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Released Mods / Re: [Enemy] Traitors mod
« on: September 21, 2018, 04:27:26 am »
Maybe it be easier just to make them appear after a certain month in the game, fairly early on. 2nd or 3rd month perhaps.

Released Mods / Re: [Enemy] Traitors mod
« on: August 09, 2018, 02:56:25 am »
I was thinking that the traitors would be classified as Grunts, meaning they would have the alien ranks of Grunt Soldier, Grunt Engineer, Grunt Medic, Grunt Navigator, Grunt Leader, and Grunt Commander. Grunts have similar statlines to X-COM soldiers and Grunt Commanders also have Psionic Powers. Their terror unit is the Juggernaut, a traitor human in a mighty warsuit with extreme health and heavy armor. The Grunts will have the sprite of those soldier in white/grey uniforms. Deceased Grunt will become Grunt Corpse.

Partial Interrogation Research of Grunt: Human soldiers fighting for the aliens have been referred to as Grunts by X-Com operatives. Well trained and disciplined roughly to X-Com standards and armed with alien weaponry, these traitorous soldiers generally originate from countries that have signed formal alliances with the alien forces. Whether it is by mind control or willful obedience these troops follow the aliens' orders without question, even if it means murdering defenseless civilians in terror attacks. Even their commanders are trained in psionic arts to confuse or control their enemies. Their associated terror unit is the Juggernaut, a Grunt in a mighty and durable warsuit.

Released Mods / Re: [Enemy] Traitors mod
« on: August 09, 2018, 01:04:53 am »
I was hoping sometime this become officially part of the main game. I was thinking of a way to "formalize" it:

After a country is infiltrated and withdraws from the council, aliens may attempt a follow up mission known as Alien Diplomacy. Basically, the Aliens contact the government of the infiltrated nation to solidify the pace into a formal alliance. The process is similar to alien infiltration and has the same alien activity score but is impossible to stop or slow down as shooting down craft will not delay the following ship arrival.

Once the second battleship arrives, it means the alliance is signed and the country declares war on X-COM and the countries still supporting it. It will supply the aliens with human troops to conduct operations, even terror attacks. A base containing traitors will appear following the Diplomacy. Furthermore, you will no longer be able to construct bases with the borders of the traitor country and any bases still operational will be dismantled the month following the report; you will have one month to transfer all storage, craft, and personnel to other bases or sell it before it the base becomes decommissioned and any remainders are lost.

The monthly report message about the nation signing the alliance: "(Country) has signed a formal alliance with the alien forces and has declared war on X-COM."

The research about this operation: "Alien diplomacy is the follow-up to an alien infiltration. The aliens attempt to contact the nation's government following its withdraw from the X-Com project to formalize an alliance agreement. If it succeeds, the country will declare war on X-Com and the Council of Funding Nations and provide fresh human troops for the alien invaders to use for further operations. Furthermore, no further X-Com bases can be established in the traitor-controlled region and any current bases will be dismantled the following month."

The message when attempting to build a base in a traitor region: "You cannot build the base within traitor-controlled borders!"

On the third month of the game with this mod enabled, the aliens will pick a country to infiltrate and they will succeed. On the fourth month, following the signing of the pact, the aliens will target the same country for diplomacy and the following month, traitor troops begin to appear within the alien ranks.

Suggestions / Mod Request: Mindfray
« on: July 23, 2018, 08:59:20 pm »
I still am waiting for someone to add the third Psionic Power: Mindfray.

Mindfray is a moderately difficult and offensive psionic power, easier than Mind Control. The target must take a psionic test or suffer the following effects:

Suffer melee type damage based on the user's PSI Strength and PSI Skill, reduced by the target's PSI Strength. The damage ignores all armor and reduces stats and morale like any other wound, but deals no fatal wounds. This power can kill if used enough times.

Target PSI strength is reduced by 25% for two turns, leaving it more vulnerable to future psionic powers.

Work In Progress / Re: OpenXcom Modsite Portal [Updated 6.27.14]
« on: March 27, 2017, 08:05:07 pm »
The site still has that Error 523 host is unreachable, usually if I try to go deeper into the site, such as to search for a particular mod.

