It’s finally here, version 0.9!

Oh yes, fully playable 0.9 is officially here! Spread the word! Tell your friends! Get rid of all your old versions and saves, this one is gonna top them all! If you’ve been using the Git builds, then changing the save version to “0.9” should still work.

Currently only Windows downloads are available, other platforms/versions will follow, in the meantime you can build from the source. Here’s the full changelog:

New features:

  • General:
    • Intro cinematic.
    • Game can now be completed, game over screens for winning and losing.
    • Randomizer for “New Battle” mode.
    • Your settings in “New Battle” mode will be saved for next time you play.
    • New translations: Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Portuguese (Portugal), Spanish (Latin American), Danish.
    • New soldier names: Italian, Hungarian.
    • Aliens progress their equipment levels, races and aggression over time.
    • Added “Alien Weapon Level” button in New Battle menu.
    • Added “Right Click to Delete” function in save/load menus.
    • Added various display filters to the game, including HQX and various OpenGL shaders.*
    • The game can be dynamically resized to a new display resolution when in windowed mode.*
    • The default windowed mode position can now be edited in the configuration file.*
    • Modular Ruleset support.
    • Added “Controls” menu.
    • Added “Advanced Options” menu.
    • Added button to Restore Defaults to options.
    • Pause Game on Loss of Focus.**
  • Geoscape:
    • Live alien capture and interrogation.
    • Psionic training.
    • Hyper-wave decoding.
    • Alien base handling.
    • Scoring for both aliens and Xcom.
    • Funding nation decision making.
    • Multiple dogfight handling.
    • Graphs screen.
    • Base Defense screens.
    • Full research tree.
    • Alien UFO Mission Generation.
    • Alien retaliatory attacks on Xcom bases.
    • Show radar-range lines on the globe after pressing R key.
    • Show funds above the time.*
    • Added the number of soldiers allocated on craft equipment screen.
    • Custom initial base layout.* (requires a new game to take effect)
    • Building Queue: Can place buildings next to uncompleted buildings.*
    • AutoSell Production state for a manufacturing project by a right click on the increase button.*
    • Allowed multiple items to be produced per hour when very large numbers of engineers are assigned to a project.*
    • Upper limit for alien captures per containment facility.* (visible on Base Info screen)
    • Captive aliens can now be sold in the same manner as dead aliens.*
    • Can transfer crafts while airborne.*
    • Increase/decrease buttons now respond to mouse wheel scrolling when the cursor is above them.*
    • Allocate Scientists and Allocate Engineers screens now respond to mouse wheel scrolling.+
    • Debug mode now enables drawing of country and region borders.
  • Battlescape:
    • Battlescape melee unit AI.
    • Unit conversion for chryssalids and zombies.
    • All missing units implemented, both alien units and xcom tanks.
    • All missing items implemented.
    • Psionic attacks implemented.
    • Units dual wielding single handed weapons is now represented on the battlescape.
    • The game now dynamically replaces sprite colours in order to represent soldier ethnicity and hair colour.
    • Equipment loadout saving.
    • Show more stats in inventory view.*
    • Proper A* pathfinding.
    • Battlescape RMB scrolling changed to MMB, renamed to Drag-Scroll, improved.
    • Landing Ufos/Ground Assault missions.
    • Ruleset support for multiple-stage missions.
    • Certain units now “Yell” when engaging another unit.
    • Enemy unit stats and armour are now affected by difficulty.
    • Grenade explosions now properly credit the previous owner of the grenade with the kill when a unit dies.
    • Units can now “fall” off edges by walking off the side of a roof or platform, and other gravity-related features are implemented.
    • The game now centres on the active soldier when the player closes the inventory screen.
    • Reapers can now reaction-attack soldiers that move into a tile adjacent to them.
    • Aliens will attempt to avoid areas where other aliens have died, except in base defense missions.
    • Various AI improvements.
    • Debug mode now has tile colourisation to represent AI evaluations.
    • Debug mode now has a time-slowing feature, which can be used for graphical or voxel debugging.
    • Alien Bases can now be neutralized by destroying the control room.
    • Mission can be won by mind-controlling all remaining units.*

* These features are disabled by default but can be enabled in the advanced options menu or by editing your configuration file.
+ These features are enabled by default but can be disabled in the advanced options menu or by editing your configuration file.
** These features can be altered by editing your configuration file.


