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Suggestions / TFTD Mod Request: Poseidon
« on: March 06, 2021, 10:13:30 pm »
I was thinking of a new submersible transport craft that serves as a decent improvement over the Triton. The Poseidon is basically the Skystriker over the Skyranger, requiring some research, mainly Ion-Accelerators and Aqua Plastics to say the least. Like the Triton, it has no weaponry as it is strictly a troop transport. But the additional engine power and the aqua plastic airframe allow this transport to reach target sites quicker. Furthermore it features 2 exits instead of one, a large 2 space exit door in front (similar to the Triton) and a small 1 space exit door on the opposite side of the hull, close to the cockpit. This allows for more flexible troop deployment. This makes the Poseidon transport quite useful as a stopgap before the Leviathan.

Description for the Poseidon:
The Poseidon is a superior assault squad transporter, with a similar size, shape, and capacity to the Triton. The Aqua Plastics Airframe and the Ion Propulsion systems allows this craft to arrive at the target quickly.

Was thinking of a TFTD version of human traitors mod, adding a new alien race to the game with its terror unit.

The alien race are human traitors referred to as Murmillo, wear unique red diving armor distinguished by its finned helmet and is stronger than regular diving suits and almost as strong as the aqua plastics armor. Murmillo have similar stats to XCOM aquanauts and are equipped with sonic based weapons, just like the rest of the alien forces. Their Navigators and Commanders are capable of Molecular Control, and they are quite good at it. They start appearing from the 2nd month onwards and remain one of the more common enemies, even in late game as they are generally the more balanced enemies with the alien life forms. (They do make human screams upon death.)
Murmillo are generally composed of criminals, terrorists, and even people from organizations corrupted by alien infiltration.

The land terror unit that accompanies Murmillo is the Turdent, it has no ranged attack but but the Turdent's shell gives it extreme armor for its small size and it can take even more punishment than the Triscene. Its jaws can potentially tear through even tough armor and will happily chomp at aquanauts and civilians alike.

The sea terror unit is the Shocktank, a Coelcanth variant with melee and ranged electrical discharge attack and a volatile power source. If it is destroyed, it will explode, potentially killing nearby victims.

Suggestions / Mod Request: Damage Numbers
« on: February 24, 2021, 07:25:13 am »
I was still longing for a mod for Floating Damage Numbers...

Whenever one of your units in the battlescape takes a hit, a number briefly floats from their center to slightly above them indicating the damage taken (the damage is 0 if fully absorbed by armor). In case of explosions, at the end of the explosion, the damage numbers simultaneously float over the affected units. Damage numbers don't appear from fatal wounds, just direct attacks.

Damage numbers do not appear from enemy units unless they are under your mind control. That's the whole point of "enemy unknown". Damage numbers also do not appear from civilians either.

I would like to see 2 versions of this, one for UFO Defense and one for Terror From the Deep.

OXCE Support / [Solved] Mods to work for OpenXCOM Extended
« on: February 24, 2021, 05:44:01 am »
I noticed that not all mods that work for OpenXCOM vanilla I have work for OpenXCOM Extended.

A few examples:
Grenade Launcher
Quick-Draw Inventory Slot
Item Levels
Stormhawk Missiles
UFO Extender only Psi-Amp line of fire

I wonder if it's possible for me to make them compatible. And if so, how?

Suggestions / Mod Request: Mindfray
« on: July 23, 2018, 08:59:20 pm »
I still am waiting for someone to add the third Psionic Power: Mindfray.

Mindfray is a moderately difficult and offensive psionic power, easier than Mind Control. The target must take a psionic test or suffer the following effects:

Suffer melee type damage based on the user's PSI Strength and PSI Skill, reduced by the target's PSI Strength. The damage ignores all armor and reduces stats and morale like any other wound, but deals no fatal wounds. This power can kill if used enough times.

Target PSI strength is reduced by 25% for two turns, leaving it more vulnerable to future psionic powers.

Suggestions / Separate Game Difficulty into Geoscape and Battlescape
« on: December 02, 2016, 12:10:41 am »
I wonder if the game difficulty can be separated into Geoscape Difficulty and Battlescape difficulty. Geoscape difficulty affects events and income while in Geoscape. Battlescape difficulty affects the stats of enemies.