Suggestions / Separate Game Difficulty into Geoscape and Battlescape
« on: December 02, 2016, 12:10:41 am »
I wonder if the game difficulty can be separated into Geoscape Difficulty and Battlescape difficulty. Geoscape difficulty affects events and income while in Geoscape. Battlescape difficulty affects the stats of enemies.

Geoscape Difficulty:
1. Beginner
2. Experienced
3. Veteran
4. Genius
5. Superhuman
Battlescape Difficulty:
1. Rookie
2. Sergeant
3. Captain
4. Commander
5. Xenobane

I believe that this game could use a new way to lose: if 50% (8 in vanilla [UFO] and {TFTD}) or more countries sign pacts with the aliens, the X-COM project will be terminated. The alien pacts call not only for ceasing funding towards X-COM, but also applying pressure for its closure and at 50% or more, the pressure reaches a point in which the countries vote for the projects complete termination and convince the remaining sponsors to follow in their footsteps.

If at the end of the month, the number of countries that signed pacts reaches one below the 50% mark, a message will read, "Already many of your sponsors have signed pacts with the aliens. You must defeat the alien incursion soon before any more [nations] {organizations} sign secret pacts with the aliens or X-Com could face termination."

At the end of the month, where enough countries have signed pacts, the monthly report will read, "A majority of your sponsors have signed pacts with the aliens and unfortunately, they have forced the [council of funding nations] {committee of funding organizations} to ultimately terminate [the X-Com project] {funding X-Com}. They have convinced the rest of the nations to deal with the problem as they have. We can only hope we can come to some accommodation with these [apparently hostile] {ancient} forces and the general population will come to terms with these [alien] {aquatic} visitors."

This way to lose practically adds a time constraint to the game (though it is variable), in which you must access and complete the final mission before too long or be defeated.

Work In Progress / Coelacanth Gauss Unloading in TFTDGaussMod
« on: June 04, 2016, 07:19:23 am »

After applying the TFTDGaussMod from DzhOKer, I found most Gauss weapons, particularly the Gauss Rifle more usable. However, the mod made the Coelacanth/Gauss overpowered by adding an auto-shot. Its auto is not a 3-round burst, but a hailstorm of 10 gauss shots, capable of blowing though plenty of obstacles and putting many holes in foes, for the TU cost between aimed and snap. I would like two things to be changed about it:
1. Replace Auto Shot with Unload. 10 rounds is by no means an automatic burst... it's more like unloading a lot out of a clip.
2. Unload would use more TUs than Aimed Shot.

How bout this: Tentaculats can appear on land as well as water with their respective alien race, and can turn civilians into drones on land. Just be glad their flight capability only works underwater.

OpenXcom Extended / Re: Add Execution Advanced Option
« on: January 14, 2016, 06:41:50 am »
They are unconscious, how could they scream?

Well in standard version, soldiers make a death scream when they bleed out either unconscious or standing. Figured that the target will make its death scream when executed as if it bled out unconscious.

OpenXcom Extended / Re: Add Execution Advanced Option
« on: January 09, 2016, 02:12:44 am »
OK, you win...

Technical name: STR_CUT_THROAT
Translation: Coup de grâce

1. Take live unconscious unit (enemy/neutral/friend) into one hand
2. Take a melee weapon with melee attack (e.g. a blade) into the other hand
3. Click on the unit
4. Select Coup de grâce
  - accuracy 999% is just for fun... indicating you cannot miss
  - time units are actual TUs from the melee weapon... which will be also used
  - if the weapon requires stamina or other cost, it will also be used up as normal
5. The unit will be executed instantly (you cannot miss and you always kill)
6. A message will appear informing you about the fact
  - technical name: STR_TARGET_WAS_EXECUTED
  - Translation: Target was executed!

See attached screenshots.

EDIT: ranged weapons with melee add-ons don't work (e.g. Bayoneted Rifle)... it has to be a genuine blade... finally those worthless daggers have some use ;-)

Maybe when it goes Target was executed, you hear the death scream of the target.

