Incoming version 0.4!

I think I got overambitious with this version, I tried to put in everything I wanted to and still didn’t have enough time for everything… oh well, there’s always next time. As usual, remember to get rid of any old versions and saves (they won’t work!) and read the Wiki. Screenshots and builds for other platforms will come later.

New features:

  • Basescape:
    • Research screens.
    • Manufacture screens.
    • Soldier improved stats.
    • Tank equipping.
    • Armor equipping.
    • Wound recovery.
  • Geoscape:
    • New globe shading.
    • Craft pathfinding now uses great circles (more accurate).
    • New radar detection formula (more accurate).
    • Terror sites.
    • UFOs of all sizes.
    • Tied research requirements to everything.
    • UFOs in dogfights fight back.
  • Battlescape:
    • Abort screen.
    • Debriefing screen.
    • Battlescape save game.
    • Panicking units.
    • Skill increase and promotions.
    • Ranged based accuracy is now optional (see UFO Extender for details on Ranged Based Accuracy).
    • Minimap.
    • Flying units.
    • Grav lifts.
    • Optional pathfinding preview.
    • Medikits.
    • Laser weapons.
    • Large units.
    • Motion scanner.
    • Alien deployment rules.
    • AI taking cover & throwing grenades.
    • Damage to items.
    • Mind probe.
    • Stun rod.
    • Show/hide battlescape layers button.
    • Rough battlescape artefacts salvaging functionality.
    • Added civilians.
    • Added support for skyranger landing on non 0-level.
    • Added support for multiple craft/ufo maps.
    • Psi Amp.
    • Added support for more alien races.
    • Load Game button.
  • External rulesets.
  • Added entries for most entities in the game.
  • New Battle screen.
  • Options screen.
  • Startup logging.
  • Game icon and logo.
  • 64-bit version.
  • Support for multiple data folders.
  • Support for XDG specification.
  • Support for user soldier name pools.
  • Various new options (see docs).
  • Debug mode.


  • Two duplicating ammo bugs.
  • Wrong rocket launcher hand sprite.
  • “Not enough time units” during alien turn.
  • Bug where alien weapons are given to the soldiers.
  • Target mode is canceled when switching unit.
  • Reserve time unit button is reset when starting new turn.
  • Minor drawing glitch visible when walking down the skyranger ramp.
  • Geoscape sidebar didn’t show up on first start on some languages.
  • Bug with line of sight inside UFOs along diagonal walls.
  • Bug with pathfinding inside UFOs along diagonal walls.
  • Aliens not black when in undiscovered terrain.
  • Issue with turn and shoot.
  • Too many reaction fires from autoshot (each shot had a chance of a reaction shot which is wrong).
  • Unit selection arrow showed up during alien turn.
  • Double sliding door didn’t open when walking diagonally.
  • Energy usage not calculated correctly.
  • Missing text in Monthly Report.
  • Ground items showing up in soldier’s hands.
  • Improved interface performance.
  • Bug with seeing through undiscovered floors.
  • Updated the Rank Bonus values used to calculate soldier “value”.
  • Apply changes to the base / soldier name when user presses OK.
  • Incorrect globe zoom levels.
  • Incorrect UI strings.
  • Incorrect colors in Battlescape UI.
  • Crash when starting mission on back side of globe.
  • Endless number of soldiers in Skyranger.
  • Clicking visible enemy units clicks other stuff too.
  • Fixed lazy ground inventory arrangement.
  • Aliens do not suffer from fatal wounds anymore.
  • Improved straight line pathfinding in battlescape.
  • Fixed unable to hit unit on stairs.
  • Fixed drawing hidden object’s outlines.
  • Fixed pistol aiming position.
  • Fixed HWP rank image.
  • Fixed no LOF error issues.
  • Fixed issue where unit stopped walking when not seeing new alien units.
  • Fixed alien reaction shots costing no TUs.
  • Camera centers on selected unit on battlescape start.
  • Fixed battlescape kill counter not working.
  • Fix cursor hiding and scrolling during AI turn
  • Fix camera scrolling into dark infinite and beyond
  • Fix unit FOV calculated before AI reaction shot.
  • Fixed “alien floating error”.
  • Fixed walking under skyranger.
  • Fixed firing XP from explosive ammo.
  • Fixed active weapon display.
  • Fixed issue with dead alien count.
  • Fixed autoshot of HE ammo issue.
  • Save turn number in savegame.
  • Fixed free autoshot ammo.
  • Fixed wrong UI colors.
  • Updated translations.
  • Fixed craft loading bug.
  • Fixed crash with invalid savegames.
  • Fixed savegame list not being sorted.
  • Game no longer crashes if no sound device is available.
  • Crafts that are outside of base no longer show in base view.
  • Fixed globe not redrawing properly sometimes.
  • Fixed various data loading bugs.
  • Sell screen now decreases item quantity.
  • Fixed craft pathing bugs.
  • Fixed bug in command-line parameters.
  • Various performance improvements.
  • Added fallback if no soldier name pools are available.
  • Fixed radar detection.
  • Fixed some bugs in globe.
  • Fixed inventory crash with certain armor types.
  • Fixed crash with loading DOS sounds.
  • Fixed battlescape buttons responding to wrong mouse button.
  • Improved mouse click handling.
  • Fixed Language dialog having wrong height.
  • Game no longer crashes if language isn’t found.
  • Game no longer crashes if User directory is unavailable.
  • Game now shows an error if no languages are available.
  • Fixed various bugs with text strings not fitting.
  • Fixed text caret not always aligning properly.
  • Fixed crash with UI buttons.
  • Fixed Intercept string not always showing correct stats.
  • Fixed colors in Target Info and Items Arriving windows.
  • Fixed various savegame bugs.

Known Issues:

  • There’s no Geoscape AI, alien spawning is completely random.
  • UFOpaedia is incomplete and not tied to research.
  • Dogfights are missing functionality.
  • Not every ingame item is implemented yet.
  • Geoscape sidebar isn’t always translated.

13 thoughts on “Incoming version 0.4!

  1. SupSuper

    What crashes? If you’re experiencing problems with the game you should report it so we can fix it ASAP.

  2. Daedric

    Wow! Keep up the great work! This is awesome! I can’t wait till it’s complete. XCom is one of my favs.

  3. eternal1

    Thanks SupSuper! You are the best!
    Compiled in Linux without problem, need all the newest version of the external libs.

    Thank so much!

    The game crash some times for me, i will report this on github.


  4. redrat9595

    Could’ve sworn I’d posted here, but oh well. This is awesome, I’ve been waiting for a while. Nice work again, can’t wait to mess around with it!

  5. David Ka

    You guys are the best! MUAHAHAHAHAH!!! I can’t wait to play this!! It’ll be better than the original!!

  6. Jack Sprat

    Keep up the great work, not long now an it will be a complete game. Loved the original an your updated version looks fantastic. If I was a girl i’d kiss you. Almost devastated for awhile when I saw you stopped work on it when X-com, enemy unknown was announced, thought it was finished along side every other Xcom project, great to see every one is back an runnin’

  7. Darkestaxe

    Would you look at that list…

    He approached an anthill with the flame thrower of code proficiency and massacred a metric fuck-ton of bugs. Roadmap beware: SupSuper is now blasting features and functionality out of his ass, and your days are numbered.

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