The Great Include War of 2010

Following up on the last post, I finally fixed the goddamn problem. Oh and what a problem it was. You might think I’m petty for not just giving up, rolling back to the last version and forgetting about it. Well, maybe. But I wasn’t gonna let some stupid little error get the best of me. It’s what separates the men from the boys. The nerds from the geeks. The people who spend their Friday nights debugging me from the ones who have better things to do.

Like all problems, I went to absurd lengths to find the problem until eventually it was staring me right at the face and I was dumbfounded by how ridiculous it was. But I solved it. Me. All alone. My debugging beard grew a little more rugged. For the benefit of all programmers out there that might be reading this (those that don’t care feel free to ignore this), I will explain:

I had pulled every single debugger recommended out there in a desperate attempt to get to the bottom of this. Application Verifier, WinDbg, Purify, BoundsChecker, CrtCheckMemory, the works! They all pointed me to a heap corruption in the constructor that displayed the Language screen. It made no sense. How can a blank constructor cause problems? It should be something that happened before, but none of the code that came before corrupted anything. Commenting things in and out, switching things here and there, nothing seemed to fix it. In the end, none of the code had been changed since last time aside from moving #includes. How can those cause problems???

And then it hit me. These two simple harmless lines of code atop of it all:

class State;
typedef State &(State::*EventHandler)(SDL_Event *, int);

Harmless, right? Just a forward-declaration and a pointer to a member function. Nothing fancy, right?

4 thoughts on “The Great Include War of 2010

  1. SupSuper Post author

    Well I moved it from the .h to the .cpp, the rule was that class pointers only needed a forward-declaration, not a full include. 😛 How could I guess.

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