Version 0.2 is out!

You wanted it, you got it! Go check it all out in the Downloads page, and read it all carefully and throughly!

New features:

  • Battlescape!
    • Crash site missions.
    • Map generation.
    • Pathfinding.
    • Alien placement.
    • Basic lighting.
    • Basic fog of war.
  • New language format (with Spanish and Italian languages).
  • Crude Unicode support.
  • Windows installer for all your lazy needs!
  • Load/save infinite games.
  • Screenshot, FPS Counter and Fullscreen keys.
  • Any-resolution scaling.
  • Support for DOS music.
  • Being able to remove bases (Access Lift).
  • Friendly start reminder.


  • Fixed cursor rendering.
  • Removed unused strings and trademarked game names.
  • Fixed craft maintenance bugs.
  • Fixed text list alignment.
  • Fixed bar rendering.
  • Fixed crash when a UFO intercepted by multiple craft was destroyed.
  • Fixed incorrect text in some screens.
  • Fixed some localized strings not fitting on screen.
  • Fixed palette bugs.
  • Fixed various memory leaks.
  • Fixed being able to click on globe through windows.
  • Fixed bugs with multiple-target display.
  • Various fixes to globe rendering.
  • Fixed bug in text word-wrapping.
  • Reorganized country/region data.
  • Added OK button to Base Name window for people having trouble with Enter key.
  • Removed preloading of every language (only one language is used at once, what was I thinking!).
  • Fixed bug in pixel blitting.
  • Improved error handling.
  • Probably many other minor fixes.

And as usual, the technical notes:

  • You can’t minimize dogfights.
  • UFOs are nerfed to make them easier to intercept.
  • Crafts rearming in base don’t use up ammo in base stores. This is to prevent them from running out since you can’t buy more ammo yet.
  • Screenshots are saved in BMP since it doesn’t require libraries. DO NOT share them in this format, convert them to something sane like PNG/JPG first.
  • You can control aliens on the Battlescape, have fun.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this. Sadly rulesets didn’t make it into this version, so I’ll tell you about the savegames instead.

The OpenXcom savegames are a brand new format, not like the original. All the save data is contained in one single YAML (by popular request) file, so you can move them, copy them, rename them, duplicate them, even edit them with a text editor if you want (though I’m not responsible if you break it). The only downside is the save name is the filename, so you can’t have two saves with the same name. But you can have as many as you want in your USER folder, so it all works out!

4 thoughts on “Version 0.2 is out!

  1. grrussel

    Hi, Can you indicate precisely what directory name is used on OSX to put XCOM (or, UFO) data inside the data folder of the application bundle?

    I have tried as many combinations of XCOM, X-Com, X-com, etc as I can imagine, and cannot currently see the source code on sourceforge to check.

  2. Fredrik

    I just found out about this project, and I think it’s absolutely lovely, hope you finish it!

    I already tried 0.2 on my Symbian phone and it’s working nicely, can’t wait to be able to play it on the phone all day, one turn here and one turn there!

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