1.0 coming soon!

Call to arms! As we try to wrap up every feature and nail down every bug to make this launch go as smoothly as possible, we’d appreciate it if the community joined in as well. This is a team effort. 🙂

Translators: Only languages that are at least 80% complete will be included in the milestone build. Now’s the time to finish, test and review your language’s translations (and I don’t mean filling the gaps with Google Translate 😛 ). To try them out in-game, grab the latest language files (updated hourly) and nightly, make sure everything is consistent and fits their place, and fix any problems you find (or report them if they require our intervention).

Porters: Test the game on your platform of choice, check if the latest code still compiles and the build files are working, if all the relevant metadata (version, dependencies, etc) for your distribution is up-to-date. Make sure the game integrates and plays nice on your platform like any other program. Let us know if you need any extra media like description, icons, screenshots, etc.

Modders: Mod support has changed a lot throughout development. Make sure your mod is still fully functional, and update your documentation to match the latest version, as there’s no more “edit options.cfg” this or “latest nightly” that. Plus a lot of people will be jumping into this for the first time, so make sure your instructions are as simple and clear as possible. Don’t scare away your userbase. 😉 Throw your mod at a new player and see how he handles it.

Players: Just… well… play the game, and report all serious bugs you find! (fatal errors and crashes are specially important) At the end of the day, OpenXcom is about playing X-COM, and it would be really silly if after all these extra features and improvements, the plain old vanilla experience was broken. 😛 If that’s not enough, try different difficulties, options, mods, battles, full campaigns, anything you can think of!

Anyone else: Uhhh… hang on tight?

11 thoughts on “1.0 coming soon!

  1. Killian

    This is really awesome! Watching your project closely for the last year. I hope very much that the 1.0 release will bring in new modders who will at last add more variety to battlescape maps, UFO layouts and everything else…
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Sean

    Thank you guys so much for the hard work! XCOM is a game like no other and you guys have really made it accessible.

    You guys rock.

  3. Piter432

    Heh, so I must finally to run my a** and check all polish strings and discus about some strings with my polish friends.

    Yeah ;_;

  4. Jstank

    I was playing the latest build (2014 05-05- 00:05. Im not sure if its just because Im playing on super human but it seems my soldiers are not taking their reaction fire when it seems they should be…. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

  5. Justin Millard

    Have you fixed the bug where some soldiers would have mind control attempts against them as soon as they left the ship?
    I came across this a lot. Units were getting repeatedly mind controlled while outside enemy vision range and I could never work out why. I didn’t see it in your list of bug fixes either.

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