  • General:
    • Updated translations.
    • Added support for more Unicode letters.
    • Fix for extra mouse buttons.
    • Various cursor
    • related bugfixes/improvements.
    • Support for Haiku folder paths.
    • Fix for 8 KHz WAV file (in SAMPLEx.CAT) playing.
    • Fixed various memory leaks.
  • Geoscape:
    • Fix for a crash bug involving an edge case where several craft were sent to intercept a single UFO.
    • Adjusted the length of the date column on the saved game screen to allow room for translated text.
    • Research consumes items properly.
    • If necessary, craft will now always rearm after refuelling.
    • Fixed error in great circle calculation.
    • It is no longer possible to assign armour to a soldier while they’re away from the base.
    • Up/down buttons now need to be held for a quarter-second before they increment by more than one.
    • Items are no longer removed from stores when they are researched.
    • Cut off input to dogfight screens when your craft is destroyed or the UFO decides to disengage.
    • “New research available” popups should now only display the first time you research a technology that will unlock a new branch of research.
    • Fixed: Can’t dismantle ANY facility if some of the attributes is overflowed!
    • Fixed: Busy people weren’t getting paychecks
    • Fixed radar detection calculation.
  • Battlescape:
    • Battlescape buttons are now unavailable during alien turn.
    • Fixed bug in map generator regarding nodes outside the map.
    • Improved map generation of alien base assualt missions.
    • The player no longer reveals the tile an alien is standing on when they detect an alien on an unrevealed tile.
    • The camera resets after non-reaction shots.
    • Camera now correctly centers on explosions, and properly detects explosion visibility.
    • Projectiles are now visible when they fly above an unrevealed tile.
    • Fixed various display bugs with projectiles.
    • UFO walls can no longer be seen through from certain angles.
    • Reaper Corpse tiles now arranged correctly.
    • Doors should no longer close on top of large units.
    • Players can now recover large unit corpses if the northwest piece is intact, as per the original game.
    • Units on stairs will now correctly reveal tiles on the level above.
    • Opening doors now uses time units correctly.
    • Fixed strange spawn behaviour.
    • Undiscovered aliens are no longer factored into pathfinding.
    • Applying stun damage to unconscious units increasing the time they will remain unconscious.
    • Stun damage should no longer damage items.
    • When units are auto-equipped for battle they will now assign as many items to their belt slots as will fit instead of stopping after 1.
    • Motion scanners now detect motion on all different levels in addition to the level of the scanning soldier.
    • Various bugfixes for large units.
    • Various psi-related bugfixes.
    • Various clipping issues fixed.
    • Various pathfinding bugfixes/improvements.
    • Various sound-related fixes.
    • Ethereals can now fly as intended. You have been warned.
    • Added some more robust behaviour around what happens when a unit is forced into an occupied tile.
    • Fixed a bug where items with unlimited ammo would weigh twice as much as they should.

68 thoughts on “It’s finally here, version 0.9!

  1. re-mind

    Wow :D!! This is awesome.. School kinda sux right now. I’ll give it a go when I get home. Great-awesome-fantastic work!

  2. Giga

    Yesssssssss, been watching site everyday for weeks!
    Congratulations, good job! Might you need help of another portuguese translator?

  3. JP

    Excellent work! You should put up some screenshots from 0.9 soon, lots of to show off!

  4. DeBug

    Battlescape wont scroll left using mouse and I got a crash when the skyranger touched down to do a landed UFO mission but the UFO took off and landed a small distance away.

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  6. mercy

    Very much fun and playable! Different from the patched-modded UFOExtended XCOMUtiled version.

    Can’t wait what you put into 1.0!


  7. Coaldust

    Thank you so much for releasing this. It’s good to know we’ll still be able to play X-Com without much pain on modern OS’s, and finally have bugfixes and new features after all these years.

  8. Arnos

    Found a bug though, if you try to up the resolution in the options, the game crashes.

  9. Human Ktulu

    Excellent ! Excellent ! Excellent !!!
    I wait this relase for a long time and I found all I wait ! Great job !
    Of course, with little bugs but I thurst in your 😉

  10. toshiaki

    Great Work but my have probrem

    DebriefingEnd,As a result of attempts to revert to Geoscape.
    no rtti data error

    It resolve the problem because I was not originated at the same time and what the machine thing many interceptor and skyranger to UFO?

