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Cool, I could never fix this, windows 7 doesn't run many of the tools required >_<

Released Mods / Re: [STAT TRACKING] Soldier Diaries
« on: April 21, 2014, 11:09:53 pm »
Sounds  like fun! ^_^

Ohh so alien plasma weapons have a device that desintegrates them when the user dies? How about when the user puts the weapon away to scratch his alien behind? :)

Also this would be great news. Why research alien weapons? Let's just research a remote device that triggers desintegration of all their weapons (killing the users in the process) then just pick up the pieces, munching on some peanuts :) It's even stupider than Star Trek's Master Code that allows to control a warship remotely...

The idea must have been based on the remote EKG units we have to monitor critical patients (terminal >_< ) who want to move about. so if "the user puts the weapon away to scratch his alien behind" it will still register it's life readings and remain functional.

I could imagine that mad German Scientist woman looking at us funny when asked to research a method of remote detonating the alien weapons, she would probably execute a live alien in the torture chamber and walk away. (In other words, shoot them)
As for the Star Trek prefix code, some security is better than none >_<

Also, anyone notice the plasma pistols on Sectoids were really wrist blasters? Wish they would have kept the option to use it as a hard-point weapon for power & flight armors.

What I really hate about the remake is obvious, 4 to 6 freaking units in the ONLY god damn Skyranger from the ONE XCOM base on the whole fucking planet. There was no point of including dozens of soldiers from all over the world >_< there were numerous other problems (funding, weapon usage limitations, inventory and the super SectoPod which makes the Blaster Bomb useless)
But it was still better than UFO extraterrestrial >_< 

So just to be clear, I only dislike things are given the wrong account proudly >_< Also being forced to watched Michael Bay's Pearl Habor and George Lucas Red Tails int the same day can damage my tolerance significantly.

Still, I mean no offense to anyone, and I like thank everyone for their opinions ^_^ think of it as learning how people think and react to funny concepts and ideas.
As for my mod, currently dealing with the firearms aspect, hope to be done with the phase 1 by today, then everything can move up to phase2.

I read that. It's just a downright stupid option, in both games.

How would such a weapon simply disintegrate? And even if it did, it would still be recoverable easy enough for qualified engineers. Unless it crumbled to microscopic pieces, which seems unrealistic on so many levels. (Just think on how much energy would be emitted, especially if you decompose Elerium too.)

You've obviously never actually seen the plasma pistol break up when you kill a Sectoid in the remake, nor have you seen any Star Trek episodes with the Hand Phaser set on Overload or even consider how much energy is involve to fire a bolt of energy through the air without losing integrity.

         It's actually very easy to imagine a self destruct or even a malfunction, being the cause of an energy weapon to be destroyed. The present Ak-47s have already proven to be able to have catastrophic failures and explode by detonating the magazine, leaving only the barrel and the mangled rear half of the receiver, pistol grip, stock and deceased user.

         Also, you've never played the remake, or you would know that the plasma weapons there do not disintegrate, they leave 'Weapon fragments' which are in fact used to study weapon research, including the human laser technology. I will always remember this because I was always lacking 'Weapon fragments' for research, was too good at capturing the whole intact weapon and users.... >_<

So clearly, what you people want is exactly what is presented in the remake, but how will you go about it? >_< Even if we could program 'Weapon fragments' into the game, how will you calculate it?

A heavy plasma leaves 6 pieces, a rifle 4 and a pistol one or two, how work will it be to program how much each weapon will leave behind after their destruction? A cheap easy way will be to program a random number of fragments you will get at the end of each engagement, but it will be an inaccurate count if everyone is okay with that.

Also, how would research be affected, can it be programed such that a certain amount of fragments is required to research each subject like the Remake. I haven't tried messing with the research trees yet so I wouldn't know >_<

I suppose another cheap easy thing to do is to program the manufacturing of the laser weapons will require a certain amount of 'weapon fragments' for the pistol, rifle, and heavy laser. The cannon may require less because it's huge, maybe more human tech is in it than a compact handheld Laser. This idea will only work if the earlier idea of 'random fragments acquired' is implemented, otherwise there will be no other way to acquire weapon fragments.   

