scientist" type of a guy but maybe reall photo of Christopher Lloyd will work.

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.5.4 alpha: The Actual Files
« on: January 24, 2017, 02:39:09 pm »
But aliens have been here for decades. No, I don't think it' a problem.

Ofcourse not, this is your vision and no matter what you do you'll never please everybody. But why only alter the original story and not creating totally new one. I had just a little different story vision in my mind. Summary: people don't know about aliens (so ufo don't show on geoscape), aliens have their representatives in governments in many countries and have military and scientific companies that work with state governments. All the strange events around the world is becouse they want to cover their movement and gain even more influence by provide science and military help to many nations. Nations try fight on their own but there is no end to these strange events so UN makes decisions to create x-com agency to explain these strange phenomena. Aliens ofcoures know about x-com, they try to complicate our lives and show that we are incompetent becouse closing the x-com would greatly increase their influence (Kiryu-Kai was terminated that way and aliens gain control over Japan). If we don't do or fail missions aliens gain influence in country/continent (we lose it so less funding from country that don't believe in our skills) and unconsciously turning toward aliens. Finding about aliens and all out battle is a different story. Carry on.

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.5.3 alpha: Boom, Headshot!
« on: January 20, 2017, 11:47:27 pm »
This is even better than "2 dogs 1 car" ^^

(ringing phone sound)

        ...........: What is it?
        Agent1: Commander we have a problem.
Commander: Last time I told you, if you crash rental car again you will be cleaning the toilets for a month.
        Agent1: We spotted ufo, sir.
Commander: WHAT...a ufo? Where are you now?
        Agent1: We flying to the Europe to investigate rumors about some strange life form.
Commander: Leave it. Tell the pilot to follow that UFO.
        Agent1: But...
Commander: No but, it's an order! (click)
        Agent1: ... He hung up on me like always.
        Agent2: So what did he say?
        Agent1: We must fallow that ufo.
        Agent2: What! But we are in a passenger plane!
        Agent1: Tell me about it ...

Hope ufo won't show from the start. Aren't we learning about aliens too quickly anyway? Becouse Kiryu-Kai basicaly we know about invasion from te start so if invasion will be in 2 years it's not hard connect aliens with most of the circumstance around the world. At te begining i would like to see more x-files than x-com. Kiryu-Kai should be secret, we would need to find dossier about ex kiryu-kai agent then find him or maybe some mission that give us some data item and after research we find out why kiru-kai was terminated (japanese government support aliens in exchange for their technology or something like that)

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.5.3 alpha: Boom, Headshot!
« on: January 20, 2017, 08:35:13 pm »
In version 0.5.3 ufo show up from the beginning at first thought it was some rare mission but there is a lot of them.

edit: Forgeting all the time that there is a bug topic...

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.5.3 alpha: Boom, Headshot!
« on: January 19, 2017, 01:20:59 pm »
I wonder if the gym max stats aren't too high... They probably are. :P

Need to see how often my agents will die later on to have opinion on that ^^ But these 100 and reaction probably could be lower.

I totally get this, that's why I gave sniper weapons an armour defeating bonus in the next update. If it doesn't help, I'll have to rethink the entire sniper rifle philosophy. (Or make bigger maps.)

Armor pierce don't make aim shoot more useful than snap. Bigger map would but ther are some cons to. Mission like cultist outpost could be on a bigger map if you don't spawn in the corner it is hard to win on smal map with ~20 opponents.

Only one square can be used as stash... I can move it to a different one, but can't spread items between several ones.

Too bad would be great to have acces from ever square for car/van.

My old amiga/psx font mod don't work with this version of oxce+ if someone have working one or know what to do to make old work again pm. Thanks!

PS. New wersion ... will newer go past promotion II :)

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.5.2b alpha: Wings of Fury
« on: January 18, 2017, 08:24:49 pm »
Please, not this again. :P

But why did you ask about Billhook specifically? Why not Axe, Machete etc.?

