Welcome to the new OpenXcom.org!

Boy, that was a rough ride wasn’t it? Pardon the dust, still trying to work out all the kinks, but didn’t wanna leave you all in the dark forever. You know how these things go, you promise a thing, technical issues arise, yada yada yada.

But here it is. The wiki has been updated, and we have a Twitter now to complete the social circle. However the subpages still all need to be redone, and the new version 0.9 (yes,ย 0.9) will come shortly. Watch this space.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the new OpenXcom.org!

  1. turbor

    Great, it looks much better then the previous version.
    Now bring on the 0.5 release ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Zacani

    Great! Just finished the new XCOM (Firaxis) again and realized how I miss the real one. Thanks and best regards!

  3. xracer

    *cough* *cough* need *cough* G *cough* + to complete the social circle, not like i am counting or anything

  4. Huh?

    I dont understand why you need a previous version of the game to use the openxcom releases? Why even use openxcom at all then when you can just torrent the other games for free with no bugs?

  5. Fenyล‘

    @”Huh?”: Other games also contain bugs! There is no difference between games in this aspect.
    About the rest: i completely agree with SupSuper.

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