5 thoughts on “Chaos Reborn hits full release

  1. Sean Bills

    This game is a blast. I wish the single player was a little more exciting but maybe it will be now that there’s player made realms.

  2. Captain Deathwar

    Opinions from my hardcore X-COM UD brothers are required. Is this game a proper sequel to the original Chaos?

  3. Tiger

    Hi Captain, must chime in here. I have been playing X-Com since 1997 and Chaos since 1987. The multiplayer battles in Chaos Reborn are brilliant and have easily replaced the old Chaos as my fav version. I can only think that Dub and grakk are not liking the SP which is not really finished, but there is a lot of work being done on it. Backed CR at KS and have around 1500hrs of great gaming so far:)

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