OpenXcom and XPiratez

The XPiratez Discord has been banned following allegations of hateful conduct, you can read about it here. Due to the large overlap between OpenXcom communities, several developers and modders were caught in the aftermath, and will not be returning to Discord. So if you need assistance with mods and OpenXcom Extended, you should use our forum instead.

Normally this would be the end of it, but we keep getting involved in the accusations, so let me make this perfectly clear: OpenXcom does not condone any behavior in the XPiratez Discord. There is no official association between the developers of OpenXcom, OpenXcom Extended and XPiratez. Any discrimination and harassment in our official channels is a bannable offense and should be reported to us immediately.

However, community sites and mods are not affiliated with us. If you have a problem with them, report it to their staff and leave if you are not comfortable there. Developers may provide support to players and modders in unofficial channels, but that’s the extent of our relationship. Personal opinions are their own and not representative of anyone else.

We’ve talked with the XPiratez staff and they’ve agreed things got out of hand and will strive to do better, so for now we are keeping their mod subforum but under new management. This is subject to change and we’ll be monitoring the situation closely. The safety and security of our community is paramount, but we don’t want to hold every player responsible for the actions of a few individuals either. For now we leave it up to you whether you wanna keep supporting XPiratez or not.

24 thoughts on “OpenXcom and XPiratez

  1. Long time follower of the project

    Hi SupSuper,

    I did not follow the drama with XPiratez closely but I wanted to say that your statement is written really well. This is a touchy subject and your handling of it is respectful and clear.

    Wanted to mention that because in these circumstances nobody ever gives positive feedback šŸ˜€

  2. A guy who doesnt hate minorities and transgendered people

    Wow! I left that channel like a week before this happened.

    That place was bad. I still think XPiratez is, on a purely mechanical level, a masterwork of the XCOM genre, but its content and aesthetics have always been questionable (to say the least) and by god was the discord an absolute sewer. I am glad to hear that OpenXcom isn’t going to die on some dumb hill defending a subcommunity like that.

  3. john dillinger

    OH MY GOD! they were thinking… the forbidden thoughts! you can’t just… say whatever you want… that’s crazy… the police need to do something about these heretics. if you don’t like black people you deserve to burn at the stake. i can’t believe this is happening. some people may ask, ‘why do we need complete and total control over everything that someone thinks and says, so that committees at global corporations can exercise unilateral jurisprudence over what is permissible to say and think’ well this is why. this right here.

  4. chip

    waaaaaaaaaaah i cant spread conspiracy theories and compare black people to animals and share drawn images of naked children on discord anymore waaaaaaaaaaah discord is literally worse than hitler this is literally like 1984 waaaaaaaaaah

  5. Banesatis

    Good riddance with that sub.

    Pretty cool to see that the community in general doesn’t support this behaviour.

    Xpiratez discord literally spread nazi conspiracy theories.

  6. long time xpiratez player

    For as cool as the mod is it was a bit sad to see some long time users get pushed away from a “if you dont like it go away” mentality that made talking about anything outside the xpiratez channels hard

    ironicaly the channel made to keep arguements away from general ended up taking down the whole discord as it was mostly unmoderated with discussions taking wild rides which while funny,sometimes went out of line as people where so adamant to die for the opinions that got users questioning that person’s sanity that it got tiring to see everytime something happenened in the News.

  7. anon

    Seems like you all got exactly what you deserved?

    This convinced me not to bother playing or contributing to this though thanks for the heads up.

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  9. Ng Kock Leong

    Hi, may I know what’s the xpiratez drama is about? Any kind soul can provide me a summary? Cos I’m still waiting for the full xpiratez to be completed ((

  10. Discord is bone cancer

    I will be increasing my donation to Xpiratez and Dioxine as I was unaware they were as based as the mod they made, and I regret not being in the XPZ Discord to see it, but Discord is cancer anyway.

  11. YKM

    I saw some questionable stuff years back but I see it just got worse. Good riddance to that trash, unconscionably horrible stuff there.

  12. Drax

    The fact people are so uppity about it is hilarious…

    Who cares what they were doing or saying? Let people say what they want. Oh no! They didn’t care when you whined at them and they told you to go away! How dare they not make sure not to offend you on the internet.

    IRL examples of a low psi stat right here.

  13. Njord

    Nice! that made me start support the XPZT guys!

    Free Speech counts more then ‘feels’

  14. deemo

    Wow, lmao at all the creeps coming out of the closet.

    Notice how everyone is calling the server based and talking about free speech? Yeah, this was never about free speech for you guys. It’s about dogwhistling your disgusting views.

    Discord is not the government. They are not beholden to allow you to spread your views on their platform. That’s not what free speech is. If you go into a restaurant and start screaming racist obscenities, then you should expect to be thrown out, and no amount of “but muh free speech” will get any amount of sympathy for you.

    The only misstep here was a ban on the entire server population. It’s not unheard of for people to join a server and never participate or even read it. I have several discords I simply joined to look up one thing in and haven’t visited in years. The only people that should have been banned are the offenders, mods, and frequent chatters.

  15. bdgt

    Dear everyone who is clapping their hands to racism and bigotry: Kill yourselves. All decent folk have not only no obligation to tolerate your disgusting behavior, but every obligation to strike back against it. You are scum, and your cries of ‘free speech’ as are hollow as your heads should be. Follow your leader, Nazi scum.

  16. Sneed

    Not even the open source project of a random 20 year old game is safe from the mass reporting of the Troon brigade.

    “Of, relating to, being, or imposing a form of government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life, the individual is subordinated to the state, and opposing political and cultural expression is suppressed.” totalitarian definition.

    “just cus your nazi discord got banned doesn’t mean you live under a totalitarian government”

    Obviously this isn’t the government but when even in random subcommunities of subcommunities your view on genital mutilation MUST be aligned or you get mass reported it makes you wonder. Perhaps we can call it a totalitarian movement, or ideology rather than government. Imagine being so insecure that you have to impose your politics and gender metaphysics on every niche and ultimately trivial community across the entire internet. Remember all anyone has to do is just say “no” to these people and they are powerless.

    “All aspects of life”.

  17. Paul

    “It’s free speech when I can call your views disgusting with no consequence, but when you say something back I need mommy and daddy to come in and make you shut up because it hurts my feefees. Oh and I am going to proceed to openly call for violence and death against you and there’s nothing you can do about it because the political zeitgest is on my side!”.

    Based xPiratez devs, the fact that they were banned and censored is all the evidence I need to take their side.

    Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.

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