Seems like an awful amount of work, still, if you choose to spend your 'Weapons fragments' from early game encounters on Laser Research first, it will significantly delay plasma weapons reaching your men in the field.
Personally, why not just make laser weapons require alien alloys or something >_< why do you people want them to appear so late, things will really start to suck when snakemen onwards start to appear >_<

Released Mods / Re: [HWP] Scout Drone
« on: April 17, 2014, 01:41:40 pm »
I've been meaning to ask this, can this be turned into the SHIV unit? Except maybe we equip it with a LMG. Might be a bit more useful in the beginning of the game.

.....and play with the self destruct option like the remake Xcom enemy within.

always important to receive the entire message......

Why not simply make Hand held Laser& Plasmas very expensive or long (complex) manufacturing process or both if you're seeking death >_< .....and play with the self destruct option like the remake Xcom enemy within.

Work In Progress / Re: Additional soldier sprites
« on: April 14, 2014, 08:33:24 am »
Question over here >_< there a mod for the Red Muton Commander/Elite units, ready over here?

Work In Progress / Re: Can Medics heal themselves?
« on: April 14, 2014, 08:20:34 am »
Thanks for posting for help ^_^ but I'll proceed without it first

Work In Progress / Re: Ammunition Modding.... ^_^
« on: April 14, 2014, 08:19:01 am »
Alright then, thanks for the clear answers ^_^

Work In Progress / Ammunition Modding.... ^_^
« on: April 13, 2014, 08:03:32 pm »
Quick questions, can these be done without major overhauls?
1) Accuracy changes with ammo Types, Match Grade, for example.
2) Change the amount of TU required to reload each weapon. An Uzi or pistol is easier to load than a M60 or Heavy Plasma.

If these are too difficult, let me know, I'll just move on ^_^
it's fun to dream on the impossible:
-Self healing medic
-Dual weapon HWPs

Sorry for late reply >_<
I'll like to do a preview, but the time I would spend on that could be spent finishing the mod package, my time is limited >_<
I will say this, I keep the rules separate for two reasons:
1) Easier for me to make and diagnose if something goes wrong >_<
2) Yes, it's to give people options in case they don't like my mod as a whole....

Current mod progress:-
Armors: 90%
Tanks: 80%
Scout vehicles: 90%
Guns: 65%
Transport Aircraft: 85%
Fighter Aircraft: 75%
Mecha: 95%
Alien Guns: 55%

>_< most of what is remaining is rule programing, raw materials have been gathered and mostly made ready. anyone know how to make a skyranger or other units into a ufo map? for the MIB or Cultist.

I'm working on it >_< I think I might have done too much, but it's already near I guess I'll power through and get em all done ^_^

Released Mods / Re: [ARMOR] I'M BATMAN ( REALLY....) ^_^
« on: April 08, 2014, 07:27:32 pm »
Kill him and you'll get to research all his technology.

If you capture him alive... ohhhh man!! Besides getting the above, I can only think of being able to control the original Batman after interrogation. If you don't have enough scientists on Batman during interrogation, he'll have more time to escape, and you'll have to wait for him to pop-up again.

Don't forget to add the grappling hook first. You'll also get to research all that tech separately, and that grapple would be great for scaling tall buildings with alien snipers...

I think Superman will have something to say about that >_< Also, how would the grappling gun work? we  can only make him fly >_<
And finally, it was just for fun ^_^ Feel free to edit it however you can, I'm still constructing here, had a bad week >_< but I'm getting there....

On a side note, that wasn't a Bat ranger..... its a funny experiment, any one want to help me turn this into a UFO for the cult mod and the men in black mod. I hope to give it to them as a transport .vehicle

Work In Progress / Re: Can Medics heal themselves?
« on: April 07, 2014, 03:03:12 pm »
You need some private space for this kind of stuff you know, can't do it with people pushing your elbow.

Pushing elbows? I gave up on the concept more than a month ago, as far as I'm concern, if I can't get results with the current set of rules & tools given, it means giving  up and moving on something that can actually work. >_<

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