The war in Ukraine

On February 24th 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. This is, quite frankly, terrifying. I don’t need to tell you war is bad for everyone involved. A large portion of our community is in the middle of this, and I worry for their safety and well-being. You’re like our family and you have our solidarity in this.

Do what you can to help. I’ll be donating to the Ukrainian Red Cross and praying this is all over before we all become casualties. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “The war in Ukraine

  1. Thank you

    Thank you for keeping from bashing Russians like many do right now. Ordinary Russians did not choose to start this war, and they already suffer from the ongoing economic collapse. What people promoting cultural isolation of Russia do is vile and evil

  2. Asaru

    New mission: Kremlin bunker raid
    Assets: Local resistance, XCOM Russia soldiers, international volunteers (see Annex 1)
    Opposition: ADVENT Bodyguards, Military Thugs, Zombies, Gopniks, Delusional Thin Man

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