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For as long as X-COM has existed, so have people trying to fix it and improve it. Patches, mods, remakes, etc. So as we get ready for v1.0, crushing all remaining bugs, checking all suggestions, reviewing all that needs reviewing, we should never forget what came before us.

What XcomUtil / UFOextender features do you miss?

26 thoughts on “Our predecessors

  1. [sa]teethgrinder

    Fucking fantastic you’re putting that stuff in there.

    I really appreciated Xcomutil’s defensive starting base (which you have included in the screenshot), but also the randomised UFO layouts.

    In UFO Extender, I loved:

    -adding the TFTD right-click doors to UFO Defense
    -ability to de-equip craft
    -reordering troops
    -fixing radar stacking
    -equipment screen stats
    -range-based accuracy
    -Roswell mod

  2. Mr,Qiet

    Somehow I thought one of these mods had the knock-out feature that lets you hit an enemy with the butt of any weapon equipped, in order to knock them unconscious for live capture. I know one of these mods had it, but they don’t cover it on either wiki page! I’ve done it before, but how then!?

  3. Mr,Qiet

    Yes thank you. Will it be hard to bring that one in? I love whacking aliens with my guns 🙂

  4. Ruppertus

    Great work guys!

    1. It would be great to add some kind of mechanism that would check if the game is pached and contains all official bug fixes e.g. by checking md5sum of changed files.

    That may be silly for you but people may get the original game from different source.

    2. (optionally) It would be also great to add some kind of repository with all the patches (I don’t know if licenses allow to distribute them) and a possibility to download and apply all bug fixes from the running game.


  5. Ruppertus

    Regarding the modes.

    To be perfectly honest I didn’t study the project architecture so please correct me if I say something which is already implemented.

    It would be great to add pluggable modes with public API. I guess that people would love to extend the game’s logic if that would be nice and simple. You may collect all the extensions, host them on your server and certify or ask the community about their opinion.

    I don’t know what’s the status for AI in UFO, but if people could easily create their own LUA scripts that would control Aliens decisions, that would improve the game.
    The community may share you with those scripts.

    More over, why not to allow automatic combats with LUA scripts that would control the crew we are playing. If such scripts would be shared, you might use it to increase the level of difficulty in the game.


  6. WW

    “More over, why not to allow automatic combats with LUA scripts”

    This would be great to have as an option.

    Some other stuff I’d like to see as an option from UFOextender:
    Alien Bleeding
    No Auto Wake Up
    No Alien Freak Out Messages
    Know Thy Enemy
    Zombies Will Hatch
    Human Limits
    No Funkers
    Initial Alien Bases
    Funding Council Income Only
    Limited Military
    Line Of Fire Check
    Wreck Analysis

    Keep up the great work developers! 🙂

  7. jacques

    the some of the featuers from Xcomutil were the most game breaking, like:
    -day only missions
    -no psi for either side

  8. a.s.

    Opening doors by right-clicking is game breaking feature for me. I just hate when instead of opening door the soldier goes through and catches 4 lasers in the face.

  9. Dung Dang

    i’m having trouble loading my music because ts only playing the first battlescape song ignoring the others. I added 4 songs. is that too many? they are labeled like this GMTACTIC.mp3 GMTACTIC2.mp3 GMTACTIC3.mp3 GMTACTIC4.mp3 when i only had 2 it was ok but now only the first music plays and thats the first song with no number. help!thank you


  10. SupSuper Post author

    @Jstank: That’s a bug from using a 0.9 save. 😛 Latest nightly will reset all 0.9 primed grenades (better to lose primed grenades than to be surprised by them).

  11. Incunabulum

    Please forgive me for posting this here, after the 6th attempt to get through the Captcha/questions at the bottom of the page when registering for the forum I gave up.

    I was thinking that, for a future added feature, the ability to call down an airstrike/get a ‘local’ team to salvage UFO’s you down – basically skip the tactical mission but not leave the UFO to repair itself and fly off.

    The player only gets a nominal amount of money (a gratuity from the nation that, narratively, is the one doing the actual recovery) and no resources or materials.


    Is there any chance that the mod to give the heavy laser 2 more firing modes could be applied to openxcom as I’ve never been able to get ufo extender working.

  13. Taberone

    UFOextender features I miss:
    Weak Sectoids
    Everything. Is this going to be compatible with UFOextender?

  14. AMX

    What exactly do you mean by “Fixes” Taberone?
    You can’t mean the actual bugfixes, since OpenXcom does not have the same bugs as the original…

  15. Dadou

    I’d like the option to make the laser and plasma weapons technology a little harder to get 🙂
    It’s not fun to just have them available to research from the get go!

  16. winterheart

    Dadou, plasma weapons can be hard to retrieve – you can enable option “Self-destructable artifacts”. With it any alien artifact will destruct when alien dies. Only way to get them intact – stun alien or force it to drop.

  17. Smegma

    I miss the reordering of soldiers in the Skyranger before a battle. Yes, it matters who walks out first. I’m not going to send my commander first.

  18. Dadou

    Yes winterheart, I always use this option, but I was talking about how it’s so simple to research advanced weaponry, particularly the laser ones 🙂
    I’d like an option to push them a bit farther down the tech tree!

  19. Mat

    Please add feature that will change behavior of weapon disarming function. I would like to unload ammo clip directly to inventory (not like now to the empty hand). This will be useful at the begining of game when player often change ammo type for “Auto-cannon” or “Heavy Cannon”.

  20. Taberone

    How about a feature to incorporate UFO Classes? Its basically a save file editor(sorta) that auto-renames your soldiers and gives them roles such as Sniper/SHock/Medic/Assault/And so on.

    UFOExtender things I want to see, fixed:
    Weak Sectoids option
    “No score” game over
    Big Brother(See entire map)
    Alien Pets(Play both soldiers and aliens on battlescape)

  21. Camilo

    Extender changed many features of the game, depending on the levels of difficulty. I think that is great idea.

  22. Camilo

    Brust mode and Ablative Armor, Alternate Research Tree (Hyperwave may require multiple species navigators to be interrogated in order to be finally unlocked. (depending on game difficulty) )

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