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The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.4.2 alpha: Going Postal
« on: August 30, 2016, 11:58:46 pm »
Unfortunately I am not aware of this option.

But... stupid? Quite the opposite. The TFTD damage is not only bad for the game balance, but it's also unrealistic, unless you are using Dalek death rays. It's an old argument here, please check for example this thread:,4825.0.html for details.

Beauty of PC gaming. "Don't like it? Change it!" For me it's stupid and it always be. Someone with good imagination can think about some randome events that caused a miss hit but for me it's just a game limitation. If it was better made and occure before shoot like weapons durability and jam (something like JA2) it would be good. Still remember plaing X-Com back in the day, losing soldiers in one hit and this happy feel when one survive after hit. Would like to see my facial expression when i saw no damage from taking plasma to the face. Thought that was a game bug. When i hit somthing it need to "bleed" i am ok with 10% but not with 0%.

If you had a save game, it would be good. There is an elusive crash, it might be this.

Save attached.

Yeah, these missions sometimes take long... But I really like them. :P

Not a big fan. Maybe witch better weapons not pistols. It's like ducks shooting except ducks can fly away and zombies just wander around. Probably it's a AI limitations but all mele enemies act just the same. Would be nice to have ~15 aggressive (or even more with lower TU) enemies that go straight at you.

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.4.2 alpha: Going Postal
« on: August 30, 2016, 06:34:35 pm »
-All this talk reminded me,  how to change to TFTD damage model (there is no mod option like in Nightlies) or to 50-200%. Don't like 0 becouse it's stupid when you have % chance to hit and when you hit it's 0 dmg.

-Cult Activity Investigation Crash. Attached log. (need dmp file?)

-First month. Mission witch 49 zombies. Need 3-4 hit for kill. That was a long mission. Good that i had spare clips in the van.

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.4.2 alpha: Going Postal
« on: August 28, 2016, 11:53:25 pm »
I'll think about it. Yes, some balance is still in order. But as HelmetHair said, two people are not exactly useless... Well, not every time anyway.

Everyone have different opinion on the same thing. You are a creator and do what your vision tell you to do. For me it's wrong fighting hordes from the begining. In X-Com we know that we fighting with superior alien life form so it's ok, but in X-Files we trying to find out what's going on.

All of its segments act as cover, and a pretty even one... So I'm not sure what you mean. But I reviewed the MCD and made the car a bit bigger, voxel-wise; hopefully it helps. It was indeed a bit strange...

Dont'k know enything about OpenXcom moding and where different entries are so i don't look for errors in code just write how things work in game. Look at the screen. All the soldiers crouched.

1    can hit    a    can hit    1
2    can hit    b    can hit    2
3    No line of fire    c    can hit    3
4    No line of fire    d    can hit    4
5    can hit    e    can hit    5

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.4.2 alpha: Going Postal
« on: August 28, 2016, 01:02:23 am »
I like these "Oh sh*t.." moments, but a lot depend of terrain type and spawn. My first chupacabra encounter was on hills/forest terrain with few of them spawn near me. It was like in alien movies but i didn't make it. In next encounter i shoot them from a far on a flat terrain and it was easy.

We can talk about balancing when all elements and items will be in the mod but i really don't like beggining of the game right now.

1) Is it posible to make easier missions before logistics research? It's 15 days and i do nothing until then becouse it's imposible to do anything with only 2 men. Encouters should have 4-5 enemys max.
2) Entire car should work as a cover, right now it's only 1/3. When crouch only rear part of car protects from bullets.
3) dog - it's available from the beginning but we can't use him with car or van, if it imposible to do it, maybe just remove it ? Me and my trusty dog, thats would be a nice team.

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.4.2 alpha: Going Postal
« on: May 16, 2016, 12:06:56 am »
1) Mudranger purpose? It's useless, am i missing something?
2) Blackops Smart Gun - no magazines and ufopedia entry.
3) Would be nice to have number of bullets in magazine in ufopedia weapons entries.
4) Starting weapons like Makarov, Tokarev TT-30 can be researched after enemy drop them. Research don't give any new info.
5) Some encounters are imposible to win (Super Human). I'm okay with that but we can always talk about better balance.
6) Hard to stun ? Easiest oponent take 4-5 hits with electric club next one take 8-9 hits.

Open Feedback / Re: Space used ?
« on: May 15, 2016, 12:39:21 am »
Yeah, i heard that it should be on by default so i asked here, it's work now. Thank you.

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.4.2 alpha: Going Postal
« on: May 14, 2016, 12:08:48 pm »
Well i can always don't use gym at all or restric myself to use less spots, no big deal.

1) Ther are around 33 blank spaces in flag selection, probably they are waiting for new flags but its always posiblity that this was not intended.
2) To much money at starts and after first month. We are a new organisation but all countries are like "shut up and take my money". But this kind of balance probably bettert to leave for full version of the mod.

I am curious abaut "transition" from x-files to FMP we wil have a super soldiers back then so game could be very easy or we wil have a better aliens from the beggining and it will be still hard? Mod is in rough state so don't want to "waste" time on proper playthrough to check that out.

Open Feedback / Space used ?
« on: May 14, 2016, 11:41:30 am »
Space used info doesn't show on buy/sell screen. It should be on by default in the nightly build right?  Maybe more things don't work properly for me becouse i have long break from OXC and don't know all changes in the nightly builds. Any idea why? How can i turn it on becouse it's a nice info to have?

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.4.2 alpha: Going Postal
« on: May 13, 2016, 11:41:09 pm »
Always wanted x-com (like) game like that. Starting as a small agency trying to solve "unsolved cases" just to find out later on that "aliens" stand behind all these supernatural phenomens. After that proper x-com begin, world change, big factions are created to fight with global threat. I want x-com (like) game almost to be a grand strategy with tactical turn based squad combat (real tactical gameplay with proper turn based combat with speed factor no that stupid "I Go You Go" system). Probably not going to happen...someone have phone number to Paradox? :)

About the mod, beggining is great. Really like "2/4 man team" it's hard to survive and its satisfying when you make it. Smal squad force you to play more carefully and care about your squad members (when you have 12 and more people in normal x-com, rookie meat shield is common tactics :)) This is first time for me in x-com that i care about characters and feel attachment to them, even "roleplay" a littlebit becouse of possibility to choose they nation flag and even appearance. Portraits in tactical missions helps too. Gym ruined first impresion. Becouse i work hard with 4 guys in mission to survive and get exprience/stats increase just to find out that 10 guys in base increased a lot of stats peacefully. Gym (maybe change name for training facility or something less generic) should have 4 spaces (or maybe make two variants with 3 and 6 spaces, something like large living quarters) and train stats a lot slower. For me stats should be trained only in combat so i would change gym for shooting range thats train only shooting accuracy. Don't play OXC/x-com to much becouse it have to simplistic approach to tactical gameplay but i will definitly play full version of this mod. Even in this early state show great attention to details.

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