Globalizing the X-COM organization

I’ve also noticed we get a lot of views from all sorts of countries I can’t even begin to comprehend. 😛 Maybe you’d like to help spread X-COM around the world and contribute a translation or soldier names for your country?

14 thoughts on “Globalizing the X-COM organization

  1. Worf, Son of Mogh

    Ah, very good! You can’t enjoy XCom until you’ve played it in the Klingon Original!

  2. mercy

    “Warboy, Wed May 15 14:49:41 2013
    cave to peer pressure

    make aliens turn toward the ramp based on difficulty.”


  3. Walter

    I assume there’s a MaleLast and FemaleLast instead of LastName because some countries have their Surname first and in those cases the first names would act how we typically expect the last names to act in Western countries, right?

  4. SupSuper Post author

    @Walter: Some languages have words that change based on gender, including last names.

  5. Whitelightning

    hey there I’ve been wondering will you make a multiplayer version of this? it would be Amazing! like this remake called “The Two Sides” if its to hard to find heres the moddb webpage for it LOOK its awesome i wish we could have something like this with a way to save it so you could play it out but with 2 people! it would be sooo awesome 😀

  6. Runaurufu

    multiplayer would be probably hard.. but yeah I’d love it :] But you know what I will love even more? Option to play as aliens 😀 Flying in my Harvester and abducting cows just for lulz :]

    and if you by any chance will work one day on TFTD than PLEASE combine UFO EU with TFTD into one great game with both tech trees and stuff 😛 It would be purely awesome :))

  7. Darkestaxe

    @Whitelightning Multi-player is not a planned nor intended goal of OXC, nor is it feasible as a side feature.

    However if someone wanted to take a stab at multi-player they should be able to use OXC as a starting point and they should only half to replace about a third of OXCs code, maybe even less, to make it multiplayer compatible.

    They would still need to write network code and both design and code the multiplayer mechanics. My brother and I would be interested in the design and balancing job, but that would still leave a lot of difficult programming work to be done.

  8. Whitelightning

    I see your point but tho if it was like that game then it would make this mod so much more fun all the stuff from the original game is still here an extra stuff, but if that was in it would be Even better being able to save on line games and then continue them at a later time like it would increase the replay ability but sadly i am no programmer so i can’t do it my self.

  9. AaronLS

    I think it’d be neat to have other country’s/languages names in all versions, since your unit is likely selected internationally.

  10. android

    Yea I’m taking to the idea of a selection of different races together with your countries men. Like 70/30 so you still get americans in US but with some outside influence.
    Names? Duke, Vlad, Sheldon. Ther’e all i need. Duke scouts, vlad shoots, sheldon probes 🙂

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