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Suggestions / Re: TFTD Mod Request: Poseidon
« on: March 14, 2021, 05:42:31 am »
Yeah, I thought of outside TWoTS, having an improved mid-game transport sub.

Suggestions / TFTD Mod Request: Poseidon
« on: March 06, 2021, 10:13:30 pm »
I was thinking of a new submersible transport craft that serves as a decent improvement over the Triton. The Poseidon is basically the Skystriker over the Skyranger, requiring some research, mainly Ion-Accelerators and Aqua Plastics to say the least. Like the Triton, it has no weaponry as it is strictly a troop transport. But the additional engine power and the aqua plastic airframe allow this transport to reach target sites quicker. Furthermore it features 2 exits instead of one, a large 2 space exit door in front (similar to the Triton) and a small 1 space exit door on the opposite side of the hull, close to the cockpit. This allows for more flexible troop deployment. This makes the Poseidon transport quite useful as a stopgap before the Leviathan.

Description for the Poseidon:
The Poseidon is a superior assault squad transporter, with a similar size, shape, and capacity to the Triton. The Aqua Plastics Airframe and the Ion Propulsion systems allows this craft to arrive at the target quickly.

Was thinking of a TFTD version of human traitors mod, adding a new alien race to the game with its terror unit.

The alien race are human traitors referred to as Murmillo, wear unique red diving armor distinguished by its finned helmet and is stronger than regular diving suits and almost as strong as the aqua plastics armor. Murmillo have similar stats to XCOM aquanauts and are equipped with sonic based weapons, just like the rest of the alien forces. Their Navigators and Commanders are capable of Molecular Control, and they are quite good at it. They start appearing from the 2nd month onwards and remain one of the more common enemies, even in late game as they are generally the more balanced enemies with the alien life forms. (They do make human screams upon death.)
Murmillo are generally composed of criminals, terrorists, and even people from organizations corrupted by alien infiltration.

The land terror unit that accompanies Murmillo is the Turdent, it has no ranged attack but but the Turdent's shell gives it extreme armor for its small size and it can take even more punishment than the Triscene. Its jaws can potentially tear through even tough armor and will happily chomp at aquanauts and civilians alike.

The sea terror unit is the Shocktank, a Coelcanth variant with melee and ranged electrical discharge attack and a volatile power source. If it is destroyed, it will explode, potentially killing nearby victims.

Suggestions / Mod Request: Damage Numbers
« on: February 24, 2021, 07:25:13 am »
I was still longing for a mod for Floating Damage Numbers...

Whenever one of your units in the battlescape takes a hit, a number briefly floats from their center to slightly above them indicating the damage taken (the damage is 0 if fully absorbed by armor). In case of explosions, at the end of the explosion, the damage numbers simultaneously float over the affected units. Damage numbers don't appear from fatal wounds, just direct attacks.

Damage numbers do not appear from enemy units unless they are under your mind control. That's the whole point of "enemy unknown". Damage numbers also do not appear from civilians either.

I would like to see 2 versions of this, one for UFO Defense and one for Terror From the Deep.

OXCE Support / [Solved] Mods to work for OpenXCOM Extended
« on: February 24, 2021, 05:44:01 am »
I noticed that not all mods that work for OpenXCOM vanilla I have work for OpenXCOM Extended.

A few examples:
Grenade Launcher
Quick-Draw Inventory Slot
Item Levels
Stormhawk Missiles
UFO Extender only Psi-Amp line of fire

I wonder if it's possible for me to make them compatible. And if so, how?

Damn. I wish there was a way to make it so it would.

But what if the game migrates from OpenXCOM vanilla to OpenXCOM Extended? Will it apply to countries infiltrated during vanilla? Also, was wondering about a someone making a mod that makes it so at the end of every month, depending on XCOM vs Alien activity in an infiltrated country with no alien base, there is a chance that the country will renounce its pact with the aliens.

Was also thinking of someone doing a future mod in which to balance the liberation mod out: New Loss Condition - Too Many Countries Infiltrated

Basically if more than 50% of the total sponsors sign pacts with the aliens, the project will be terminated (because the corrupted sponsors are calling for the project to come to the end so that it won't interfere with the aliens' "work"), even if you are running a positive budget and are doing well in battling the aliens.
At the end of each month, on the summary, you'll see the message:
Message in UFO
"Many of the council's sponsors have signed secret pacts with the aliens. You must find a way to either bring the war to an end soon or liberate countries from the invaders, otherwise the project could face termination."
Message in TFTD
"Many of the committee's sponsors have signed secret pacts with the aliens. You must find a way to either bring the war to an end soon or liberate organizations from the invaders, otherwise the funding could face termination."

If by the end of the month the number of currently infiltrated countries reaches over 50%, you'll get the message, following the defeat sequence:
Message in UFO
"A majority of your sponsors have signed pacts with the aliens and unfortunately, they have voted for the council of funding nations to terminate the project. They have convinced the remaining nations to deal with the problem in the same way that they have. We can only hope that we can come to some accommodation with these alien forces, and that the general population will come to terms with the apparently hostile visitors."
Message in TFTD
"A majority of your sponsors have signed pacts with the aliens and unfortunately, they have voted for the committee of funding organizations to terminate funding XCOM. They have convinced the remaining organizations to deal with the problem in the same way that they have. We can only hope that we can come to some accommodation with these ancient forces, and that the general population will come to terms with the aquatic visitors."

