Installer added to the nightlies

By popular request, the Windows nightlies now include an installer version as well. Now you no longer have to deal with boring old manually copying files, and get to beta-test an extra piece of software as well! I realize this might make some documentation obsolete, but not like you were reading it anyways.

Also my legal council would like me to remind you to not install a nightly on top of 1.0. The consequences to the universe might be catastrophic. Just uninstall 1.0 if you’re going that route, you’re likely not going back to it.

5 thoughts on “Installer added to the nightlies

  1. xcomcmdr

    I just had a blast with a TFTD game played with OpenXCom. Really good enhancements ! Thank you so much for OpenXCOM !

  2. Ashert

    I miss the old style with changelog. I want to see progress and daily versions, not installer, damn.

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