Project of the Month May 2014

We and a bunch of other popular open-source projects have been nominated by the Linux Game Awards for Project of the Month May 2014.

Now, I’m not gonna say you should totally vote for us, there’s a lot of other good projects and you should see which ones you like best… but you should totally vote for us. 😉

Project of the Month May 2014

Edit: Sorry if you were spammed by the WordPress glitch, I’ve fixed it now.

10 thoughts on “Project of the Month May 2014

  1. Puntina

    Ouch. Sorry, but RA was the game of my childhood. Even more than X-Com, and that’s saying a lot.

  2. Monkeydogs

    Tell those guys over there to make it some we don’t have to log in. I hate registering to these damn places just to vote and never go back again.

  3. Monkeydogs

    Never mind I just found the tweeter icon to login instantly.

    Voting for all of them since it lets you do that, plus Open-Source versions of games are KEWL!

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