The aliens are fighting back

While it may have been quiet here on the website this summer, in the background I have been coding on an interesting battlescape feature.

Although not planned at first, so it may come a bit as a surprise, but we’ve put guns in the alien’s hands and gave them brains. In other words : the basic AI is implemented.┬áThe times where we lived peacefully together with sectoids are now definitely over. The war has begun.

Have fun with the latest build (download it from here) or watch the gameplay movie:

7 thoughts on “The aliens are fighting back

  1. eternal1

    WOW! I am pulling the repo … as i saw the video! Thx, you are awesome.

    I think you will become open source legend!

  2. eternal1

    The new version is working perfecly.
    I see you fix the next soldiar button…good this button is fundamental.

    thx again

  3. Mad Melvin

    Holy crap. I just found out about this project. I’ve loved X-Com for years but sometimes the bugs and memory limitations just make me so angry I wanna cry. When you finish I will worship you as a deity.

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