    I’m glad if you add the function if, when there is battlescape zoom in and zoom out

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  12. w1k

    [08-05-2013 19:09:23] [INFO] Data folder is:
    [08-05-2013 19:09:23] [INFO] C:\Users\viktor\Documents\OpenXcom\data\
    [08-05-2013 19:09:23] [INFO] C:\Program Files\OpenXcom\data\
    [08-05-2013 19:09:23] [INFO] C:\Program Files\OpenXcom\data\
    [08-05-2013 19:09:23] [INFO] User folder is: C:\Users\viktor\Documents\OpenXcom\
    [08-05-2013 19:09:23] [INFO] Config folder is: C:\Users\viktor\Documents\OpenXcom\
    [08-05-2013 19:09:23] [INFO] Options loaded successfully.
    [08-05-2013 19:09:23] [INFO] SDL initialized successfully.
    [08-05-2013 19:09:24] [INFO] SDL_mixer initialized successfully.
    [08-05-2013 19:09:24] [INFO] Attempting to set display to 640x400x8…
    [08-05-2013 19:09:24] [INFO] Display set to 640x400x8.
    [08-05-2013 19:09:24] [INFO] Attempting to set display to 640x400x8…
    [08-05-2013 19:09:24] [INFO] Display set to 640x400x8.
    [08-05-2013 19:09:24] [INFO] Using SSE2 2X zoom routine.
    [08-05-2013 19:09:24] [INFO] Loading resources…
    [08-05-2013 19:09:24] [ERROR] GMDEFEND not found


  13. Human Ktulu

    Put in sound folder a mp3 or ogg with name GMDEFEND.mp3 or GMDEFEND.ogg .
    Dont mistake to read wiki about music.

  14. X

    @No Lobster, you don’t need Steam to play it. This is just like eduke32 or zdoom, you only need some files and the originals from your CD will do just fine.

    Congratualtions everybody on your release! I’m excited to see what’s next!

  15. Morebugs

    the game crashes when I go to a touched down/crashed UFO that I didn’t immediatley go after. It says “invalid vector” or something.
    Also gets buggy with invisible aliens biting me (reapers/chrysalids). Scrolling isn’t smooth either.
    Just a few bugs to squish.

  16. Human Ktulu

    For scrolling in battlescape, you can use Midle Mouse Bouton control with inverted scroling in adv menu.

    If not, French translation isn’t correct for new menu, it’s very very perfectible

  17. w1k

    ok, fixed, another:

    [09-05-2013 12:45:09] [INFO] Data folder is:
    [09-05-2013 12:45:09] [INFO] C:\Users\viktor\Documents\OpenXcom\data\
    [09-05-2013 12:45:09] [INFO] C:\Program Files\OpenXcom\data\
    [09-05-2013 12:45:09] [INFO] C:\Program Files\OpenXcom\data\
    [09-05-2013 12:45:09] [INFO] User folder is: C:\Users\viktor\Documents\OpenXcom\
    [09-05-2013 12:45:09] [INFO] Config folder is: C:\Users\viktor\Documents\OpenXcom\
    [09-05-2013 12:45:09] [INFO] Options loaded successfully.
    [09-05-2013 12:45:09] [INFO] SDL initialized successfully.
    [09-05-2013 12:45:09] [INFO] SDL_mixer initialized successfully.
    [09-05-2013 12:45:09] [INFO] Attempting to set display to 640x400x8…
    [09-05-2013 12:45:09] [INFO] Display set to 640x400x8.
    [09-05-2013 12:45:09] [INFO] Attempting to set display to 640x400x8…
    [09-05-2013 12:45:09] [INFO] Display set to 640x400x8.
    [09-05-2013 12:45:09] [INFO] Using SSE2 2X zoom routine.
    [09-05-2013 12:45:09] [INFO] Loading resources…
    [09-05-2013 12:45:09] [ERROR] GMENBASE not found

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  23. Mung

    my computer blew up and hot metal shards of glass hit my face when the game I’m difigured and one of the glass pieces hit my dog in his pink thing.

  24. Lobster

    So I’m playing the game and scrolling feels laggy. I’m running 1920×1080 and with the HQx2 thing, and that screen effect is blurrier than what I have in the UFO-Extender, which is HQ4x.

    When I play X-COM with the UFO-Extender, it runs naturally, meaning no blocky scrolling through the Battlescape. I lowered my resolution and it’s the same, so it’s part of the games setup. Blocky scroll is a major turn off for me. I’m happy with vanilla X-COM and the UFO-Extender for now until you change it for me 🙂 Also please add a HQ4x option, because I’ve tried all the other options you currently have, but they’re nowhere near as neat as HQ4x from UFO-Extender. To me, HQ4x is beautiful. Pixely is ok, but I got used to HQ4x.

    Also saw that the music that plays when you lose the mission is wrong. That really turned me off hahaha I’m so picky because I’m used to the final briefing track that plays when you win or lose. Scary track 🙂 Gonna attempt to change the track as the wiki says. Last thing, I didn’t see the radar circles around the base after setting it in place.

