Author Topic: Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - N2 Apocalyptic Edition 22-Oct-2022  (Read 2815661 times)

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Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - N2 Apocalyptic Edition 22-Oct-2022
« Reply #8655 on: December 08, 2022, 01:05:48 am »
This feels like a happy start of a new run, spartan landing in February. So pumped about the new armor, I feel like it needs a shrine.
Yeah that Heavy Armor is going to be a major boon, just dont get cocky, because lazors, and because desert heat. The Defender armor would be good for a Hero if you manage to get one early. Then again it could let some Peasants survive long enough to actually get skilled.
Only way this would be better is if it was Raiders and you captured Buzzards because then Grav Harnesses too.