The “Skyranger windows” are not a feature

They are a bug. They are not coming back.

Seriously it doesn’t even have any side windows, where do you get that from.

15 thoughts on “The “Skyranger windows” are not a feature

  1. Warboy1982

    the ability for xcom to “look through the wall” of the skyranger was an interesting side effect of a more endemic bug in the line of sight calculations.

    in a nutshell, because the wall tiles didn’t have traditional “floor” type objects, the engine considered looking down through them to be valid.

    the fact that you CAN’T see through them simply means we did something right.

  2. Volutar

    By the way, SKYRANGER does have a window. Cockpit’s. And people often thought it could be looked through.

  3. Warman

    Although it is a bug, it should be considered that the craft has a bird’s eye view of the area as it no doubt includes security monitoring paraphernalia.

    It would make sense to have a radius of some squares around the craft that would always be visible regardless of LOS.

  4. djemon_lda

    I agree with warboy – it was a bug and it shouldn’t get back, and the fact that it was helpful means nothing. a bug that would cause xcom soldiers to always hit, and aliens always miss also would be “handy”, so why not ask about it? :>
    @Warman: if it’s not in skyranger’s ufopaedia description, then it’s not valid.

  5. Hendrik

    What ‘makes sense’ is irrelevant, the skyranger cabin has no windows and thus its occupants should not be able to look outside. I don’t see why everyone is getting so upset over this as the removal of this small convenient exploit will undoubtedly lead to countless tense disembarks into unknown surroundings resulting in tons of rookie casualties.

    After all, this is XCOM baby.

  6. Shoes

    Not to mention, I don’t know how many times I’ve actually seen an alien peering out of the holes in the wall.

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