Don’t use the Mod Portal

Due to the recurrent technical issues with the third-party mod portal, we no longer condone using it and instead recommend using the Released Mods forum until an alternative is available. Even if you manage to access the site, there’s no guarantee the content will still be maintained by modders, while the forums will always have the latest version. Despite the domain, the mod portal is entirely unaffiliated with OpenXcom and its status has no bearing on the official website and game. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, we’re opening up translations for popular mods. Help bring your favorites to your native language by following this link. Instructions for modders will follow soon in the forums.

9 thoughts on “Don’t use the Mod Portal

  1. FeruEnzeruJKun

    Aw, that’s sad news for me. 🙁
    Guess i’ll try using the “Released Mods” forum instead of the site.
    I’d tried using “Wayback Machine” for checking to see if it works at a previous version of the site, and it works with “Wayback Machine”.

    I’ll try going on the mod site with “Wayback Machine” for looking at old mods tomorrow.

    I guess i hope the mod site will comeback until June of 2018 then.

    Thank you for adding a warning for me and all of the OXC users to OXC site news.

  2. FeruEnzeruJKun

    @BlackTH is the new UFOpaedia instead of org. Some are still the same you know. -_-

  3. Stevo

    I like to point you to some more FOSS related stuff than XCOM related but anyway another cool project:

    It’s a new open source engine for Theme Hospital just like OpenXCom is for XCOM! Very cool.

    I really like all you guys who are so in love with retro games that you build new engines for these great games!
    Very very cool. Many thanks!

  4. Jack

    Who cares, 99% of OXC mods are overblown crаp with every useless item in existence crammed in. Not to mention full of stolen assets.

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