6 thoughts on “Short and simple

  1. Daiky

    I’m back from holiday, and what do I see, SOLDIER INVENTORY SCREEN ! :))
    *does a little happy dance*
    A big leap towards 0.3 release it is.

  2. brucha

    Great to see the game coming to life. I am following you since 3 months and actually tried one of the earlier versions. I am so happy and looking forward to arrive to the point to be able to play again!!

  3. Tiago

    Hi. Very nice idea that you are having. It lacks yet some important features, but i’m sure when it’s done, it’ll be played by many many people who played before and new people, bringing the game back.

    Best regards,


  4. Tim

    Love how this is going. Great stuff. 🙂

    One thing though – it seems the weapons fire is quite slow at the moment. Is this intentional?

  5. Daiky

    Hi Tim, weapons fire will be a setting as in the original.
    But during development and probably while I made the video, I sometimes did set it slower to debug the firing graphics.

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