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So what’s been going on in the frontier? Well, now that TFTD is getting nice and stable, we’re taking the time to look at all the feature requests and improvements we had to put off because we were too busy with TFTD. 😛 This particular request has been in hibernation for over a year:

Can’t wait? Try the nightlies!

In addition, I’ve been playing underling for a change, and helping out the fine folks at OpenApoc. Check out the latest progress report. I contributed a whole 3 seconds of footage in there!

Like what you see? Then you should join the project! They could use all the help they can get.

Finally, Extra Life is coming this weekend! The yearly event where people stream games to raise money for charity, and we’ll be joining in as usual. I’ll be streaming this Saturday, 6th November, so subscribe to watch me be terrible at videogames (mostly X-COM) or to ask us anything, including “what’s the deal with aiming? are you really a robot? why isn’t TFTD out yet?”.
I’ll also be attending Lisboa Games Week the next day (I know you portuguese are out there!) if I don’t die of games overload first.

7 thoughts on “The OpenXcom News Network

  1. Meridian

    Really nice to see this. If there’s more room for improvement, I’d like to vote for soldier sorting possibility… something like myk002 has developed (there is an older PR). Sorting soldiers by various stats (in soldiers screen, craft equipment screen and psi lab screen) would help me a lot with game itself and also with interaction with my viewers. Also, and I know this is a big one, having Shoes’ stat tracking in vanilla would make many peoples’ day. Cheers, Meridian

  2. Anon

    That’s a great new feature. And TFTD is working really smooth – it’s a lot less frustrating without all the bugs that were in the original. Great work guys. 😉
    Also, I second the suggestion by Meridian about including what Shoes’ has created as an option in vanilla.

  3. Stevo

    Nice addition! Do you have a roadmap for suggested improvments?

    Thanks for your work and enthusiasm!

  4. neuralshock

    I’m going to Lisboa Games Week as well, probably on the 7th – not sure yet.

    Maybe a meetup can be organized in the forums?

  5. Starmox

    Congratulations Guys. Really mature, slowly and wisely ran project! Keep up the good mojo and all the best to everyone in the community!

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