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Right, I think I might get this to work.. following a suggestion from one of my cousins ^_^
her advise was that I slice up the sprites with less precision to speed up the work, hopefully it will still work >_<
Also some directed thanks & responses... ^_^

Warboy1982: Many thanks for your support! But I think I shouldn't bother you anymore will this little project, Don't wat to keep you from your primary skill of modding the Master Code of the game ^_^ You're like the only one I see here that really does that, so I won't keep you from your mods. Thanks again for your support ^_^

Dioxine: Great work with your Pirates Mod, very funny and unique. But thanks for your Dino with rocket launchers (who's TFTD name escapes me now) Using that, I might be able to analyses the Sectopod sprite sequences ^_^ I also hope when I release my mod, they can help add to yours ^_^

 Now, as for the color.... I think I'll see if I can get him to work first, before upgrading his look Solarius >_<
But I was planning to make him look more like ED209, Front Sensor Plate, Gun Barrels... My Advance Hover Tank there is an Up-Armor version, it was suppose to look extra cool... Do you think it should look Blue like that also? Also still keeping my fingers crossed for that beautiful day when large HWPs can have two weapons. Well, back to it, I'll let  you all know what happens ^_^

Hooray ^_^
 I've made one  *##@%&* frame! >_< Who knows how many more angles and frames it will take T_T anyone willing to divide the work with me?

Help, need opinions here >_<
I tried analyzing the quad unit box using a sectopod and resizing my ed209 to it, does anyone think it will work?
Also, anyone willing to help? It will take me a long time to saw all of them into 4 pieces >_<

If not, any information on the sectopod Sprites will also be of great help, They are confusing in their seperate pieces, can anyone tell me what the numbers are doing?

Work In Progress / Re: [WEAPON/BETA] Laser Sniper Rifle
« on: March 09, 2014, 06:12:01 pm »
Cool, I'll give it a go ^_^

Great picture, Thanks ^_^

One problem, currently they say OpenXcom can only support one weapon at a time for a HWP Unit that takes up 4x4 squares >_< also what I have is ED-209, lets get him working first ^_^ if the future permits, ED-309 can roll out  too.
I'm working on my last two armor system, once they pass field testing, I'll work on getting Ed online for field testing. Then Research & Manufacturing setups, then they are done for release ^_^ ..... I hope

Work In Progress / Re: When Xcom fails...
« on: March 09, 2014, 01:15:03 am »
Are you aware of the Doom Mod?
It's over here ^_^

hope it helps you. ^_^

I see, thanks ^_^ I'll get beck to it, I'm almost done with my armor systems.
Think anyone will want a wheeled HWP?

Released Mods / Re: [ARMOR] Combat Armor
« on: March 03, 2014, 05:05:19 pm »
Could it be a sprite miscount? like the personal armor has a sprite count of 275, if you add to it, it will go crazy >_<

Released Mods / Re: [ARMOR] Combat Armor
« on: March 03, 2014, 01:10:06 pm »
Damn >_< maybe it is the android version, I made the improved uniforms mod.
It was coded specifically to avoid conflict, then again I'm using a PC.....

Released Mods / Re: [ARMOR] Combat Armor
« on: March 03, 2014, 10:36:34 am »
Sounds like a conflict, are you using any other armor mods? I had this problem with the "Jump armor" mod  and this "combat armor" mod the sprite files were designated to the same name and overwrote each other >_<  It worked fine when I renamed the files.

Right, smaller, I'll see what I can do when I'm free ^_^

Does anyone have any idea what size the unit boxes are?
I will help with scaling and dividing the unit.... ^_^

Eow, this could push my mod back a week >_<

Still, you've given me some ideas, I'll run some R&D to see what happens...
Also to anyone who has downloaded the sprites, let me know if if you're doing anything or if you have made any progress.
It would be better to coordinate the effort, rather than wasting time on our own

My time for modding this game is limited, I have other duties to attend to ^_^  Still, I will do what I can to make my contributions to this great Masterpiece of gaming worthy ^_^

Thanks Dioxine, that's very useful  information ^_^ It's a littlw like armor systems.

But can I have your opinion on how to cut up ed209 into the 4 tiles? that is my main problem >_< I don't know how to divide my sprites into 4 pieces >_<

Anyone want to take a crack at the sprites? >_<

Not Really >_<
             maybe a picture might help, you could draw lines on where  to start sawing this mech.

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