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« on: August 20, 2022, 11:31:28 pm »
the new Blue Orks are very fun, as I am playing with the Arbites it is a welcomed addition to get some good IG or Sistas only weapons from them.

is there a plan to add promotion from Enforcer to Judge? (otherwise the 2x best Arbiter armors cannot be used by veteran Enforcers and so Judges are needed to be trained early on...and it would be nice as the Pardon is working for Long time service, maybe Enforcer to Judge after reaching veteran?)

« on: August 14, 2022, 01:42:48 am »
so into month May with the somehow mid tier is not happening ? (Live xeno needed? - yes)

therefore no mastercrafted Lawbringer (is it high tier?) or the new weapons...and no heavy Enforcer armor....(Live xeno needed? - yes)

Penitents cannot be pardoned(?) I got 2x with long service...could be pardoned when new month started....and I assume Enforcers cannot be upgraded to Judges (as that option is not in the list)...and I gave my ppl personal shields via editing (but would also give them bionics etc...these IG sticks should be available to Arbites)

but good things are here also...because I was doing good, I received 4x Inq playing as Arbites my 2x squads are both 1x Sentinel lascannon 3x Inq Troopers (got 2x from Xeno cult mission) and some Enforcers and Judges and 1x Dogge each....not bad indeed when compared with my play as Arbites a year ago

and the Vostroya lasgun is practically the sniper gun for the Arbites and now with Hotshot its the best basic lasgun (BTW the Necro lasgun is less accurate and cost more?) speaking in regards of Lasguns...Arbites cannot buy hotshot ammo (only Pistol one)

and I see that the good stuff (Fletchette gun, Kelemorph pistol) are available with Ceramic...but the price for the Autostubber is a bit off at 500k (if one could buy the Autostubbers then 500k would be a good deal...but I get it, it has these stats as the Kelemorph holds 3x and yes this version should be available only to him) ...the Fletchette cost 200k and is the better weapon then the simple a simple single shot Autostubber /snap 75 for 25/ should cost as a Ultra Boltpistol around 100k  and the ammo for 50k is also pricey but I think fair would be 20k

and now with all these lovely Lasguns...maybe add some Laspistols? (Archeotech, Belasco Dueling Pistol, Blast Pistol  etc)

« on: August 12, 2022, 11:20:35 pm »
so here some info after playing like 20+h as the Arbites

I got lucky in February I got a Xeno Cult mission which with Arbites is easy (the car guns + lawbringers + special stubber ammo)
so I have now 2x Stormtroppers...LOL

BUT I researched the Kelemorph Gun + Ammo...I can use it...but I cannot buy it at the trade post...I could as Inquisition (?)

also the Pure Genestealers during the Xeno Cult mission...they where just walking around....not one did attack me (I noticed this also previously when compared to Space hulk missions..where they are aggressive as F)  BUT the Kelemorph with double stub action a killa....

and the Stubcannon + Heavy shield enforcer...excellent...only Fletchette gun + Shield is better (until my Shield bearer was weak I used the foehammer...but the Stubcannon makes it obsolete...and maybe now I got it why the Arbites dont need the better autoguns...or do they need them?)

never less one can always EDIT LOL

« on: August 11, 2022, 10:50:24 pm »
so my Play with the Inquisition is over...the Rosigma version of the final level is INSANE...much more challenging then the vanilla and more fun

I had like 5x Grey Knights captains (all with MC stormbolters + mostly Eldar mirror swords...but also 1x Relic sword lol) 1x Inquisitor (using a kombi-grav) 1x Sista superior (Stalker bolter) 1xassault SM (Kombi-Plasma) 1x Devastator SM (heavy flamer) and some Ing Stormtroopers (all with Hellguns...but one with master crafted plasma rifle) and one Veteran Medic Sniper (Tannith longlas) and one Marshal (MC lawbringer)  because the approach to the final mission was with a Thunderhawks then I did not see the shit I had when playing as the IG (swarms of 10-15x enemy vessels attacking the Gorgon)

the final level with Rosigma I think with Inq, SM, Sistas or IG is doable....BUT is it possible with the Arbiters?

