OpenXcom is everywhere!

In your phone!

By Carles Pagès | Thread

In your browser!

By Aleksander Guryanov | Thread

In your house!

NOTE: Third-party ports are not made by the OpenXcom team. Please contact the respective developers for any inquiries and support. Reports of aliens under your bed have not yet been confirmed. Stay vigilant.

8 thoughts on “OpenXcom is everywhere!

  1. I'm a true patriot you girls

    Comrade Alexander, don’t give up! Go ahead, expand the glory of the greatest country onto all the Earth! Someday Warboy will admit that his game was actually made by Russians! Russia stronk America whorish Wet rotting! HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY!

  2. xracer

    I am waiting to play it on my old TFT 101, I hope it can handle such a graphics intensive and resource consuming game 🙂

  3. Jack Griffin

    Jeez, am I the *only* guy excited by the prospect of coming home to a Sectoid under my bed? I’m going to call him George.

  4. Asdonnik

    In android version I was not able to install the Russian language, the app just crashes when loading.

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