The Server Team is once again in need of your help.

The Server Team is once again in need of your help.

The server is currently hosting Two projects: “UFO: Alien Invasion,” and “OpenXcom.”
To continue providing hosting services we will need to raise funds for the coming year, to pay for both the service and possibly some new hardware, or a new server computer altogether, especially if such services are to be provided free of advertisements on the project websites.

In addition to the two projects mentioned, we also host additional programming and development tools for the community, including a snapshot autobuilder for OpenXcom, and a buildbot for UFO: Alien Invasion.
We also welcome new projects that are freely available and preferably open-source in nature, and hope to continue to provide tools for the community to grow, but we will need your help and support to do so.

Please consider a donation for our cause, which you can give via the following link:

For European Users (EUR):

For USA Users (USD):

We sincerely thank you for any support you provide.

12 thoughts on “The Server Team is once again in need of your help.

  1. Grand Sir Thebus

    only had 3 dollars in my paypal… Disappointing, but it’s something I suppose.

  2. Meridian

    If I donate directly to OpenXcom, will it get also to you guys? I just feel more comfortable donating when it says “Openxcom” in the recipient box, instead of “”… for no reason at all.

  3. NineX

    I understand your concerns. is a server where openxcom are hosted, and all related tools like bugtracker, forums, snapshot autobuilder, and any tool developers request.
    quick lesson of History: was created 15 years ago as private server to fullfill my needs. i’t was pentuim 200MMX witch 128 MB ram placed in my basement.
    in 2004 i discovered UFO: Alien Invasion , they hosting provider sucked 70% downtime, lags ….
    so i offered free hosting, without advertises.
    It was good, but within a time project needs grow so i decided to move to real server.
    Then guys from openxcom came to me with question about hosting.
    Cause i am x-com fan i love both projects, and i don’t take any money for administrating they services and server.
    Once per year i am sending dontaion request cause server costs.
    we started with Pentium 200 MMX/128MiB RAM/20GiB HDD
    currently we utilize Intel Xenon E5 (4core/8threads)/16GiB ram/2x2TiB HDD in raid1) with 100MBit/s internet link (hosted in ovh) + QNAP ts-410 4x1TiB raid10 for backups hosted in my undermydesk@myhome.
    Due too small donations most of costs i am paying from my own pocket.
    If donations stops i will ask project leaders to move they sites and tools elsewhere.
    You can donate to openxcom directly then contact Daniel aka. SupSuper to pass some part of your donation for server.

  4. Meridian

    Thanks for the explanation. It seems like you’re with the OpenXcom devs for a longer time now 😉

    I have donated $38 just now ($1 for every fallen soldier in my current LP, so far). I will also (politely) ask my viewers to donate in the next video (on Friday)… every little helps.

  5. NineX

    Currently we have about 300 EUR in different currencies. Goal is around ~1000 EUR.
    Any amount above that limit will be counted as donation for next year.

  6. NineX

    It’s easy, openxcom snapshot builder utilizes cpu, we can put it on VPS, then site will slowdown.
    it’s very visible on ufoai buildbot, each Git commit are triggering recompilation of entire game source, additional unit tests are triggered, many things takes place at one time.
    current server have 4core cpu, 16GiB RAM and 2TiB hdd, and it’s utilized in 40% (waiting for traffic peak)
    Try to find vps provider that’s warrantee CPU time 😉
    Also i don’t have transfer limits.

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