Weekend streaming

Well it seems people really like the idea of live streams. 🙂 Well I’ve set some up for this weekend, so you can expect something today and tomorrow night (around 9pm+ GMT) at the Livestream channel. No fixed times as usual, this isn’t professionals we’re working with… but I’ll be sure to update this post and IRC as I get more details.

Update: Sorry guys, didn’t manage to get any streams going. This is why these things are unplanned. I’ll still try to arrange one in the future and keep you posted on any further news.

In the meantime, here’s a feature I’m sure a lot of you have been asking for:

8 thoughts on “Weekend streaming

  1. papamaanbeer

    so 3 feb?
    and really loving the radar grid! 😀
    when placin a new base does it show longrange radar?

  2. mercy

    WOWOWOW!! Looks extremely cool! Coupled together with tank turrets being able to turn and other features OpenXCOM is really gonna be a new XCOM game!!!

    Thank You for your awesome work guys!!

    Following the GIT updates like crazy.

  3. essohbe

    This is great! I can’t wait to play this. You guys have done AWESOME so far. I wish I could contribute but I’m a retard with computers.

  4. Lori Krumble

    It’s ok. Post replays or whatever they’re called so we can watch them anytime 🙂

    I’m almost done with the last one you posted up. It’s funny!

  5. mercy

    “Fixed missing support for extra PSX tracks”!!!!

    OOOOHH, I am such a happy camper!! :DDD

    Thank You!

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