Geoscape Difficulty:
1. Beginner
2. Experienced
3. Veteran
4. Genius
5. Superhuman
Battlescape Difficulty:
1. Rookie
2. Sergeant
3. Captain
4. Commander
5. Xenobane

I believe that this game could use a new way to lose: if 50% (8 in vanilla [UFO] and {TFTD}) or more countries sign pacts with the aliens, the X-COM project will be terminated. The alien pacts call not only for ceasing funding towards X-COM, but also applying pressure for its closure and at 50% or more, the pressure reaches a point in which the countries vote for the projects complete termination and convince the remaining sponsors to follow in their footsteps.

If at the end of the month, the number of countries that signed pacts reaches one below the 50% mark, a message will read, "Already many of your sponsors have signed pacts with the aliens. You must defeat the alien incursion soon before any more [nations] {organizations} sign secret pacts with the aliens or X-Com could face termination."

At the end of the month, where enough countries have signed pacts, the monthly report will read, "A majority of your sponsors have signed pacts with the aliens and unfortunately, they have forced the [council of funding nations] {committee of funding organizations} to ultimately terminate [the X-Com project] {funding X-Com}. They have convinced the rest of the nations to deal with the problem as they have. We can only hope we can come to some accommodation with these [apparently hostile] {ancient} forces and the general population will come to terms with these [alien] {aquatic} visitors."

This way to lose practically adds a time constraint to the game (though it is variable), in which you must access and complete the final mission before too long or be defeated.

Work In Progress / Coelacanth Gauss Unloading in TFTDGaussMod
« on: June 04, 2016, 07:19:23 am »

After applying the TFTDGaussMod from DzhOKer, I found most Gauss weapons, particularly the Gauss Rifle more usable. However, the mod made the Coelacanth/Gauss overpowered by adding an auto-shot. Its auto is not a 3-round burst, but a hailstorm of 10 gauss shots, capable of blowing though plenty of obstacles and putting many holes in foes, for the TU cost between aimed and snap. I would like two things to be changed about it:
1. Replace Auto Shot with Unload. 10 rounds is by no means an automatic burst... it's more like unloading a lot out of a clip.
2. Unload would use more TUs than Aimed Shot.

Suggestions / Request for Mods: Difficulty Levels and TFTD Diving Armor
« on: August 20, 2015, 08:23:57 am »
I believe there should be a mod for both X-COMs that list difficulty levels as the following:

Rookie - Beginner

Sergeant - Experienced

Captain - Veteran

Commander - Genius

Scourge of Aliens - Superhuman

I also would like to see a mod for TFTD that adds a new armor

Diving Armor: purchasable from sponsors, diving armor is an improvement over the diving suit but is not as strong as other armor types. It is made of the best earth materials and can occasionally mean the difference between life and death on the field.
Armor Values:
Front: 30
Sides: 25
Rear: 20
Under: 20

Suggestions / TFTD Mod Requests
« on: August 15, 2015, 04:36:19 am »
I'm thinking of several new mods to be added for TFTD:

Tentaculat on land and sea: this dreaded foe can be found above and below water. Its flight only works underwater, but it poses a major problem in a terror mission, potentially turning civilians into zombies.

Surface alien craft and alien colony missions: since alien craft cannot be shot on the surface but can be intercepted when it lands, I believe that there should be new battlescape maps of those craft on land. Also, some alien colonies are on land as well so both parts of colony attack should be land based. Of course, expect to find land terror units on colonies and some alien craft.

Sonic Pistol Auto: as the name implies, lets make this sidearm have an auto function, though the rifle and cannon remain aimed and snap.

Ammo for Sonic Displacer and Sonic Oscilator: ammo must be manufactured for these; the Displacer uses Sonic Shells and the Oscilator uses Sonic Oscilator Rounds. Both require Zrbite and both are manufactured in clip fashion rather than singular.

New M.C. Power: Cripple Implant - an offensive power in similar fashion to mindfray, easier than Control implant, harder than Jam implant. If successful, the target takes health damage, ignoring armor (no fatal wounds) and reduces stats and morale like any other wound. Furthermore, the target's M.C. Strength is reduced temporarily, leaving him/her/it more vulnerable to M.C. powers. Of course, Cripple Implant can kill if used enough times.

New Ammo for torpedo launcher: Rocket Torpedo - this torpedo variant incorporates a propulsion system that can be fired over land as well as underwater, whearas most other torpedoes can only be launched underwater.

Suggestions / Idea for Psi Strength Improvement
« on: April 09, 2015, 10:45:37 pm »
I believe that the psi strength improvement option should have a third choice, in which it's only improved on the field. Seeing that it's a measure of resistance to enemy psionic powers, I believe that it should be improved by being on the receiving end of a psionic attack, regardless of success or failure. That way, as soldier get psionically panicked or controlled, they are learning to adapt their minds to psionics.

