OpenXcom is broken! Warboy, what have you done?


As of today’s code changes, all current installations, configs, and mods are now “outdated”.
The data folder is a thing of the past, so installation instructions for up-to-date versions will need to be updated to reflect the new changes.

In a nutshell, Xcom data goes in the /UFO/ folder now, not in the /data/ folder.

Mod installation and standardisation has also changed drastically, more details can be found HERE.

And i guess here’s some screenshots of TFTD to whet your appetites.

IMPORTANT: TFTD is still not fully supported, and cannot be enabled yet.


26 thoughts on “OpenXcom is broken! Warboy, what have you done?

  1. kkmic

    Only screenshots? We want the real thing!

    *grabs a nearby pitchfork*

    Anyone got a torch?

  2. Tino

    Unfortunately, the game does not start TFTD. It lacks a sound file (Sample The original is not available, unfortunately.

  3. Warboy1982 Post author

    mission scripting and some adjustments for depth on the geoscape are the main hurdles at the moment

  4. Tino

    But there is still plenty to do in XCOM1 (text alignment), I hope it will not be allowed. Otherwise, I admire your work

  5. Quinch

    So, bad news, mods need to be remade, good news, that much closer to TFTD.

    Net gain, I would say. Mods can always be rebuilt.

  6. Warboy1982 Post author

    mods don’t actually NEED to be rebuilt, there is a measure of backwards compatibility, lack of metadata is just assumed to mean “i’m a mod for UFO”

  7. Alien

    Love the blue look of the “Mission Generator”.

    I hope underwater battlescape missions (since there haven’t been any “official” underwater screenshots) will look good too!

  8. shuuk

    I make the most translation for xcom1 here.
    So is there any eta to start with the translation tftd ?

  9. ThunderGr

    Yes! TFTD support! Amazing! Looking forward to it, as I like TFTD way more than UFO defence. Also looking forward for the bugs it would fix!

  10. Steve

    This can’t be coming soon enough. I some ways I actually prefer TFTD 🙂 Maybe because I played it first. But I always loved the creepy atmosphere, despite the annoyingly large maps.

  11. Wayne

    OpenTFTD needs an Earth exclusive release first. Aliens can’t play this before we do!!

    Oh wait…

  12. Stevo

    Hello OpenXCom….

    At first: many many thanks for OpenXCom!!!

    Your partner site offers a ufo2000 server for multi-player games. So I wonder if you plan to integrate ufo2000 into OpenXCom!?
    Any chance to have server and client integrated/cooperated with openXCom?


  13. hosser

    Can’t wait for TFTD support. The Mission Generator has made me fall in love with X-COM all over again.

  14. kevin

    not to sound pushy or impatient but is TFTD playable yet or is it still being developed?

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