Project of the Month May 2014

The Linux Game Awards Project of the Month winner has been announced:
Project of the month winner: OpenMW

OpenXcom was in second. Congratulations to OpenMW, and to all participants,
and thanks to Linux Game Awards for running the competition, let alone putting us in contention!

9 thoughts on “Project of the Month May 2014

  1. Shodanbot

    While I won’t dismiss OpenMW of it’s importance and efforts, it does amuse me that a project that is in an unplayable state would win over something that is stable and playable on various platforms from start to finish.

    Tyranny of the majority, indeed… Heh…

  2. Black

    Such bullshit, if not for the TES mark and babbies still sucking on that skyrim hardly anyone would care.

  3. SupSuper

    Now now guys, good sportsmanship and all that. 😛

    (personally I was rooting for OpenRA 😉 )

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