What about my idea of liberating infiltrated countries I've stated several times:

Simply remove all alien bases within the borders/colonies in the sea zones bordering the country and there will be a chance each month that the country will nullify the pact with the aliens and start funding with an increase from $0. The higher your overall performance and the higher X-COM activity is within the nation, the higher chance of nullification.

As for TFTD creatures and weapons:

Killed by Aquatoid Shot/Melee: "(Soldier) was quashed by and Aquatoid!"
Killed by Calcinite Melee: "(Soldier) was cut open by a Calcinite!"
Killed by Hallucinoid Melee: "(Soldier) was shocked by a Hallucinoid!"
Killed by Gillman Shot/Melee: "(Soldier) was gutted by a Gillman!"
Killed by Deep One Shot: "(Soldier) drowned a Deep One's electric spit!"
Killed by Xarquid Shot: "(Soldier) was neutralized by a Xarquid!"
Killed by Lobsterman Shot/Melee: "(Soldier) was lacerated by a Lobsterman!"
Killed by Bio-Drone Shot/Explosion: "(Soldier) was blown to pieces by a Bio-Drone!"
Killed by Tasoth Shot/Melee: "(Soldier) was taken out by a Tasoth!"
Killed by Triscene Shot: "(Soldier) was trashed by a Triscene!"
Killed by Tentaculat Melee: "(Soldier) was torn up by a Tentaculat!"
Killed by Drone Melee: "(Soldier) was dropped by a Tentaculat's drone."
Killed by Torpedo: "(Soldier) rode a torpedo into the void!"
Killed by Disruptor Bomb: "(Soldier) was detonated into X-COM: Enemy Unknown by a Disruptor Pulse Blast!"

Suggestions / Request for Mods: Difficulty Levels and TFTD Diving Armor
« on: August 20, 2015, 08:23:57 am »
I believe there should be a mod for both X-COMs that list difficulty levels as the following:

Rookie - Beginner

Sergeant - Experienced

Captain - Veteran

Commander - Genius

Scourge of Aliens - Superhuman

I also would like to see a mod for TFTD that adds a new armor

Diving Armor: purchasable from sponsors, diving armor is an improvement over the diving suit but is not as strong as other armor types. It is made of the best earth materials and can occasionally mean the difference between life and death on the field.
Armor Values:
Front: 30
Sides: 25
Rear: 20
Under: 20

Suggestions / TFTD Mod Requests
« on: August 15, 2015, 04:36:19 am »
I'm thinking of several new mods to be added for TFTD:

Tentaculat on land and sea: this dreaded foe can be found above and below water. Its flight only works underwater, but it poses a major problem in a terror mission, potentially turning civilians into zombies.

Surface alien craft and alien colony missions: since alien craft cannot be shot on the surface but can be intercepted when it lands, I believe that there should be new battlescape maps of those craft on land. Also, some alien colonies are on land as well so both parts of colony attack should be land based. Of course, expect to find land terror units on colonies and some alien craft.

Sonic Pistol Auto: as the name implies, lets make this sidearm have an auto function, though the rifle and cannon remain aimed and snap.

Ammo for Sonic Displacer and Sonic Oscilator: ammo must be manufactured for these; the Displacer uses Sonic Shells and the Oscilator uses Sonic Oscilator Rounds. Both require Zrbite and both are manufactured in clip fashion rather than singular.

New M.C. Power: Cripple Implant - an offensive power in similar fashion to mindfray, easier than Control implant, harder than Jam implant. If successful, the target takes health damage, ignoring armor (no fatal wounds) and reduces stats and morale like any other wound. Furthermore, the target's M.C. Strength is reduced temporarily, leaving him/her/it more vulnerable to M.C. powers. Of course, Cripple Implant can kill if used enough times.

New Ammo for torpedo launcher: Rocket Torpedo - this torpedo variant incorporates a propulsion system that can be fired over land as well as underwater, whearas most other torpedoes can only be launched underwater.

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