well therefore I started now a Arbites game....I see some things already...Cybermastiff is 2x in the buy list, in the beginning the player gets Enforcer+shield armor that cannot be used (also seen while playing as the INQ and using emperor protects) the Research I see cannones armor in the beginning....will try out if lascutter is working or not (I added the new version in the middle of my previous game so maybe therefore it was not working)

and I added myself some starting advantages...2x Judges and 2x Shield enforcers..I given them personal shield (should be available to the Enforcers when playing as the Arbiters...but not to Arbitors who have it..would give it automatically to the Judge armor also...Arbitor and Marshal armors have it)

and I added the following gear to my start: 1x foehammer + 1xFletchette gun (for the shield Enforcers) 1x Stubcannon (for 1x Judge..while playing as INQ it seemed uselles so I want to see if it is better then a lawbringer or not) and a small amount of special stub ammo, some autostubber ammo and some kelemorph ammo....will see how the game will go

« on: August 08, 2022, 10:25:10 pm »
question, I installed the last version with the new melta and the lascutter...Melta I can buy and ammo fine
Lascutter can by bought at the Trade center...then I transferred it (also the two types of ammo) to my main base and i see that I can but the lascutter to my craft but not the I cannot use the lascutter :(

« on: August 06, 2022, 02:17:26 pm »
the new "Beastguard Heavy Armor and Slab Shield armor" makes the whole Armory of the Arbites look like a joke...also like I mentioned before,
just add some additional IG features to the arbites: pardon penitents to PDF then induct pdf to Arbiters, give then also the heavy autoguns, single hand autogun (I think shotpistol, stubber that can shoot kelemorph ammo and heavy stubbcannon they already got) and give them also the option to add bionics and personal shield..and for the future maybe a double handed heavy Shock Maul...will start a Arbites run shortly so (I can give them thru editing all the items...but the personal upgrades should be also available)...and yes give them all the Webber weapons...GSC arbites run around with Webber weapons so that should be available to them...when one plays as them

« on: July 30, 2022, 12:21:00 am »
Like I written....the Jungle Fighters can be easily done (sprites are there) and everything else is just "make a wish" BTW are you speaking with the creators of the main 40K mod?   they want to add the Deathwatch if I am not mistaken...well that means a combi heavy bolter-heavy flamer  and finally a Astartes Shotgun aka the crypt cleaner??? do you guys talk???   also when will we get the JOY of KILLING, no MASSAKRING our bellowed TAU ???

and side note, I just already finished the game as the Inquisition...was the most fun Xcom files unbalanced gameplay...but some items that you get via "request" where like WTF you get Arbiters...but they cannot use the armor, or you get KRIEG but you cannot use heavy lucius lasguns..also the Krieg are with spaghetti arms...and same with Judges you get a bunch of bad ass with they Bikes, Arbitor armors and master crafted Lawbringers...and they come with strength 25....LOL

« on: July 29, 2022, 12:15:13 am »
So after my last like 6h session with the Inquisition where I am very near to do the final mission (and I don't gonna Lie the Inq is overpowered and its good like that...I also activated the Emperor protects mode)

I will do now a IG or a Arbites run (I did a Astartes first back in early 2021, then IG, then Sistas, then Arbites/was hard as F/ and then Sistas again and  now the Inq) my recommendation for upgrades:
for the Arbites just give them what I written earlier and they will be fine....LOL I hope

BUT I have a question...we have now generic plain IG, Krieg, Accatran and beastmen + the sprites are there...will we get Catachan IG ? /based on the available enemy sprites the Catachan should  not be a problem/ Catachans should be easy...Skirmishers with high melee and not shitting they pants + give them the Needler and a Long "Rambo" knife aka Catachan Fang..and for the Future....first upgrade the Voss Lasgun as I recommended (a las-autogun) and then Armageddon Steel Legion with Voss lasguns? and after Armageddon....a harder Idea...Vostroya or Mordia ???? well these are just Ideas :) not to be taken seriously...but the Catachan should be easy IMHO

« on: July 27, 2022, 11:21:09 pm »
OMG how great are we!!!!! (the ROSIGMA community)

we watch we listen and we make the mod better and BETTER and even beyond

just had the time to check out the latest upgrades.....and the results are in: WOW

so there was no single handed Shotgun for Shield Ogryns/Arbites...well now we have one and its very nice (and I agree keep mastercrafted ammo for the mastercrafted shotguns/lawbringers)

and the other new weapons...the special stubber that can use Kelermorph ammo, auto stubber ammo etc...well I would now maybe even disable the Liberator autostub and make this weapon as its substitute after research (available to Guard and Arbites what is OK)

then the new guard: Umbra Combi-Bolter....BEAST same about the solo combi-melta (I am a huge fan of the Combi weapons from the melee pack so this kind of weapons are my type....)

and them my favorite new weapon: Shotlas...did like two random missions and this was my exactly how I would expect it to work

and the last new weapon: High-Grade Autopistol...super strong with the AP ammo...maybe should be available also for the Arbiters?

never less the mod is going to the right direction and could not ever go back to the vanilla 40k mod

« on: July 27, 2022, 05:39:04 pm »
Its good to hear that, will check the next version out ASAP

maybe you already saw that he found the next "Bug" his units stuck on top of the Tank (but there some members of the community helped him out) dont know if it is in the last version...

