Event dump

I realize there haven’t been a lot of interesting development news lately. Version 0.2 is kind of a boring milestone, more focused in internal engine stuff than gameplay. So I plan to finish it up soon so we can get right on back to the gameplay we all love!

And for all the lovely people desperately interested into translating OpenXcom in their own language, there’s now a Translations forum, just follow the guidelines and everything should go smoothly.

Finally, sir_nacnud on the forums has had some success getting the game to run on Android:

3 thoughts on “Event dump

  1. hsbckb

    I have just downloaded the txt file. I will consider whether I have the ability to translate it to Chinese Language or not.

    For android version, I can help sir_nacnud in beta testing.

  2. Tim

    Wow – I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to a fully functional, UI tweaked Android version of X-Com. I remember playing the version released by that Russian company years back on Windows Mobile and it really was excellent. They did a great job in adapting the game to a mobile touch interface.

    That looks very cool… 🙂

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