12 thoughts on “Particles!

  1. shinr

    Closer and Closer to TFTD;

    But something confuses me about the picture: Is the projectile’s point of origin is above the visible gun, or did particles started to do their dispersal animation without waiting for the projectile to finish hitting the ground like in vanillaTFTD?

    If it is the latter, neat, but can you include the ruleset option/flag for the “particles remain static until projectile finishes doing its thing” for individual weapons, both for those who want their TFTD experience to be as close to the original as possible, and for those who want it as a cosmetic visual cue for weapons that shoot their ammo at the extremely high velocity, like the mod Railguns?

  2. Mike

    TFTD!? Please, no!
    Now I’ll have to play it and be miserable for a few weeks/months. No, please, not lobsters again, no, no, no. NO.
    Why are you doing this!? WHY!!?!?

  3. Danny B

    Great job with the Open EU and I can’t wait for the Open TFTD! I always played TFTD back then, I somehow prefer it over the EU, so I’m really happy TFTD is also being worked on.

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