But can someone make a copy of that mod that is compatible?

Sorry, which mod? From the context I can't see any mod you could be referring to.

I'm referring to the Liberation mod. Country liberation I think.

Is it possible for this mod to be compatible with OpenXCOM rather than OpenXCOM extended? Or can you create a mod for that purpose?

Released Mods / Re: [Weapon/Equipment] Tranquilizer
« on: September 04, 2020, 09:30:20 pm »
Having trouble with this mod:
[04-09-2020_14-27-05]   [INFO]   requested file not found: Resources/TRANQ/Floorob_TRANQ.gif
[04-09-2020_14-27-05]   [ERROR]   Resources/TRANQ/Floorob_TRANQ.gif:Couldn't open Resources/TRANQ/Floorob_TRANQ.gif

Also having a similar problem with breaching charge.

Released Mods / Re: [Enemy] Traitors mod
« on: September 21, 2018, 04:27:26 am »
Maybe it be easier just to make them appear after a certain month in the game, fairly early on. 2nd or 3rd month perhaps.

Released Mods / Re: [Enemy] Traitors mod
« on: August 09, 2018, 02:56:25 am »
I was thinking that the traitors would be classified as Grunts, meaning they would have the alien ranks of Grunt Soldier, Grunt Engineer, Grunt Medic, Grunt Navigator, Grunt Leader, and Grunt Commander. Grunts have similar statlines to X-COM soldiers and Grunt Commanders also have Psionic Powers. Their terror unit is the Juggernaut, a traitor human in a mighty warsuit with extreme health and heavy armor. The Grunts will have the sprite of those soldier in white/grey uniforms. Deceased Grunt will become Grunt Corpse.

Partial Interrogation Research of Grunt: Human soldiers fighting for the aliens have been referred to as Grunts by X-Com operatives. Well trained and disciplined roughly to X-Com standards and armed with alien weaponry, these traitorous soldiers generally originate from countries that have signed formal alliances with the alien forces. They also come from the "scum of society", whether it be criminals, discontents, extremists, etc. Whether it is by mind control or willful obedience these troops follow the aliens' orders without question, even if it means murdering defenseless civilians in terror attacks. Even their commanders are trained in psionic arts to confuse or control their enemies. Their associated terror unit is the Juggernaut, a Grunt in a mighty and durable warsuit.

Released Mods / Re: [Enemy] Traitors mod
« on: August 09, 2018, 01:04:53 am »
I was hoping sometime this become officially part of the main game. I was thinking of a way to "formalize" it:

After a country is infiltrated and withdraws from the council, aliens may attempt a follow up mission known as Alien Diplomacy. Basically, the Aliens contact the government of the infiltrated nation to solidify the pace into a formal alliance. The process is similar to alien infiltration and has the same alien activity score but is impossible to stop or slow down as shooting down craft will not delay the following ship arrival.

Once the second battleship arrives, it means the alliance is signed and the country declares war on X-COM and the countries still supporting it. It will supply the aliens with human troops to conduct operations, even terror attacks. A base containing traitors will appear following the Diplomacy. Furthermore, you will no longer be able to construct bases with the borders of the traitor country and any bases still operational will be dismantled the month following the report; you will have one month to transfer all storage, craft, and personnel to other bases or sell it before it the base becomes decommissioned and any remainders are lost.

The monthly report message about the nation signing the alliance: "(Country) has signed a formal alliance with the alien forces and has declared war on X-COM."

The research about this operation: "Alien diplomacy is the follow-up to an alien infiltration. The aliens attempt to contact the nation's government following its withdraw from the X-Com project to formalize an alliance agreement. If it succeeds, the country will declare war on X-Com and the Council of Funding Nations and provide fresh human troops for the alien invaders to use for further operations. Furthermore, no further X-Com bases can be established in the traitor-controlled region and any current bases will be dismantled the following month."

The message when attempting to build a base in a traitor region: "You cannot build the base within traitor-controlled borders!"

On the third month of the game with this mod enabled, the aliens will pick a country to infiltrate and they will succeed. On the fourth month, following the signing of the pact, the aliens will target the same country for diplomacy and the following month, traitor troops begin to appear within the alien ranks.

Suggestions / Mod Request: Mindfray
« on: July 23, 2018, 08:59:20 pm »
I still am waiting for someone to add the third Psionic Power: Mindfray.

Mindfray is a moderately difficult and offensive psionic power, easier than Mind Control. The target must take a psionic test or suffer the following effects:

Suffer melee type damage based on the user's PSI Strength and PSI Skill, reduced by the target's PSI Strength. The damage ignores all armor and reduces stats and morale like any other wound, but deals no fatal wounds. This power can kill if used enough times.

Target PSI strength is reduced by 25% for two turns, leaving it more vulnerable to future psionic powers.

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