8 thoughts on “New X-COM OST by Sycraft

  1. Volutar

    Excuse me for the tone of reply, but I don’t hear big difference with prerendered MIDI version.
    At some places it sounds too “dry”, lacks of ambient echo (which is heared even in adlib version), some instruments are out of balance, and even lacks of some sounds/notes. “Intro III” at 0:18 has distortion with dissonance. “Intercept” after 00:48 has wrong pitch too. And not only that.

    Idea is good, but it doesn’t sound better than MIDI (sometimes even worse), and really lacks of good polish.

  2. Gunhound

    This is good, I’m loving it! Thanks for sharing, whoever you are 🙂 My favorite track is always gmstory/gmlose, and this one is great. I’ve also heard some creepier ones that I enjoy more. Thankfully OXC lets you add multiple track for each section of the game.

    @Volutar you’re the sound expert with the X-COM music archive page, so I take your word as truth.
    I probably already have it, but if you could link us to the midi tracks you’re referring to. I’d like to listen to it and see which is better.

    I usually spend some time comparing tracks before adding them into my sound folder.

  3. Gunhound

    Nevermind, it’s Fenyo, who I believe left us awhile back, or was that somebody else. He’s the one who owns the Music Archive that’s listed in Extras here. Sorry. Voltar, your name pops up every so often, so I get names mixed up. I need to make a forum account so I stop lurking and post often.

  4. Volutar

    There’s a link in Downloads, Extras tab. Fenyo’s sound page: http://users.atw.hu/xcom-sounds/

    Vanilla MIDIs themselve, and lots of digital versions rendered with different soundfonts and engines. Personally I prefer vanilla adlib sound, or manually written Cydonia’s Fall or PSX version over the midi (which can sound really off sometimes).

  5. Randy James

    I don’t know the different between this. Maybe higher quality? I love the PSX GEOSCAPE music, so nothing can compare unless you give me some suggestions. We need to post what music we like for certain areas of the game. It’s hard to find good atmospheric BATTLESCAPE music.

  6. Stevo

    FYI – I get an error on this site:

    sycraft.org uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for the following names: *.hostgator.com, hostgator.com Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN

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