So OpenXcom’s #includes were becoming a horrible nest of poor standards and slow compiling (to those not familiar with programming, pretend to follow along), so I decided to give them a good old spring-cleaning. In the summer.

The reward? Well now it crashes right on startup! With absolutely no code changes at all, aside from moving #includes around! Not even an error message. Or a pointer to a bothersome code line. Not even a useful call stack. It just up and dies horribly right in my face like I just opened Pandora’s Box.

Let this be e lesson to you kids. Programming is a harsh and cruel mistress that will backstab you everytime you face the other way. And you still keep going back to it. And like it.

6 thoughts on “ntdll.dll!7743dc6d()

  1. Bruno A

    Quite the old gentleman. I won’t get into a holy cruzade here, but times have changed. You’d get more contributors (*wink* *wink*) with a more ‘productive’ language – say C#. Keeping tabs on pointers? What is this, 1989? 😀

  2. SupSuper Post author

    Well I was born in 1989. 😛

    I don’t have a problem with any particular language, there’s just one reason why I picked C++ for this: deployment. Every other language has requirement this or framework that, which will scare away 90% of the playerbase, and in the end I’m doing this for the players.

    C++ fulfills that since it’s as simple as running without any extra baggage or installation to screw up.

  3. Bruno A

    Frameworks are good. Do you really want to implement XML parsing or linked lists yourself? 😐 C# would be a better choice IMHO

  4. SupSuper Post author

    The C++ STL includes implementations for strings, linked lists, auto pointers, etc.

    And just because it’s not built into the language doesn’t mean it’s inadequate. C++’s popularity means there’s plenty of third-party libraries out there for parsing XML, JSON, RegEx and whatever other fancy modern techs we have these days.

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