29 thoughts on “Trigger Warning

  1. Jason

    I am so happy that you all worked so hard on X-COM UFO Defense and can’t wait for Terror from the Deep.
    Thank you for restoring my child hood memories and allowing my sons to experience a more user and visual friendly version.

  2. Edwardo

    Took a long break away from watching openxcom unintentionally when I built a new PC and forgot to import my old bookmarks.

    I see I’ve missed out on a lot of great additions!! You guys not only made it to 1.0 but already added TFTD into the mix I assume, WOW!! Even a mod site! Do all those mods work for the latest openxcom version or do I have to mess with the older mods to make them work? I see a few that I already want!! Now that I see how the mods work, we can’t have a simple mod manager like the TES games, huh lol. Would be nice to have one though.

  3. SupSuper Post author

    TFTD support is still under development.

    All the mods on the mod site should work on 1.0 unless otherwise noted (some need the latest nightly). You can enable/disable the mods from in-game, but no advanced mod manager/downloader yet.

  4. Rovlad

    What do you think ETA on TFTD support might be? I’ve read in changelogs that Warboy made some great strides at supporting TFTD-type maps, but I’ve finished the original so many times, and never had the balls to brave TFTD (pinpoint accuracy aliens, lobstermen in february, 12 compulsory alien bases). When you release it, it will definitely be time I actually beat it.

  5. Rovlad

    Oh, and two-stage HUGE missions on cruiser ships. FUCK them. No, I didn’t enjoy looking for last alien in a closet for literal hours, but thanks for asking!

  6. Guggulf

    @Warboy1982: Oh boy, that image. Lost so dang many ironman runs to those turn 2 DPLs on T’leth stage 3. Out of curiosity though, what’s up with the lack of tentaculats in the central chamber?

    Great work overall though, can’t wait to play some TFTD again!

  7. Snowy

    I’m so god damn excited! I’ve gotten so used to OpenXcom quality that i just can’t play vanilla TFTD and i really want to. Can’t wait to see more progress 🙂

  8. Zak

    Would be so cool if we had some kind of vague percental progression overview.

    The minute TFTD arrives im ready.

    Thank for the shots good work. 🙂

  9. grakk

    Completely agree with Snowy. Been contemplating playing tftd again but I keep pushing it off solely because of the ease of every day life that openxcom has done for ufo defense, dont want to back peddle to what tftd used to be.

  10. thomas

    Fantastic stuff. Really looking forward to this. I’m in the middle of a X-com play-through, and the improvements you made to that game has been great.

  11. openxcom v1.1

    When will a rollup for OpenXcom be made to 1.1?

    I know there are nightlies, but it would be amazing to see a stable release at least semi-annually.

  12. Alien

    TFTD had better light rendering than X-COM:EU. Will OpenTFTD also have better light rendering?

    In other words: Will OpenTFTD look exactley like the origial TFTD?


  13. Volutar

    There is no difference in light rendering at all. Palettes are different, and TFTD simply utilizes 4 different palettes for same sprites.
    There’s no visual difference in sprite rendering between TFTD and OpenXcom+TFTD.

  14. Robert

    How can I try TFTD version? Is there an instruction published? I replaced the UFO data with TFTD one and moved them to the location: .local/share/openxcom/data
    but I can’t open the game.
    I would like to help. Maybe I may find some bugs in early phase of the development.

  15. Heine Nielsen

    Another donation sent :), looking forward to TFTD so much :), as of now XCOM seems to be without bugs and i hope for a 1.1 Relese soon so it will be native on linux etc, even thou NO PROBLEMS in Wine ;), also been playing around with ruleset, that’s alot of fun when you have completed the game so many times since the 90’s :), no more need to save game cheat (you also made that easy, and keep it that open source way 🙂 )

  16. Glory Joe

    Okay, I already bought Chaos Reborn. You can move on to the next article of interest within Openxcom.

    I really need to know it’s going well within the team by seeing some kind of progress, maybe a photo with all of you having a good time eating at the local pizzeria.

  17. coffeeprocessor

    Can’t wait for it. Been thinking about playing this game again lately. Last time was… like 20 years ago?

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