Alien sighting

I’m attending Firaxicon (Baltimore MD, USA) on October 3 if anyone’s around and wants to meet up, after which I’ll return to my cave and never be seen again.

That’s it. I didn’t wanna distract you from your TFTD.

8 thoughts on “Alien sighting

  1. Xracer

    Wow, i am close, maybe if you want to visit DC 😉 i am only 45-60 min away.Imagine meeting the man, the legend :O

  2. Captain Deathwar

    Are you gonna do a little show and panel for OpenXcom? Record the experience!! We’ll it’s a Firaxis Con, so nevermind. I was imagining X-Con. Everything X-COM and clones are welcome!

  3. Captain Deathwar

    We need to start our own OXC-Con. We need our own con!! We can do it!! The internet is free to let us do whatever we want!! We must do it!! Si?

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