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Work In Progress / Ammunition Modding.... ^_^
« on: April 13, 2014, 08:03:32 pm »
Quick questions, can these be done without major overhauls?
1) Accuracy changes with ammo Types, Match Grade, for example.
2) Change the amount of TU required to reload each weapon. An Uzi or pistol is easier to load than a M60 or Heavy Plasma.

If these are too difficult, let me know, I'll just move on ^_^
it's fun to dream on the impossible:
-Self healing medic
-Dual weapon HWPs

Released Mods / [ARMOR] I'M BATMAN ( REALLY....) ^_^
« on: April 01, 2014, 12:27:35 am »
Happy April Fools Day everyone ^_^ At least hat's what it is over here, this was just a minor joke request by a kid from a a friends family. What a bizarre concept >_< the cape crusader dealing with aliens.
Sure it's funny, but it'll never fit in the xcom setting >_<
Anyway, hope you people have a sense of humor, concept art is below. Some batarangs and a couple of bombs on his utility belt ^_^

Okay, jokes over...The Truth is, the kid's birthday was two days ago >_< and yes I was derailed from my own mod to please the little one. Still, not bad for a Cape experiment and throwing weapons. He has three Batarangs, Standard AP, Explosive and Incendiary.  A knock out bomb, and a high explosive Device.

Now, he is basically complete, full sprites, floorob & bigobs, some except I was going to make him research-able and his stuff manufactured.  My plan was that you would find a Bat CD on some random mission, once analyzed, you would get the Bat stuff.

But I don't know how to include the CD as random Loot in missions like a terror site, that and I ran out of time and the kid wanted to start the game with Batman . So I didn't develop this further, but I included the CD sprite for anyone who wan'ts a crack at it. I'm still working on my mod >_<

#!S.O.S.! Any SectoPod Experts here?#

Help, I've bit off a bit more than I can handle >_<

        I'm still working on my STAR RANGER, Armor Weapons and HWPs... I can handle them but this is beyond me >_<  I have succesfully captured the "Cyclops" Mech, it has been reposition and color adapted for UFO use. But I have no idea on how to slice it up into the Sectopod Sprites at all >_<

       I already Have, sounds and ruleset picked out, but I need help converting these sprites. I'll help work on death animation and the corpse if anyone is interested in this.  Does anyone think I should add the Front Grill and guns barrels to make it look more like ED-209?

       ED-209 is the last Major item on my wish list for the original XCOM, so anyone interested? ^_^ Also if you people want a QUAD (Wheeled HWP) I can supply the sprites if you people want ^_^
        I'll continue to work on my other stuff and hopefully, have them ready soon ^_^ 

Work In Progress / Can Medics heal themselves?
« on: February 19, 2014, 05:32:32 pm »
I'm putting together a mod set and I was wondering, can we allow medics to use the med-kit on themselves? You know, without handing it to someone else....

Work In Progress / Can UFOs hunt our aircraft?
« on: February 16, 2014, 12:07:27 am »
I was just wondering if we could get the UFOs to hunt our Skyrangers when they heading to mission or returning to base or just try and destroy a paroling Interceptor looking for their base. Some ideas, but no idea how to go about it:-
- one or more UFOs gets detected near your craft heading towards your units
- During Intercept, we have little to no control
- The sequenced is forced into Standard or Aggressive mode for a set amount of time before auto disengage
- Doesn't really require the UFO to reengage, either let your aircraft off the hook or simply spawn another UFO to try and kill you again.
-No new UFOs required, unless its agreed that a Hunter/Killer or fighter type UFO is needed (first, the earlier bits have to work >_< )
 This is One of Two major things I think will be fun to add ^_^ Thinking it might be challenging & fun if we got hunted for a change, Imagine your skyranger coming home and detecting a UFO or UFOs >_< out to get it. Scramble the Interceptors! ^_^ or start having our fighters fly Escort. 
  It will also be funny if UFOs came to shoo away our fighters from finding their bases ^_^

 I have no idea how extensive such a request is >_< sorry about that. It mostly depends on getting the UFO to come to us and if the interception controls can be forced without us pushing buttons....

Hallo, don't know if this counts as my first mod or not >_< its originally by Warboy1982

Anyway, just my opinion on armor types issue, Let's just assume that the current X-com issue overalls are made from Kevlar Aramid panels like in fencing and motorbike protective suits. They will give protection from falling on the road, being dragged and minor pokes and stuff, but are in no way bullet resistant.  :(

So, that leaves us with current armor systems, where kevlar interceptor is used, for those of you who are aware of Spectra and Dyneema should know that these two are flammable or weak against heat, no good for plasma at all >_<

So, here are several uniforms and armor systems for you all to test, they are based on real-life prices and are all weaker than the Alloy Personal Armor. This is meant for those who want to play hard mode or just want some color and fun in your life  ;D

NEW*: - Stats added to the uniform and armor types, giving extra qualities and quirks to these armor systems.
           - For the most part, the armor gives your troops confidence in the field and their job, although plasma fire can still kill them >_<
           - WoodLand Camo uniform and Armor systems added. ^_^
Additions : - By request from several members here, DragonSkin Armor system has been added.
                  - These Human Armor Systems are cheap (based on real-life prices)
                  -  BUT now they add weight to your soldier....( I'm sure Solarius Scorch will like that)
                  - Also, I'm using a weight formula that is in Spirit of X-Com creators....I think >_<

             A Standard Human Corpse , 180 lbs. = 24 UFO weight units
            (should be 180 pounds for a man No female weights available)
             Therefore, 1 UFO weight unit should = 7.5 lbs. in real life, estimated
             So, the weight of the armors are as followed:-
           -  Uniform                                                = 0 ufoWU (why else will you wear it? To make the rookies look colorful maybe ^_^ )
           -  Kevlar Level 3 + Titanium Plates          = 5 ufoWU = 37.5lbs (I think just the vest is around 27 lbs. ? 5 to 7 lbs. per Plate)
           -  Kevlar Level 4 + Interceptor Plates      = 6 ufoWU = 45lbs    (just guessing here  >_<  )
           -  DragonSkin Level 5 (Can't use Plates!)= 7 ufoWU = 52.5lbs
              The standard SOV 3000 weighs from 33 to 45 lbs depending on how much coverage you want. Level 5 MIL-STD SOV-3000™      weighs around 54 .lbs or more >_< 

Anyway, hope you all have lots of fun with these  ;D and Remember to research those super-lightweight and strong alien alloy armors ^_^
Included are:-
Army Armor
A.N. Armor (helmets marked on the left side)
Camo uniform
Camo Kevlar Armor
Camo DragonSkin Armor*

Camo order is:
1 = Urban
2 = Jungle
3 = Desert
4 = Arctic
5 = WoodLand*

These will not clash will any current armor mods as far as I know....
Note: you need BOTH files for this to work, it was too big as a single File

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