OpenXcom 0.4 crashes when you finish a research!

Ok got that out of the way. 😛 So here’s what’s going on:

  • Yeah v0.4 was released in a bit of a rush right before I had to head off for a vacation, so a lot of bugs and problems slipped in, most critical one being the crash when you finish a research, but if you avoid that you should be mostly fine. Even worse, GitHub stopped sending me notifications, so I missed a whole bunch of fixes submitted there, sorry about that. 🙁 We’re working on a v0.45 that will fix all the nasties so you don’t have to wait all the way for v0.5, but if that’s not enough for you, you can always just try the latest Git build.
  • This website is old! Dusty! Wrinkly! Web 1.0! So I’m working on something better. If you’ve got suggestions on what’s missing on this website, what you don’t like, what you’d like to see, feel free to throw them at us! Also would you like to see OpenXcom on all those new-fangled social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc? Let us know! I’m too much of an old coot to have any clue about what’s hip and cool and what kids are into these days, you gotta help me out here. 😉
  • Linux! Where did you go? Back when I announced the end of Linux builds, plenty of people were volunteering to do it, where did they all go? I guess most of you are happy compiling it yourselves, but it would still be nice to help get some archives and packages out there in the wild to streamline the process and spread the project around the various distributions (and even other platforms) out there.

8 thoughts on “OpenXcom 0.4 crashes when you finish a research!

  1. domsson

    Website: it may be old, but it does the job. Why spend valuable time on the website, when it’s better spend on OpenXcom? 🙂 I’d say a neat new website would be something for when the OpenXcom 1.0 is out – but hey, that’s just me. Do whatever is fun for you, of course. 🙂

    Apart from that, I agree with NIIs: YouTube should be enough. It’s awesome to see a short vid about the current state rather than to read a lot – also handy to pass on to friends and maybe share that video on Facebook. But no need for a Facebook page. Althogh it probably wouldn’t hurt. But again, more shit you need to take care of… 😛

  2. JohnnyTheHun

    Facebook share / like button under every post should be enough
    But if you can manage somekinf of (manual or automatic) mechanism with which both facebook page and website get updated with the news / video entries, then I guess a facebook page doesn’t need a lot more attention, but can attract a good few people.

  3. Darkestaxe

    1 – We xcom fans are like tar pits, older then the internet and probably stinkier. Ask fans for videos demoing the latest public builds and put the best two on a youtube channel dedicated to openxcom.

    2 – I think the interest in keeping up on platform specific builds is going to be nominal. Why bother till 1.0 is out. when 1.0/1.1 are done we can port it onto everything from Linux to AM/FM alarm clocks. For now we get to either wait for 1.0 or help get there.

  4. David Ka

    Connect everything to the site so it all updates on it’s own. I hate social media, but you gotta do it for the popularity whixh is a great motivator. Plus you can hit on bitches with FB once you have OpenXcom up and sleep with them 🙂

    Youtube would be great. That’s all I have for my daily shit talk. I’ll sub/like/fav everything you throw at us.

    I want this game to come out bug-free with tons of free easy-to-install mods!! Multi-player too, baby. Clans for competitive play and co-op FTW. I want every possibility in Classic X-COM. Fuck everything else.

    OpenXcom FTWWWWW!!!

  5. Angelos


    I am a bit behind on my openSUSE builds (still at 0.2.0) mostly due to lack of free time.

    I wonder if I should go on with 0.4.0 build or should I wait for the bug fixes.


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