Official Discord server

Technology marches on. Apparently kids no longer hang around the ICQ and the BBS, and instead use this new-fangled device called Discord. So now we have one of those too. Drop on by to get a lifetime opportunity to ask SupSuper when 2.0 is coming out!

Don’t worry, IRC isn’t going anywhere, for those that prefer staying old-skool.

4 thoughts on “Official Discord server

  1. Stevo

    Love your post, mainly the subclause about v2.0!

    Btw.: maybe I’m getting old cuz I had to google Discord… but nice to see IRC is still living! 🙂

  2. hellrazor

    Discord is something for the new all steamy and funky generation. Awefull optical design. It hurts.


    I am ecstatic that the discord server took off so much.

    Next step, introduce OpenXcom to my friends, especially the one that has only played the 2012 reboot. oh he is in for some rage.

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