    Tl;dr fix the blocky scrolling and add HQ4x just as the UFO-Extender has and I’ll be happy.

  25. Fenyő

    Lobster: You can only see the radar circles around bases AFTER you pressed the R key on the keyboard.

    And there is HQ4x for OpenXcom, it’s called: “Scale4xHQ.OpenGL”
    Althought it seems very slow as 2x. 🙁
    Maybe hmaon will optimize that later to eliminate the lag.

  26. Lobsters

    Thanks for the fast reply, Fenyő. Yes it does on every option I put, that sucks ><.

    Last thing I noticed. When I scroll up, sometimes the screen won't move at all until I keep trying and then it responds, but it's not slow, just doesn't want to move up sometimes.

  27. Lobsters

    I tried playing again, but the blocky scrolling is a real pain to play so I quit and I’m back on vanilla with the UFO Extender. I love The UFO Extender 😀

    So please add the HQ4x option from the UFO-Extender ASAP!! Why not 🙂

    Lastly, fix the blocky scrolling 🙂 Make it smooth! Please tell me I’m not the only one with this issue… Please tell hmaon thank you 😉

  28. Lobsters

    Last comment for sure. I don’t know how to fix the music problem. The wrong song plays when you’re in the win or lose screen. It’s the most annoying track in the game and I don’t want to hear it when I come back to this game.
    Can someone give me step by step instructions to change the annoying track in the win/loss screen to “Final Briefing”. Thanks!

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  30. Human Ktulu

    Lobsters : See message n°25 for scrolling.
    It’s work fine and better than old system scroling 🙂

    For me OpenXcom is now larger superior than vanilla game + mods = better IA, more options, better balenced …

  31. Lobsters

    Hi Human Ktulu! You mean the drag scrolling right? I tried all 3 scrolling types and they all do the same. It’s not smooth.

    I checked the most recent OXC Let’s Play and it has the same blocky scrolling 🙁

    Then I checked a Let’s Play that has the UFO-Extender installed and it was smooth and loving scrolling 🙂

    I hope it’s a bug that needs fixing! I cannot play X-COM with blocky scrolling, it must be smooth like in the UFO-Extender!

    I agree, I’ve been playing X-COM with the latest UFO-Extender before discovering OpenXcom and I’m glad to see this game getting the attention it deserves. I def can’t wait for mods!!!

    Don’t forget to tell hmaon to add my screen effect HQ4x!

  32. Fenyő

    Lobster: I think it is possible that thing you consider as “blocky scrolling”, it is possible that it’s not a scroll issue at all. I’ve also experienced that if you use OpenGL, or HQ2x, etc, then the whole game is laggy. 🙁
    It is a slow graphical issue, which needs to be fixed by hmaon. I’ll talk to him..

    If you use “-” as Display Filter, then there is no LAG at all. Please check the scroll with using that filter!

    About the music issue:
    If you want to customize music, then go to the WIKI, there is a long description there how to customize.
    And a question: Which music-pack do you use? (where you think the wrong track is played)

  33. Lobsters

    Hello again Fenyő. I did what you said, using the “-” display filter, but it’s the same blocky scrolling. The scroll goes by each block of the map. I don’t know how else to explain it. It’s not normal because I play Vanilla with UFO Extender and it scrolls smoothly without skipping a tile block at all. Am I the only one with this problem? ;_;

    My music problem is that the game plays GMMARS on the win/lose screen. So it’s not the tracks that are wrong, it’s OXC. All I did was copy GMSTORY and renamed it as GMMARS to fix this.

    I replayed just now using Human Ktulu’s advice, drag scrolling, but with inverted dragging turned on. You can see the difference between smooth and “blocky”, as I say it :). Inverted drag scrolling is much smoother, but it’s not perfectly smooth as in the UFO Extender ;_;, but it’s a start. I prefer default auto-scrolling, because I’m used to that ;_;

  34. SupSuper Post author

    To everyone having “GMDEFEND not found” or “GMENBASE not found”, you are using an old DOS version of X-COM, and need to patch it to 1.4: (don’t worry, OpenXcom still uses the original alien screams).

    @Lobsters: GMMARS is the Debriefing music (the actual Mars music is in GMNEWMAR), this is vanilla behavior, not an error. If you don’t like it you are free to replace it with another track, but it is not wrong.

    We will be looking into all the scrolling issues.

  35. Lobsters

    Thanks for your support and I did change the music, it’s greatness. I also want to be able to load more than one track like in the UFO Extender. You just separate them by Semicolon and you’re set for a variety of tracks.

    The Nightly Builds section of the OXC site is very nice, everyone should bookmark it. Seriusly

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