Routine update

Work on v0.4.5 is almost completed. We’ve been ironing out the dozens of bug reports we’ve gotten since the last release, fixing all the quirks and even adding some small requests. Thanks for the community for helping us by testing, updating translations, etc. I’ve also been working on some features left incomplete by their contributors like the Ufopaedia:

In the meantime the website is also seeing some changes with a new design being in development, feel free to join the discussion if you’ve got a critical eye. You might’ve also noticed some new links on the left, we’ve set up a Facebook account where we’ll be mirroring updates and screenshots, as well as a dedicated Youtube account where you can find all the official videos as well as community ones around the web. Speaking of which, luke has posted two videos showing off his custom maps for OpenXcom available on the mod site:

3 thoughts on “Routine update

  1. David Ka

    Hell yeah, I’m excited for the new website! You should make room for an introduction video showing off everything including mods 😀 I know when I get in a website, Sometimes I rather watch a video explaining everything than read what the game is about.

    Anyways, Those mod videos are freaking rad! Keep’em coming!

    OpenXcom, My dream come true!””””””””

  2. X

    Yes, good work portuguese guy!
    After the deception of the remake, we can only hope you finish your project.

  3. David Ka

    @X: You’re right, it was a deception.
    They promised so much and in the end came out a Turn-Based Action game. Decent game, but Jake Solomon definitely played us. He was secretly P.R. all along! Goddammit >_<


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