Open Feedback / No Music in OpenXcom
« on: November 24, 2014, 12:25:27 am »
I'm having trouble getting MIDI music to run on my game. Is there any way to fix that, either in a patch or mod?

Suggestions / [SUGGESTION] Final Score Screen and new monthly ranking
« on: July 19, 2014, 09:27:54 am »
I believe that there should be a score screen for the end of the game to calculate the total score for when you lose or win (loss and win have different screens).

After the loss sequence, there should be a score screen displaying the final score of XCOM while the background shows a host of various aliens and terror units among the wreckage of humanity.

After the win sequence, there should be a score screen displaying the final score of XCOM while the background shows a great party celebrating the end of the alien threat, showing Scientists, Engineers, and X-COM soldiers in coveralls and personal armor doing many party things.

Also, the new monthly ranking will read Bad! (Only in monthly ranking) Bad is ranked between poor and ok, will be given if your monthly score is in the negative zone, between zero and the negative points for poor performance. The bad description will read:
The council of funding nations is not very satisfied with your performance thus far. They hope that you improve your ability to deal with the alien incursion over the next month.

I was thinking about a new psionic power (well, from XCOM 2012) as well as a change in Psionic Line of Sight Rule for Mind Probes only.

New Psionic Power: Mindfray: Mindfray is an offensive Psionic power that can be used by Sectiod Leaders and Commanders, Ethereals, and XCOM Soldiers with Psi-Amp. Mindfray generally is easier to use than Mind Control, harder than Psi Panic. When Mindfray is used, the target must make a Psionic Strength Test against the user's Psionic Strength and Skill. Successful save will result in no effect. Failure will result in the target taking health damage, ignoring armor and the target's psionic strength will decrease for one turn. The target's accuracy and morale will decrease the same was as with other health damage, but Mindfray will not deal any fatal wounds. The lower the target's psionic strength, the more damage to health and Psionic strength is taken. Mindfray can kill if blasted enough times, and can potentially kill soldiers with pathetic Psionic Strength in one hit.

Mind Probe: The LOS rule has made the mind probe much harder to use, but I believe that there should be a change to that. The standard scan will use 50% time units and require Line of Sight, but the new action, Relay Scan, uses 100% Time Units but does not respect line of sight.

I was thinking of an option in which you can have advanced death notifications, telling you what killed the soldier. Here are my examples:

Killed By Sectoid Shot: "(Soldier) was slain by a Sectoid!"
Killed By Cyberdisc Shot/Explosion: "(Soldier) got blasted by a Cyberdisc!"
Killed By Floater Shot: "(Soldier) was taken down by a Floater!"
Killed By Reaper Melee: "(Soldier) was fed to a Reaper!"
Killed By Snakeman Shot: "(Soldier) had (his/her) life snuffed out by a Snakeman!"
Killed By Chryssalid Melee: "(Soldier) was zombified by a Chryssalid's claw!
Killed By Zombie Melee: "(Soldier) has (his/her) brains eaten by a Chryssalid's Zombie!
Killed By Muton Shot: "(Soldier) has been mashed by a Muton!"
Killed By Celatid Shot: "(Soldier) drank acid from a Celatid!"
Killed By Silacoid Melee: "(Soldier) got scorched by a Silacoid!"
Killed By Ethereal Shot: "(Soldier) had been eliminated from the battle by an Ethereal!"
Killed By Sectopod Shot: "(Soldier) was slaughtered by a Sectopod!"
Killed By Grenade/High Explosive/Proximity Grenade/Alien Grenade Explosion: "(Soldier) got blown up by a grenade!"
Killed By Friendly Fire or Mind-Controlled Soldier or Mind-Controlled Soldier Killed by a friendly soldier: "(Soldier) died in a friendly fire incident!"
Killed By an Environmental Explosion: "(Soldier) was detonated by a nearby volatile object!"
Killed By Fire: "(Soldier) went out in flames!"
Killed By Rocket: "(Soldier) rode a rocket into oblivion!"
Killed By High Explosive Shot: "(Soldier) was smacked down by an explosive shot!"
Killed By Blaster Bomb: "(Soldier) was blown to hell by a Blaster Bomb!"

Also, there should be a notification for when a tank is destroyed. Depending on the tank, it would say:
"Tank/Cannon has been destroyed."
"Tank/Rocket Launcher was rendered inoperable."
"Tank/Laser Cannon has been wrecked."
"Hovertank/Plasma Cannon was shot down."
"Hovertank/Blaster has been crushed."

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