Don't have problem with acquiring new weapons but billhook is avaliable for purchase from the beginning. Knife and combat knife are more than enough btw add knife to the ufopedia we can buy it so should know what it is.

That's not doable... But I don't really think it's too good. (I already nerfed it twice.) Yes, it trains people, but 1) only to a certain level (not to maximum!), 2) not all stats, 3) it's small. I find it adequate.

Now when i know what the max stats are gym looks better, thought they are bigger. Guess i need to learn what files have interesting infos/values.

Umm, have you tried shooting across the map with a shotgun? Well, you can with a hunting rifle, even with poorish firing accuracy. These weapons are completely incomparable; and I know there are hunting rifle fans.

Thats the whole point beouse sniper like weapons should focus on aim shot but i don't feel like it is a good choice to use it becouse only one shot that can miss even with 100%++ chnce to hit vs 2-3 snaps that are quite accurate. Maybe its only my problem but when sniper rifle have 70%+ snap shoot accuracy i wil fight with it in middle range and not as a sniper rifle. Long story short i feel that sniper like wepons should have 30-50% snap shoot accuracy. Just a suggestion. I will change simple things like that for my liking anyway.

But sniper rifles typically have rather poor accuracy on snap shots. I can't see how they're used as reaction weapons - to me it seems like a weird choice. And regarding rifles, well - which ones? It's a broad category. But unlike sniper rifles, they aren't made for aimed shots specifically, it's a versatile weapon category.

Different play style for me it a waste of soldiers capability making aim shoots when you have good snap and 70%+ is far from poor on a soldier with 100+ firing accuracy. Yeah rifles can have good snap shot because of lower damage compared to sniper rifles so they are ok.

One more thing maybe add car/van inventory avaliable from every green square. We offten fight with a lot of enemys and use car/van as a cover so would be nice to have acces to the inventory from both sides. It's not crucial but like i said would be nice.

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.5.2b alpha: Wings of Fury
« on: January 18, 2017, 01:51:15 am »
Hope that this time i will play beyond Rromotion II. Here are some questions, thoughts, mumblings...

1) Don't know if it was fixed but it was funny have 2 dogs at the beggining. You should see the cultist faces when they saw 2 dogs leaving the car :)

2) Why billhook from the start ? Don't look like weapon that would be used by agency like x-com and all items that are available from the start should have ufopedia entry already, agents should have atleast some basic training and know what it is.

3) Gym still too good ? Lower stats growth or maybe allow 1 gym per base on superhuman, 2 on genius, veteran, 3 on experienced beginner if possible.

4) Promotion I look poor compare to non standard weapons (NSW). Transfer short shotgun to NSW and shotgun to Promotion I. Make telescopic baton as starting weapon and transfer electric club to the Promotion I or leave it as it is and give tonfa on Promotion I. Hunting riffle look bad compare to shotgun with AP ammo so maybe give it 0.1-0.15 damage bonus from firing accuracy.

5) Riffles and especially sniper riffles should focuse on aim shoot but they work like any other weapons. I use it more like reaction fire/snap shoot sentry becouse snap shoot is to accurate, in this kind of weapons snap shoot should be made from hip and would be far less accurate, so lower accuracy of snap shoot. Probably some TU cost of aim shoot and damage alter would be necessary to. Different weapons handlings enrich gampley.

The X-Com Files / Re: Score Balance is off?
« on: January 18, 2017, 01:43:58 am »
I'll think of some missions which can give you negative points if lost, but then again, why would you lose them?
Any ideas on how to generate negative points other than by unwinnable missions?