I still have to say all the updates are very good, no they are Excellent

maybe for the Inquisition re-work the stats of the arriving "requested" units as I requested Judges..and they came with Bikes, mastercrafted weapons also with Arbitor armors + Stats like a rookie LOL  and I also did the research request local inquisition agent" I expected a Inquisitor to join me (the second one) instead Frateris veterans came :) ...but there are also surprises that are pleasant like when I got Cybermastifs as reinforcement

« on: July 26, 2022, 01:20:33 pm »
so I am watching lately this guy playing Rosigma on YT with the Guard (at least Work goes faster at the workspace)

and a interesting situation occurred, he had a Eldar Webway he took a Drop Valkyrie and light gear
but it where not Eldar but Forces ofChaos and the Alpha legion...he got quite high losses but he managed and then
he was in the phase of finding the cloaked enemies...practically a "Bug hunt"...and suddenly a POP-UP
you run out of time so his craft, gear, units got lost...well I was like WTF and so was this Fella...
I would be not surprised if he would stop playing as that was a X-com Files level of Fukery...when one is doing "Bug hunt"
then why can he get a you run out of turns....makes no sense

« on: July 23, 2022, 09:58:36 pm »
well lot of things are not ideal when Playing as the Inquisition....example one can get help from every fraction but the Items are not available in the Wiki or one cannot buy ammo (example Lawbringer ammo or heavy stubber ammo or hotshot lasgun ammo or stubber ammo)...even some items one can produce (master crafted lasgun or shotgun) but also there is no wiki....I think the Inq should have the option to buy ammo for every basic weapon there is in the game...and still I got the heavy Lucius lasguns but I cannot use them and I also requested Arbiters...half of the Armor that came...cannot be equipped

« on: July 20, 2022, 09:10:02 pm »
in regards of Chaos juggalos...I activated the Mellee pack as adviced here earlier where I got Kombi-Grav and Combi-Meltas...My best soldier give it 2x Grav and then some hot-shot laser did the deed...but otherwise 2x Krak missile...from behind 1x is enough...also Heavy bolter AP ammo to the back is nice thing

« on: July 18, 2022, 08:27:36 pm »
the new update is very nice also love the new music...brings back memories

one point I noticed,

can the penal legion be pardoned also when playing as Arbiters? (first to a PDF then later can be inducted to Arbiters?)

is the option "Many Captives can now be converted into penal legion" available to the Arbiters? (it should)

also when speaking in regards of the arbiters...I would give them also the option "awards personal shield" which the IG has (minimum for Judges) and the "Necromunda" weapon pack just introduced (Stubcannons, heavy autoguns)  and speaking in regards of Necromunda...exterminators (for Eviscerator , autoguns or shotguns) when :) also maybe upgrades for Cybermastifs? (Armor, shocking bite...etc) would be nice

also one Idea, I loved how you updated the Vostroya, Lucius and Acatran Lasguns...Voss Lasgun...I would give it the same fire rate as the Autogun has (3x snap, 5x auto) so it would be a Las-SMG

EDIT: so I also did research "Request Heavy Guard" so 4x "Veterans" came with Guard Power armor and Rotor cannons...AC like 70 BUT Strength was from 20 to 25 same as with the Panzergranatiers

« on: July 13, 2022, 05:40:37 pm »

playing as the inquisition (the name Chamber militants is bulldust because then Sistas should be also under it)
and did research "request Deathkorps panzergranatiers" well they arrived 4x with 4x Guard Power armor, 4x heavy Lucius lasgun, and  4x Rotor ammo

I cannot equip the heavy Lucius lasgun as it is on stock but its invisible in the craft equipment I would not have the rights to use it
(I can use adeptas autogun , etc for which I don have wiki...) so it seems a flag is set wrong...please advice and I will change it

also a side note...this research was the most difficult I did (I thing the normal power armor guards are even more difficult) BUT the stats of the 4x
Panzergranatiers are abysmal...even Frateris or Penetants have better stats...should they not have at least the Guard Veteran or Stormtrooper Stats? (Strength 25 but they come with a Rotor WTF)

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