We don’t run the Mod Portal

Yes, we know the Mod Portal is down. No, it’s not just you, it’s down for everyone. You can stop telling us about it. There is literally nothing we can do about it. The mod site is unofficial, run by a third-party, is completely outside our jurisdiction and we can provide no support whatsoever. The same goes for mods in general.

In the meantime you can use the forums, all the cool kids hang around there, or so I hear.

Tornis’s Assassination Challenge

Popular Twitch streamer Tornis is currently half way through his 9th season of Xcom, and for this season, he’s made the switch to OpenXcom. As a seasoned alien war veteran, he’s sure to enjoy all the enhancements and improvements. Watch along, have a chat, enjoy watching a master at work, and ask yourself why someone would submit themselves to this kind of torture?

Details of his self imposed rules can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/Season9Rules

Watch live video from TorNis on Twitch

Translations moved to Transifex

By popular request, I’ve moved all the OpenXcom translations over to Transifex. Whether you’re an existing or new translator, you’ll need to sign up on the new website to be able to continue contributing translations to OpenXcom. I recommend starting out as Translators until your language team finds a need for the higher roles.

Note that the Git Builds don’t support the new translation system yet. Do not report bugs from trying to use the new language files with the Git Builds.

Some of the new features compared to the old site:

  • User roles: For each language, there are Translators, which are allowed to suggest/vote/comment translations. Above them are the Reviewers, which can pick, edit and effectively “lock” translations, finalizing a given string. Finally at the top are the Coordinators, who accept/reject users, control their roles, etc. More info here.
  • Looks shiny.
  • Suggestion system instead of vote system so nobody unilaterally dominates a language.
  • Search and filters that actually work.
  • Better editor with support for plurals, comparing translations, string details, comparing languages, validating tags, etc.
  • Notifications that don’t spam your inbox.
  • Translators can download/upload files themselves.
  • More features for translators to organize themselves like comments/forums/glossary/history/etc.
  • And so on.

You can read more in the Transifex documentation. Feel free to use the built-in discussion systems or the Translation forum to work things out with other translators.

A little history

OpenXcom is old. It might not look it, after all, it’s only been around for like… 4-5 years? I didn’t remember to write down the exact date (protip: write down the date of all your projects in case they become smash hits). But boy, has technology progressed in those few years. When I started, there was no SDL2. No C++11. No GitHub. Managed pointers were a mere illusion (or I probably just didn’t know about them). A lot has changed in game development, to the point our codebase can look positively arcane to newcomers. I don’t blame you. Every decision at its time made perfect sense, but after a while you start questioning what 5-years-ago you was doing.

So a lot of people ask, how did it all begin? How did we get this far? How does a project like this just happen?

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