Don't know what you can and can not do when building a mission so it's hard to give good example i just say that agent life should be far more important than killing one or two monsters or some low rank cultist. If the score for the death of the agent is not constant and can be adjust for specific mission than you can make missions with priorities for example when killing zombies in north pole or other terrain with low population density agents life should have priority and when they die you will get big - to the score but failing mission not so much (btw can you even get - just for failing or leave mission?)
opposite to the mission when horde of zombies moving towards city than compleate the mission have priority more than agents life. Rescue mission would be nice but whit AI could easy be quite frustrating. It would need to be time mission when you must rescue someone (stun>bacpack>leave) for example scientist or engineer when you fail you get big - hit on score but when you succeed half (or less) of the negative score or 0 score but free scientist/engineer. In brefing you can write that if he would not want to leave his lifetime achievements than you can use "coercive measures". czyli pałką po nerach

This depends wildly on various circumstances, like UFOs you missed. Check if there's a region which is particularly affected by this and search it if you can - could be a MiB base.

Don't understand, at the end of the month (Jan 1998) i had +500 score without doing any mission. So what give us possitive score without even playing ?

The X-Com Files / Re: Score Balance is off?
« on: January 17, 2017, 01:36:53 pm »
It depends on what you want to achieve, but losing agent and craft/transporter should always hit hard the score. This prowide risk/reward to the missions, should you try to finish it and get the loot or better to save agents life and retreat. Right now with low negative score and gym you don't care about agents life at all. Beside something is wrong with scoring system i was doing only research without any missions and in one month had -1300 score but in next one it was +500.

The X-Com Files / Re: Doggie names!
« on: November 11, 2016, 10:36:12 am »
Łajka, duh ! She back from space to kick bite some aliens a**! Time loop, wormhole , whatever. Or "easter egg" kind of mission where she is on the alien side.

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.4.2 alpha: Going Postal
« on: September 19, 2016, 04:24:56 pm »
Damm...laptop and ISP problems.

About balancing weapons there already plenty factors to do it. Accuracy, damage, TU cost, power bonus, asarc (aimed shoot accurate range cap), reload speed, weight. And there are already plenty done just a little tweaks are needed.
-pistols ~20-25 dmg, can make 3 aimed and 4-5 snap, asarc 20/25 and drop for 3% witch each tile (like Arthanor said) becouse pistols shouldn't be powerfull enought to snipe with them.
-assault rifles ~30 dmg, 2 aimed, 3 snap, 2 auto, asarc 20/25 witch 2% each tile drop
-rifle, sniper ~35-40 damage, 1 aimed, 2-3 snap, no asarc, power bonus firing*0,1-0,2
Weight and reload speed depend of weapon model.

Isn't field of view to big ? Maybe becouse of smal maps at the begining but just remembered that i didn't use scouts in 0.3 just snipe with lugers from afar.

Quick test run 0.31 and crash.

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.4.2 alpha: Going Postal
« on: September 15, 2016, 12:36:26 pm »
Played until "Promotion 2". Few quick thoughts.

- Front of the car is not a cover, it's stay like that ? Either way is fine for me, just curious.
- Like these small starting urban missions. Before (0.2) my first field mission was after logistic, now (0.3) i had lot of fun from the beggining.

Bad game pace becous of :
- OP Luger, it's better than sniper rifle, aimed should be around ~75% and power bonus should be lower too
- maybe becouse of OP Luger but there was no better weapons until "Promotion 2", maybe add something better at "Promotion 1"
-Dragonfly, from 4 to 8 or 7 men and drone/dog it's quite a boost, maybe add 6 men vehicle around "Promotion 1" extend time to "Promotion 2" and add dragonfly around then.
- I said it before but gym is OP. Soldiers in gym gain stats to fast and even when they are going on the mission. Around "Promotion 2" i had a lot of good soldiers with 110-120 accuracy. Lower stat gain and maybe allow only 1 gym for base if possible. Or it could train soldiers only to 99 in stats if possible. For me gym should train medicore/good soldiers not superhumans.

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.4.2 alpha: Going Postal
« on: August 31, 2016, 01:19:25 pm »
That way it would be just like any other enemy but with cool story and yes zombies are already like that.
"These infected humans has been completely overtaken by an alien parasite." - Ufopedia

Thanks. Yeah, it crashes... I have no idea why, my analysis of the save shows correct deployment, mission and such. I'll try to investigate further...

Doesn't crash after waiting few days. Haw that works ? It generate different mission after some time ?

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