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9 thoughts on “Forum spam

  1. David Cooper

    after installing xcom 1 after playing xcom 2 the download file is the same installer for both and while the pictures etc look correct it always plays xcom2 tftd where have i gone wrone

  2. David Cooper

    Thanks for your answer but the drop down button in option / mods only gives tftd as an option


  3. SupSuper Post author

    When installing OpenXcom, make sure the paths for both X-COM games are filled out correctly.

    If you installed X-COM 1 after OpenXcom, you’ll need to reinstall OpenXcom to copy the X-COM 1 data files.

  4. Michael

    get ready for a donation of 500$ in a couple of years, for now it will just be 5 as that’s all I can afford

    Its a promise and I wont forget

  5. Michael P

    Just donnated the 5 $. Sorry it took so long.

    i just forgot to sign in so it went thought as a guest

  6. 1

    I play UFO UK, my interceptor destroyed by UFO. Now I have empty hangar on thr base, but I dont buy new interceptor because all the hangars are busy! Why?!

  7. sagame66

    I wanted to go away a touch comment to support you and need you an honest continuation. Wishing you the simplest of luck for all of your blogging efforts.

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